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The Prequel Radical Redux Ideas Thread

snooker said:

RogueLeader said:

snooker said:

In an effort to give Phantom Menace a more down-to-earth, cheery vibe:

A lot of edits cut out this scene, which is a great shame. It’s one of the few times characters genuinely smile.

Also, did you do something with audio? Like, add room tone and foley? If you did, I really like it.

Yup. The roomtone really brings the feeling of the movie back to 1977. The movies aren’t shot too differently either (even though Gilbert Taylor was miles better than David Tattersall)

I actually sourced the grain from the 35mm prequel trailers lol. I’ll try it in black though, just to see what it’s like.

Really love what you did to the audio, feels much more grounded. I suggest bringing the room tone down just a bit. Currently it almost feels like watching a deleted scene.

Anakin's Nightmare revealed! (video breakdown)

DuracellEnergizer said:

I feel the shots of Vader and Palpatine could’ve been distorted more, obscuring their features and making them more mysterious. Otherwise, it’s a fine addition.

And I quite like what you did with the Anakin/Padme scene. Sublime.

This was my thoughts exactly. For example, just show the outline of vaders helmet, or just the sith eyes of the emperor glowing inside a dark cloak. Also consider adding the sounds of anakin being operating on at the end of ROTS.

Also is there anyway to extend the last shot of anakin when he reacts to padme saying she’ll go? Like could the last few frames be slowed down or something to make a less abrupt transition to the next scene?

Otherwise great work so far.

EDIT: also consider changing darth line to “together we can rule the galaxy” and then have it just trail off as nonsensical noise. This would be a good tie in with his statement to padme in ROTS about overthrowing the chancellor and ruling the galaxy, make things they way they want them.

EDIT 2: also can you take out anakin calling padme senator? Ugh bothers me every time.

Get ready for "Star Wars - Shroud of the Sith", a radical fan edit of "The Phantom Menace"

Would it be possible that when Padme says, “you’re a slave?” cut to the scene where they both look over then to jar jar hijinks with the pit droid, and back to ankain and padme when anakin says." wouldn’t have lasted this long if I wasn’t so good at building things."

I think this makes him sound more cynical about being a slave and like he has come to terms with it more, which i think would help to “age” him up, plus the normal line is cringe inducing every time.

Like i said I’m not sure this would work smoothly, but anything to get rid of “I’m and person and my name is anakin.” its just too aggressive and contrived.

Star Wars Tosche station Restored

Hey Sky_,

here are a couple threads that you may or may not have seen where others have tried to clean up the deleted scenes. You might be able to find some info on how they did it on these threads. Also look into avisynth to clean dirty frames.

The Last Jedi: Legendary (SPOILERS)

shower thought: “…not about fighting what we hate, saving what we love.” is literally the campaign of the entire fan edit community.

I agree with Hal. The leaf scene is more than just a humorous moment, and should be left in. The quote by Rose is really poorly placed in the movie and loses a lot of its impact/ message because of the dire situation the resistance is in. Its really heavy handed and obviously nonsensical. But it could have worked if used earlier in the film in a different situation as a way to define her existing morals instead of being the end of her arch.

A Collaborative Star Wars Saga Edit

Sir Ridley said:

jarbear said:

Yep that is an improvement. I think what sticks out is the moTHER part of it. The reason is the word goes up, which makes a “jump” to the next word/ original face of “once thought…” So if there is a way it sounds more like “YOUR MOther once that…” I think that may help it. So maybe a source that goes down on sounds/quotes with “ther” or “er” maybe is what’s needed?

I hope that make sense?

I updated my post after a couple of minutes with a new version, does this apply to the version that is linked now? Because it goes up on “MO” and down on “ther” (MOther). I feel like he should emphasize that word. But I adjust the intonation digitally so it can be shifted around.

Can the word mother be slowed down at all?

The Last Jedi : Fan Edit Ideas - ** <strong>SPOILERS INSIDE</strong> **

Hal 9000 said:

littlev87 said:

Does anyone else feel the line “peace and purpose” to be corny and unnecessary? I think it would be better if Leia interrupted Rey with “I felt it too.”

Interrupt REY?!

Not sure if this was intended to be a joke, forgive me if I missed something, but here is how I thought the scene should play out.

R: “luke is gone, I felt it”

leia nods

R: “but it wasn’t sadness or pain it was…”

cut to leia

L: “I felt it too”