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How did Luke not know Vader was his old man?

I have another thought, do you think his uncle and aunt didnt know that anakin was vader, kenobi mat have let on that anakin had gone bad and he had killed him, thats why they didnt want him talking to him as they didnt want their nephew knowing that his dad had become the scourge of the jedi.

I feel kenobi had thought he had left anakin to die and until he passed into the force thats what he thought.

.: The X9 Project :. (Released)

Hey Chewtobacca, just wanna say thanks again for sharing your dvd5 version, downloaded last nite, have scanned thru a few scenes and it looks great. Will be throwing it onto a disc and watching properly very soon.


I agree with msycamore, even looking at the pictures on the first page cant believe how much shadow detail there is in the interior of the sand crawler!

Really looking forward to seeing the other two.


STAR WARS - Special Widescreen Edition (Technidisc) (Released)

msycamore thankyou so much for sharing this. Really enjoyed seeing this as I have the vhs version and was going to see if I could do something with it but dont have to now as the picture you've come up with looks really great.

Was watching with my kids and they couldnt believe how much deatail was in the dark areas and shadows, they and myself prefer this to any other realese at the mo.

For years I have been waiting for a HD version to watch on my home cinema(HD projector) and low and behold the old laser disc versions have more deatail! Theres something not right up at Skywalker ranch.

Thanks again and looking forward to more versions.

OFFICIAL: Library of Congress had original prints replaced with 1997 SE

And the size of the image was roughly 1.5 in width by 2 meters in height---If I sat too close then the VHS's video noise(or even film grain!) became too distracting----but sitting further back yielded excellent results----+ the nostalgic factor of actually playing a physical cassette  from the era is something that not even holding a 2011 digitally restored high def Blu ray can replicate.



Danny what projector is it?

I've got an Optoma hd65 (720p) projector on a 2.5m wide screen in my living room and my VHS copies look awful on it! Its like watching them thru a pair of womens stockings over your head(which I usually only wear while watching the prequels) Give me a Blu Ray or DVD copy any day. One day GL will release the originals untouched on blu ray without a doubt. An Xmas coming soon I reckon there'll be a mega mega superdooper collectible box set which will have them in it and it'll cost an arm and a leg.

Although GL beter hurry up as I've heard he thinks the worlds gonna end in 2012!


What HASN’T changed on the 2011 OT SE Blu-ray release – the uncorrected mistakes...

msycamore said:

msycamore said:

Gavin- said:

Turned green in 2004. Corrected in 2011, that's good. But this is a lightsaber shot that needs completely remaking anyway due to the way it wobbles. There was no pole in the hilt for this shot -- because Luke switches it off without a jump cut -- so it was hand-drawn without a reference. The beam is also too thin comared to other shots in the scene.

How ugly this shot may look to some, I just want to point it out that it was remade for the 1997 SE. The saber along with the remote and chess elements was digitally re-composited. The saber itself look quite different than the original, the blade was extended for example.

The original effect was quite impressive back in the day due to using so many elements in the same shot.

timdiggerm said:

I never really thought about that, msycamore. You've got the blade, the remote and all the little chess men. That's a lot!

Don't forget the remote-laser in this later shot:

^does that laser hit what I think it does. ;)

Even if the volume of elements aren't that impressive, (some shots in the asteroid secuence in ESB used over 40 different elements I think) it was quite impressive in how well integrated it was with the live action in those Falcon scenes.

Weird weres 3PO's face in that last picture????

I have a memory of watching Star Wars once a year at Christmas on tv and the little monster chess pieces used to be black and white! Am i right?

What was the "fatal flaw" of the Prequels if you think they sucked? (aka. Let's take a break from hating on the blu-rays)

I think the fatal flaw is that Lucas obviously got the wrong end of the stick as I feel he was really trying very hard to please the fans of the original trilogy.

I think he failed to recognise that the majority of the fans have grown up, and now watch grown up films. He tried too hard to make it feel and look the same as he thinks we see it ie: deserts(tatooine), Jedi in robes, R2, 3PO, sideous robots, spaceships, lasers. But to us with it being such a big part our childhood it means a whole lot more than this, probably more than it should and really would of been impossible to fully please and delight.

It would have been something truly amazing if he had pulled it off. I feel he tried to throw everything from the originals he could get away with throwing in so we would all feel "MMmmm Star Wars".

But by doing this it ultimately made us all feel "AAHHH Star Wars!"

He would of been better rethinking it and making it look less like Star Wars as it were. Change locations, change costumes make the whole story line more grown up.

Then after everyone moaned about TPM he tried again with AOTC. You can plainly see that he tried then to tone down certain elements (jaja, comedy) but up others (Anakin being bad!, battles). But I feel because of TPM the damage had already been done and we all realised this is never going to be like we all felt it should have been and could never be.

I thin by ROTS he got to the part we had all actually wanted to see from the start,( I dont know anyone who really thought of the story of Anakin the little kid was going star the prequel trilogy), the Obi and Anakin duel and the masking of Vader, but once again he did what he thinks we wanted to see and mucked it up again.

I'll never forget my missus laughing as Vader went Nooo! and did that funny walk (ministry of) and now he's put into the OT!

Dont get me wrong it did work on some levels ie: young kids bought into it, merchandising and so'forth which I think really that is what Lucas has become best at, the business of making money not movies.

In the early days Lucas was helped by the people around him being people, the effects team were did things there way, he had others rewrite the scripts and add their 2 cents worth in, he had others edit the movies and suggest ways they felt better. Now I dont think anyone does.

Ultimately I think Lucas should have handed over the reigns to another team to take it on, people who didnt have such a vested interest as Lucas does, who Ihave no idea.

I think maybe one day, I hope in my lifetime (I'm 38), some'one will do a remake and it might be quite good.

So stick that in your pipe and smoke it.

Ps: I really do love Star Wars and readilly watch all the movies over and over. But my kids are'nt as keen ( "Oh no not again Dad")


How many of you watch the Clone Wars series regularly and what do you think of it?

I like the clone wars series!

Yes I agree the movie wasnt up to much as it was a couple of episodes plucked from the first series put together but now getting towards the end of the third it seems to be maturing into something very good. The main characters are actually maturing too, the way they act and the way they look.

We've got to see minor characters from the pt including young Boba hanging out with other bounty hunters.

I'd recomend people who were put off by the movie version checking out some of the latest episodes.


Jaitea I love your chasm, I feal the same as brash they only stand out cos we know there not originaly there. Also love the hologram of the report to Tarkin, imo that looks correct if you know what I mean, it fits so well and dosnt look out of place at'all, and your editing  of the scene. Sorry if I'm being ignorant but what was the source as looks great.

STAR WARS: EP V &quot;REVISITED EDITION&quot;<strong>ADYWAN</strong> - <strong>12GB 1080p MP4 VERSION AVAILABLE NOW</strong>


Another long time lurker, wanting to thank Adywan (and everyone else who helps with his projects) for all his hard work on his past projects and future ones. Revisited is the watched edition in our house. Cant wait to see what you've done with ESB.

Keep up the good work.