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The Last Jedi: A Spark of Hope

I realized that I never did a cut list on here? Sorry about that. This list is from an earlier version of the movie, so there are actually a few other things that I could add to the list, but it’s already long enough lol…

  • To short cut some of this list, I will say that I cut ALL progs out of the movie and there is no Canto Bight subplot nor any subplot with Finn and Rose. I’m also not going to mention everytime I added music to a scene. As you will see, this is already going to be a long list 😃

  • Added opening and custom Disney with Fox music created by Digmodifaction

  • Removed the opening on the planet. Used part of the opening from the Alt. Opening to show Poe in a command position and his thoughts before taking on the Dreadnaut.

  • Cut Poe joking with Hux

  • Cut BB8 shoving his head into the ships circuits

  • Cut girl saying “Bombs Away”

  • Cut EVERYTHING between Hux and Snoke after the Dreadnaunt blows up.

  • Added a deleted scene of Kylo Ren looking out the ships window.

  • Cut Fin Hitting his head a 2nd time

  • Added a dream for Finn to show what his last memory of Rey was

  • Cut Finn slipping

  • Added some deleted footage of Finn waking up

  • Cut scene with Rey and Luke handing over lightsaber and Luke tossing it. It now cuts to Rey wondering into the village and knocking on Lukes hut.

  • Cut Rey mentioning Leia sending her.

  • Cut Rey sitting on cliff and seeing Luke X-Wing in the water

  • Cut Rey translating Chewie for Luke. Luke just understands Chewie

  • Added deleted Luke has a Moment

  • Cut Snoke calling Kylo the next Vader

  • Cut Snoke saying that he was mistaken

  • Cut Snoke saying to Kylo to take off his helmet

  • Cut the Snoke line about being a child in a mask

  • Cut the multiple smashes of Kylos helmet in the elevator.

  • Moved the scene where Luke visits the Falcon to here. He just found out about his best friend passing not long ago, it didn’t feel right to me that he would wait so long to visit.

  • Cut Lukes lines on the Falcon after he sees R2. The scene ends with him putting his hand on R2 and saying “Old Friend”

  • Cut the entire scene where Rey is lecturing Luke and Luke being grumpy and telling her to go away and he mentioned his “Laser Sword”

  • Cut the whole Milking the animal

  • Took parts of him hopping around the island and used later in the movie for Training Montage

  • Moved close up of Leia sitting by herself with hand on her head to here

  • Added Poe giving Finn Jacket back

  • Cut “They found us” line. It’s used in the opening now

  • Split this scene into two separate scenes. I cut this at the point when they run off to battle after Poe asks for permisson to jump in an x-wing and blow something up.

  • Moved the moment when Rey finds the Force Tree to here.

  • Cut all the dialog in the Force Tree between Luke and Rey after Luke Says “You need a teacher”.

  • Added dialog of Luke saying “Tomorrow, I will teach you the ways of the Jedi”.

  • Started up scene back to the battle that I split before. With Kylo saying “Follow my lead”

  • Cut Leia getting blown out the side of the ship

  • Cut Marry Poppins Leia

  • Cut Lukes 3 lessons scene

  • Cut conversation between Poe and Holdo

  • Added deleted scene of Finn and BB8

  • Cut Finn and Rose meeting

  • Cut 90% of the caretakers as Rey is looking around the village after blowing a hole in the wall and Luke asks what that was about.

  • End the scene after Luke says “Let’s get started”

  • Moved scene where medical freighter gets blown up to here.

  • Cut the “It’s been an Honor Admiral scene

  • Created a scene that shows Finn giving Poe the tracker for Rey to follow.

  • Come back to scene where Luke is going to train Rey

  • Cut Rey looking into the dark side and Luke running scared.

  • Created a Training Montage for Rey and Luke.

  • Cut 2nd Force meeting between Rey and Kylo

  • Cut Rey training on her own (See montage)

  • Cut Rey almost hitting the care takers with falling rocks

  • Cut Luke being so cynical about the Jedi and this is no longer “Lesson 2” It’s simply a bonding moment after the training montage where Luke is opening up to Rey about what happened with Kylo

  • Pushed the scene where Luke goes out on ledge and meditates and sees Leia in a coma to later in the movie. This is now Lukes call to action moment.

  • Cut shirtless Kylo and the 3rd Force meeting with Rey and Kylo. I used the dialog and Kylo’s version of events later in the movie.

  • Cut Rey going down the hole to look for answers

  • Added dialog from 3rd force meeting with Rey and Kylo plus added Kylo’s version of events to the 4th Force meeting (Only the 2nd Force meeting in my cut).

  • Added Snoke dialog from various places to give incentive to Rey to attack Luke

  • Cut Luke falling over when Rey hits him

  • Created a scene of Snoke and Kylo when luke says “Snoke had already turned his heart”

  • Cut Luke going for his lightsaber while Kylo is sleeping

  • Cut Rey talking about seeing his future. This is already talked about between Rey and Kylo later, we don’t need it here.

  • Cut Rey trying to hand Luke the lightsaber and Luke turning his head away

  • Cut Rey saying that Kylo is their last hope

  • Cut Luke trying to burn down the Jedi tree

  • Unfortunately that means Yoda is also cut from the movie

  • Moved the last support ship getting blown up to later in the movie

  • Cut everything between Poe and Holdo after he asks if she’s fueling up the transports

  • Cut the mutiny subplot

  • Cut Leia busting in a taking out Poe. Remember, I cut the mutiny

  • Cut the exchange between Holdo and Leia

  • Cut the squeeky noise coming from Rey’s nose while Snoke is talking to her

  • Cut Poe waking up on the transport ship. He was never knocked out in this version

  • Added Poe’s surprised “Leia” dialog from earlier in the movie

  • Cut Snokes line about giving Luke the death he desires. Luke is not like that in this cut.

  • Cut Snoke referring to Kylo as Heir to Vader

  • Trimmed down the opening battle with Rey/Kylo and the Red Guards

  • Cut the 2nd time we flash to the fight with the Red Guards

  • Trim the spot where the Red guard gets tossed in the blinder and “Poofs” out of the top so it’s less distracting from the fight.

  • Trimmed the scene when Rey is fighting the Red guard with 2 bladed and then magically only has one so she we don’t wonder how he didn’t stab her in the back with it, so it’s not so obvious.

  • Cut Kylo asking Rey about her parents

  • Cut Rey saying that they were nobody

  • Moved Hux saying to keep your fire on the transports to earlier in the film to help feel like more time passed in between cuts of the fight with the Red guards

  • Cut Kylo asking Rey and saying “Please”

  • Cut Finn and Rose crashing into the door of the base for obvious reasons

  • Moved the shot of Tie Fighter pilot targeting Rose to later in the movie

  • Cut Hux repeating Kylo saying “concentrate all firepower on those speeders” and Kylo giving him a dirty look.

  • Cut Rose Taking out Finns speeder.

  • Added Tie Fighter Sound FX

  • Placed Tie Fighter shot previously mentioned here

  • Cut Finns line “Rose”

  • Cut the entire scene between Finn and Rose along with the awkward kiss

  • Cut the Walker slamming it’s “fist” into the ground and making an animal sound

  • Cut Kylo comically tossing Hux to the side after blowing Luke up doesn’t work

  • Cut Finn dragging Rose back into base

  • Moved the scene of Poe and Finn talking to before Kylos ship comes down

  • Moved Poe talking about an escape and looking for a tunnel out to before Luke and Kylo talk

  • Cut the ending with the kids. We go from the Falcon to the end credits

A New Hope: Vader edition

benduwan said:

first,there are jumps throu the whole hard to watch.
the vader scene from r1 should be shortend.only the view from front.the door you see in the background
don´t match the same we see later.
i think the cuts you made are to much.i like the scene in the sandcrawler.
the sc38 scene you do a good job with this.
and your deathstar explosion…i can live with this.
i´m not a friend of insert new scenes in this “old” movie.
i like more original scenes in but the tastes are different…😃
it´s your version and i think you do a good job if you satisfied.
thanks for the link.

Thank you, I like feedback.
-I thought I fixed the jumps? I will have to go back and check this again. Sorry about that!
-There are 2 doors in that shot. You see the one with the window close as the guy gets rammed with his saber. Then you cut to the 2nd door where you hear more screams and more of what is going on before the troops come in. That being said, if I hear this as a point of confusion from more people, I will likely go and fix this thew way you suggested.

  • I know that tastes are different. I wanted to pick up the pace a bit in the movie and felt that the Sandcrawler slowed us down at a point that we didn’t need it. We see plenty of what is going on. But that was my take on it. There is no right or wrong. I was only explaining what I was going for.
  • I am glad you enjoyed most of it anyway lol.
A New Hope: Vader edition

benduwan said:

do you insert some deleted vader scenes from the ot?

No, I looked at that and they were either not finished enough with the audio or they were very unnecessary and would have slowed the movie down.

I took the Vader part at the end of Rogue One and made it part of the opening (In a new way) of ANH. It really doesn’t fit any other way in my eyes. Leaving it in R1 makes everyone (including Leia) look childish or not very bright in ANH. But that is a topic I will post on once I get to my R1 Edit. That is next after I finish my TFA Edit.

I also added a lot of SC38 Re-Imagined into this and that shows off more Vader as well. I didn’t just drop it in, I only used parts that looked good in the movie and cut bad CGI moments. I also made sure to use the original shots of the other cast members aside from Vader and Ben when there was a cut away moment.

A New Hope: Vader edition

V2 is now done! The old links will not work now because that version is deleted. I am uploading the new version now and links will be available tonight. This should be cleaner and smoother. I have an updated Death Star that is inspired by the original blowing up, but still updated.

Now it’s back to my last project. I have something very special coming up for TFA. I got with a couple of well known editors and they gave me permission to do something very cool. So this will be right in line with my edit of The Last Jedi.

A New Hope: Vader edition

Quick update on V2 (This is why I usually don’t post until I have a finished project lol). So I realized that the movie was a little “jumpy” at parts. I looked and I pulled the source file at the wrong frame rate… UGH 😕

So I have to re-cut the main part of the movie. The good news is, I already know how to do it and I already have the audio corrected in the cuts, so it shouldn’t take too long anyway.

In the meantime, I will leave V1 up for anyone who wants to see it.

A New Hope: Vader edition

Valheru_84 said:

A New Hope: Re-revisited? 😛

My actual suggestions below:

ANH: Now I am the Master
ANH: Action Re-imagined
ANH: Dusted & Polished
ANH: Tales of a Jedi

All the best with your edit!

Thanks! I keep re-working things to see what feels best. So It’s taking a little longer that I thought lol. I’ve been an artist my whole life, so I’m kind of picky about what I put out into the world.

I like ANH: Action Re-imangined. I’m thinking about ANH: Dark before the Dawn… What do you guys think?

A New Hope: Vader edition

I’m very close to releasing an updated cut of A New Hope. I started out with Adywan’s version of the movie because I like his the best. Then after seeing sc38 reimagined, I wanted to (Like many people I’m sure) splice parts of that into the movie. I cut the bad CG moments and only used what flowed with the original. I didn’t just “drop” it in.

Then I figured, as long as I’m updating that, I could also splice in some Vader that I cut from Rogue One into this. (Yes, I’m working on an edit for that movie too lol but this isn’t where I plan to talk about what I’m doing there). I also have a slightly updated Death Star Explosion (No not ForceGhostRecon’s, this is different).

So the idea is that I update the movie a bit with some newer footage and a few other cuts that I will post later. I know that this will not be to a purist liking. This is just some fun I thought I would have. I like the Adywam approach of keeping the parts of the updated footage that was less offensive. This edit keeps that spirit. This isn’t a whole new movie like I did with The Last Jedi.

When adding the SC 38 footage, I am working on removing some of the PT dialog that was dubbed in. It’s fine as a stand alone fan piece, but it doesn’t work in the actual movie. So I’m re-scoring parts of it. I need to ask you guys 2 questions.

  1. Where does Vader say “Kenobi”? I only ever hear him say Obi Wan?
  2. Can you guys help me think of a better title lol?

This should be coming your way soon!

The Last Jedi: A Spark of Hope

screams in the void said:

while I very much enjoyed the Last Jedi and saw it 3 times in the theater , I like some of what you did here . some of my impressions after seeing this… …I like the altered musical cues you used as well as the transitions showing the passage of time and the flashback to TFA just before Finn wakes from his Coma was a nice touch

Thank you! I really appreciate your feedback