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The Last Jedi: A Spark of Hope

I wanted to take a second to say that you to all of you! This has been a great experience and a wonderful community!

I didn’t know what to expect when I decided to post on here. But I need to give a special shout out and much gratitude to ForceGhostRecon! If you haven’t checked out this guys edit yet, please go support him.

ForceGhostRecon did something for me that I really needed to make my edit feel complete. He let me use the Green Lightsaber footage! Seriously, how amazing is that!

I want to send out links to my updated cut. There’s more going on than just the color of the lightsaber that I did. but that alone would have made me want to send you all out links, so keep an eye on your inbox if you have PM’d in the past for a copy of this cut.

I really wanted to make sure I did this open and public to thank ForceGhostRecon because it meant so much to me and I wanted everyone to know what kind of person we have here. I refuse to take credit for someone else’s work. So if you appreciate my cut and feel that Green just makes it better, then you have him to thank.

The Last Jedi: A Spark of Hope

Hello! I’m not exactly new to this site, but I haven’t been very active until now either. I started out on here almost a year ago. I was looking for fan edits of the Prequel Trilogy and have found some interesting ones.Then I heard about edits of other movies and started watching them. I have seen so many that I thought were great, but I was also wondering things like “If they did this here, why didn’t they do that there” kind of things. So I started thinking, why don’t I try editing?

This is not the first movie I’ve edited, I was practicing on others first and then would show friends and get feedback and learned from there. This is the first movie that I feel will be something I should make available to the public though. I will eventually go back and re-work the other ones and submit them too.

So with this movie, in my personal opinion, was awful. I know that there are people who like it, and I have no problem with that. This is my personal opinion. I started watching Ivan Ortaga on YouTube talking about things he was doing, and I like some of what I was hearing, again, still wonder about some of the other choices being made. I watched an edit called “The Anti Cringe” cut. But still felt there were things that I would like to see different.

So I went to work. I not just cut, but I re-arranged the movie. One thing I thought was not just the really bad jokes, but the pacing seemed to be all over the place. Things felt wonky for lack of a better word and out of place.

I also had to build scenes. Like for example I built a training montage for Rey. Then I had to find music for it and so on. Then I wanted to cut Canto Bight. But that left some minor plot holes and Rian Johnson had enough of them as it was, so I had to create another scene to fill that in.

I also used some deleted footage to fill the movie back out and give it a different feel. I had to re re-purpose dialog in places. I gave Luke a different personality etc… I really wanted mine to be a different edit than what anyone else was doing. Yes, if someone did something that I liked, I used it, but I didn’t steal it. I just did my own version of it. For example, The Training Montage was not my idea, but I liked it, so I created one and used some Luke dialog from material I deleted as voice over. I also added a lot of my own ideas.

I have links I can share with anyone who is interested in seeing what I was able to do. I have some people on who are viewing it. So far the feedback has been really positive.

I am not trying to stir anything up for the people who liked the movie. Movie’s like all forms of entertainment are subjective, and everyone’s has an opinion on what is good or bad, what they like or don’t like. One is not anymore valid than another.