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Star Wars Rebels Recut - A Fanedit TV Series

Wow! Just stumbled onto the project! I’ve been wanting to rewatch the show, but it felt a little daunting. The episode count in these edits and the polishing you’ve done sounds like it’ll make for an awesome rewatch for me and a perfect first time watch for my son.

Please PM when you have a chance to share! Thank you!

Salem's Lot - The Cinematic Cut (RELEASED)

Slavicuss said:

Just finished watching the rest of it.


You’ve made some interesting editing choices. I didn’t even miss the ‘Cullen Sawyer & slut wife’ subplot at all (even though I love the scene with the shotgun - a real sweat-inducing, classic brown trouser moment, if ever there was one).
I liked the reuse of the “Marsten House” shot (from the opening titles?), now used to cover the commercial fade-to-black, just after Mark Petrie falls down the stairs and sprains his ankle. This shot is ‘unbroken’ in the “SALEM’S LOT: THE MOVIE” version. I can see why it couldn’t be used for your cut (inferior videotape quality)
What did you use for the exterior shot of Eva Miller’s boarding house (at the 1 hrs - 54 secs mark)? It looked like something from “Little House on the Prairie”?

I wish you didn’t cut short Barlow’s first appearance in the prison cell. There’s so little of him as is.

You did a great job! I enjoyed that. Thanks!

Glad you liked it and thanks for your review!

*The first time I saw the mini series, I wasn’t a fan of the Crockett/Bonnie/Cully plotline. I kept wanting to go back and follow Ben. I understand why it was there and it adds to the character of the town, but I could do without it especially because there were no repercussions from it. NO ONE thought to talk to Cully?! I read somewhere that there was supposed to be a scene of Bonnie and Cully dumping the body near where Ben and Susan are, but again that is never addressed. The story would be perfect for a limited series where they could expand on all of that, but it just didn’t work for me.

*Yeah that VHS version looks terrible and I wish I could utilize it, but I did the best I could.

*So, that shot of the exterior was from a Zillow ad for a house in Massachusetts. It was the best I could find to help mask the commercial break and music cross fade from Mike getting bit to Ben on the phone. Truthfully, when I saw it I thought that looked like what I would picture her house to look like. It’s funny how some people don’t notice it and others don’t like the exterior shot of the Marsten house after Mark gets hurt.

Thanks for watching!

Salem's Lot - The Cinematic Cut (RELEASED)

Slavicuss said:

How about some screen-shots? I’d be interested in seeing the new widescreen (1.85:1?) framing.

I don’t have the work files anymore, but the reviews on IFDB have pointed out that the reframing works well. Some have said they forgot that it was originally a full frame presentation. PM me if you want to check it out!

Salem's Lot - The Cinematic Cut (RELEASED)

For some more details, feel free to check out the IFDB listing: https://ifdb.fanedit.org/__trashed-11/

Stephen King’s book was huge in 1975 and WB acquired the rights to make it into a feature. Loads of directors wanted to do it, but no one had a script that turned the 400 page novel into something faithful for the screen. It was then moved over to WB’s television department where it was felt it would better be presented as a miniseries. After a screening of Texas Chainsaw Massacre, director Tobe Hooper was brought on board to make the miniseries happen.

With a running time of 183 minutes, 1979’s Salem’s Lot still holds up relatively well today. While the fashion has aged, the scares have not!

I appreciate the miniseries and I enjoyed the story enough to check out Rob Lowe’s 2004 miniseries remake. The remake has its strong suits and isn’t nearly as bad as it is made out to be, but it can’t hold a stake to the original.

My goal was to shave the movie down to a more manageable run time in order to get to the scares a little quicker. Also, I have reframed the movie to be in widescreen!

The one major plot point that I felt needed to go was the Boom Boom Bonnie/Larry Crockett affair which also meant Cully had to go. My reasoning is that not only did it not have any effect on the overall story, but Crockett’s dead body is found and Ben is a suspect even though the Constable could’ve asked Weasel who would have easily pointed to Cully probably being a much more prominent suspect. Once Larry’s body is found, we never hear anything of the affair again and we see them escape the town before all hell breaks loose, so what was the point (in the context of the movie other than to show another shadier side of the town)? Removing this plot did not affect the story and is never mentioned after Larry is found.

The character Weasel was also completely cut from my version as he did not add anything to the main plot.

Major Changes:
*Love triangle plot gone
*Weasel character gone
*No more gratuitous shots of Straker driving into town
*Ben is no longer thinking of himself as the beacon for why the town starts going to hell
*No opening in Mexico
*Mike’s dog is gone
*Added a vampire hissing sound and a bite sound during both of vampire Ralphie’s appearances
*Meticulously reframed for 16x9 widescreen viewing

Original run time: 183 minutes
Fan Edit run time: 140 minutes
Time cut: 43 minutes

PM if you’re interested in viewing this! All I ask is that once you’ve had a chance to view it you leave a quick (or long) review here in the thread. Thanks!

Ladyhawke: RESCORED (Released)

saffordboy22 said:

I had a chance to watch this recently and I have to say the sound editing exceeded my expectations. There are very few instances where the sound effects are lowered or removed completely, but nothing that is distracting in any way. The dialogue is clear and the musical levels are good. I was surprised by how well the music matches up thematically in certain scenes. So kudos to the editor for hitting those marks.

To me watching this reminded me a lot of the Legend debate in terms of score. If you grew up with the contemporary Tangerine Dream score you probably prefer that vs the Jerry Goldsmith score which is more classical in approach. Having grown up with Ladyhawke, it’s very hard for me to remove the memory of the original score.

Overall, I did enjoy watching this edit. While the Lionheart score at times does feel a tad dated, it definitely is a more classical approach and provides an interesting alternative to the film. Great job to the editor and thank you for putting this together!

Thank you so much for posting a review! SUPER appreciate it!

BATMAN & ROBIN: DEEP FREEZE (Major Batman & Robin edit RELEASED)

Just some updates!

Here is the first scene to feature Dr. Pamela Isley since the whole South American lab scenes were cut (as was Bane). The scene that follows is Mr. Freeze watching home movies and feeling torn about what he must do (at least in the way that I cut it).

(Password: fanedit.org)

This is the scene that follows where we see the fundraiser party that both Poison Ivy and Mr. Freeze crash. Poison Ivy makes her first appearance in costume without first being seen inside a gorilla suit. I’ve also changed the music to feature her actual theme written by Elliot Goldenthal. When Mr. Freeze arrives, the scene was heavily edited to remove his cringey lines as well as his vine swing.

(Password: fanedit.org)

BATMAN & ROBIN: DEEP FREEZE (Major Batman & Robin edit RELEASED)

JackNapier said:

My only note is remove that awful ice man comith line.

I can understand that, but unfortunately that line has to stay in (and it was moved from earlier in the movie). Without it, it feels too rapid fire and doesn’t flow well. The idea is that he is saying something to Batman as he is about to freeze him with the gun right before Robin comes in and rescues him.

BATMAN & ROBIN: DEEP FREEZE (Major Batman & Robin edit RELEASED)

UPDATE: Edit is FINISHED! PM for link!

If you’re reading this thread, then you know what the 90’s Batman and Robin movie is and why it killed the franchise for several years. After watching The Batman and getting into that noir world, I thought about what a polar opposite it was from Batman and Robin and then…in some sort of fever dream…I had an idea.

Let me start by saying that this movie is bad, so I’m not going to make this into the greatest Batman movie of all time nor am I going to cut away everything that was inaccurate to the comic books because I wouldn’t even be left with a title sequence. This is also not an attempt to Burton-ize or Nolan-ize this movie. My approach is to find a middle ground which is more akin to the animated series. That is to say that this movie will be darker in appearance and little to no campiness in tone. Eliot Goldenthal’s score will be lessened and replaced with music from the Arkham games. My reasoning for this is that, well when you hear Jaws, you think of Jaws and when you hear Shaft, you think of Shaft. When you hear Goldenthal’s score, personally it takes me to visions of ice skating heroes and Mr. Freeze forcing his henchmen to sing songs while freezing.

Here are the overall plans that are in the works, but not the full cutlist:
-To tone down on the obnoxious colors, I’m converting it to black and white
-Replace as much Goldenthal score (at least his Batman theme) as possible with Arkham music
-ALL bad Arnold puns are gone
-NO BANE AT ALL (it’s amazing how easy it was to cut him out completely)
-New opening featuring our heroes going after Freeze with intercutting credits
-Severely lessen the museum action sequence and remove ice skating heroes, dinosaur surfing and cheesy sound effects
-No rocket ship attempted getaway
-No Ivy origin or lab scenes
-Try to make Freeze a more sympathetic villain as his drive is to help his wife, not murder innocent people until he thinks his wife is dead
-Batman and Robin will bicker due to Ivy, but I’m working on taking away the trust issues
-The reveal that Ivy betrayed Freeze through a video recording will be edited so it is an audio recording Batman is playing for Freeze.
-Move some shots around because Freeze will not be Ivy’s cellmate at the end. Instead, we’ll see Ivy in Arkham and then I’m using an earlier shot of Freeze in Arkham holding an ice sculpture of his wife as I feel that is the perfect way to end his story.

Now, for a preview. This is not the final product as I want to adjust some of the darkness levels in there and mess around with some of the sound effects and foley a little more, but this is to give you a preview of my idea and where I’m going with this. This is going to take a while! These first 8-9 minutes took me 3 weeks!


Password: fanedit


Password: fanedit.org

IFDB Listing with detailed cut list and reviews: https://ifdb.fanedit.org/batman-and-robin-deep-freeze/


This is now up and on IFDB: https://ifdb.fanedit.org/alligator-elongatord/

I’ve taken the original theatrical version of the film and added back in all of the additional TV footage so you get the same amount of gore and swearing and gator poop along with a few additional scenes having to do with our main characters receding hair line as well as some additional time in the sewers, a little more of the hunter Brock and his animal sounds and finally, the infamous backyard attack!

Original time 91 minutes
Edit time 99 minutes

Editing other sci-fi movies into Star Wars stories

Anakin Starkiller said:

szopman said:

Guardians of the Galaxy could fit nice into SW universe 😉

You’d have to redo the whole soundtrack.

Yeah I agree. Guardians might be a little too “quippy” for Star Wars as it is.

This discussion is also taking place at FE if anyone wants to check that out as well: https://forums.fanedit.org/threads/fake-star-wars.22432/