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<strong>The Book Of Boba Fett</strong> (live action series) - a general discussion thread - * <strong>SPOILERS</strong> *

Hal 9000 said:

I recall a while back someone putting the BOBF episodes into a more or less chronological order to slot into Mandalorian episodes. Not re-editing them, just setting a customized order in which to view episodes of both shows.

Anyone know where I can find that list?

I did this myself, I re-edited them, but basically only chronologically. Nothing is cut out, only rearranged. I’ll explain.
What I did was take all of the flashback scenes from the BOBF and make them into episodes that run along side The Mandalorian.
So it goes like this…
Episode 0 - Boba escapes from the Sarlacc and all of the sand people flashbacks from the first episode.
Then watch Mando Eps 1 and 2.
Then I made an Ep 2.5 - Flashbacks form Boba Ep2.
Mando Eps 3 and 4.
For Mando Ep5 I integrated the flashbacks from Boba Ep3 because they overlap.
Then I made an Ep 5.5 - All of the Fennec scenes from Boba Ep4.
Then continue Mando, finish season 1 and all of season 2.
And back to BOBF where I simply cut all of the flashbacks out of eps 1-4, except Boba as a boy, they stay.
Then Boba Eps 5-7 as is.

This makes for a couple of shorter episodes, but I think that is fine.

Star Wars - The Series

I’ve made some updates to my Star Wars series. Cleaned up some transitions. Fixed a frame rate issue. Reworked the titles and credits for all. And restructured the seasons (volumes) due to the release of Obi-Wan. The previous version was just something I threw together for myself back when I first got into fan-editing. This new version is much better technically.

Volume I - The Prequels: FALL OF THE JEDI. 9 episodes.

Volume II - Solo and the Obi-Wan series: REIGN OF THE EMPIRE. 10 episodes. Only the Solo portion is here, eps 1-4. Eps 5-10 will just be the Obi-Wan series on Disney+.

Volume III - Rogue One and the Original Trilogy: AGE OF THE REBELLION. 13 episodes.

Volume IV - The Sequel Trilogy: RISE OF THE FIRST ORDER. 11 episodes.

Star Wars - The Series

In honor of Star Wars Celebration and the Obi-Wan Kenobi series;

This is Star Wars as an episodic series on Disney+, consisting of four seasons (or volumes). Each volume is an era of Star Wars and titled accordingly.

Volume I, the prequels, titled “THE FALL OF THE JEDI”. 9 episodes

Volume II consists of Solo and Rogue One, titled “THE REIGN OF THE EMPIRE & THE DAWN OF THE REBELLION”. 7 episodes

Volume III, the original trilogy, titled “THE AGE OF THE REBELLION”. 11 episodes

Volume IV, the sequels, titled “THE RISE OF THE FIRST ORDER”. 11 episodes

This is something that I made for myself. But first, lets back up…

A little backstory; About a year and a half ago, not knowing that “fan-editing” was a thing, I had the thought “has anyone ever cut Star Wars up into a series?” That is where this journey began. TO THE GOOGLES! Well, no Star Wars series, but there was this thing that I found, this thing called the fan-edit. And down the rabbit hole I went. A new hobby was found. I now have downloaded probably hundreds of edits and even made a few myself. I’ve done a few movie edits, but what I really like to do is take movie franchises and cut them up into series. I’m a family man with a busy life at home, so I don’t always have the time to sit down and re-watch something I’ve seen a hundred times already. But I do have time for an episode or two a night. Some would say “why not just hit pause?” Well, to put it simply, that’s just not as fun.

Back to the Star Wars series;

I based most of this off of existing edits. Mostly HAL 9000, but not all, and YES, I did get his permission. I very much, highly recommend his edits, he does fantastic work. I also used edits from others, some with permission, some I asked and never got a response. But never a NO. All are credited in the end credits.

For the structure of this I took the idea from The Clone Wars animated series. The series is presented in “arcs” consisting of 3 or 4 episodes that tell one story. So some, not all, but some, are simply taking a movie and chopping it into 3 or 4 pieces and calling it a series. As I said before, some will say “why not just hit pause?” 1. Same as I said before, that’s no fun. And 2. This is more than that, I have made intros and outros, I have used what I think is the best version of each movie, I’ve done some editing myself, I have done some rearranging. I made this for myself and it has been through many updates and many changes. So many that I do not remember everything that has been done.

Volume I; the prequels. The Phantom Menace and the Attack of the Clones portions of the series are basically HAL’s Ep 1 and Ep 2 cut up. For the Revenge of the Sith portion I used some of Caleb Gammon’s version, with some of my own tweaks.

Volume II; Solo and Rogue One. The two movies are edited to run chronologically. For Solo, I used DigModiFicaTion’s “The Coaxium Heist” as the base (this is fantastic btw, I highly recommend). For Rogue One, I actually don’t remember. I think I used Dig’s to start, but I think I went back to the theatrical. It’s been so long.

Volume III; the OT. I used HAL’s “Custom Special Editions” with a couple small changes. A couple post credit scenes and I put Hayden Christensen back as the force ghost for continuity purposes.

Volume IV, the sequels. I used Dig’s “Heir to the Force” as the base for the Force Awakens portion, mainly for the hologram Snoke, but I made some changes, added back some things that they removed. Used poppasketti’s “Last Jedi: Rekindled” for the Last Jedi. Used Hal’s Ascendant for the Rise of Skywalker portion with some changes. Mainly, I added back the lightspeed skipping. It may not make sense, but I think it’s fun.

Each episode has a title and it’s own artwork. There are post credit scenes, so watch all the way through the credits.

Once the Kenobi series is finished, I plan to rework the seasons. I am probably going to put Rogue One into the OT trilogy season and Obi-Wan into the season with Solo. But I won’t know for sure until it is done.

Also, you will see that there are two versions of the final episode of season 1. SPOILER… In one, “The Padme Cut” I have Padme living and giving up the kids for their safety. This is different than Hal’s version of Padme living. I kept both versions of the ep, so depending on how the Kenobi series plays out, I will get rid of one of them.

Everything is currently uploading. Once it is complete (it is a lot), I will update this post and will start DMing to anyone interested. Stay tuned.