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Dom's (Possibly) Useful TROS Edit

Taking a stab at the crawl:

The shadow of the FIRST ORDER has spread across the galaxy. To suffocate the spark of rebellion, all treasonous acts are mercilessly silenced.

As Rey, the last hope of the Jedi, continues her training under General Leia Organa, their fledging RESISTANCE gathers intel to forge a path to freedom.

Meanwhile, Supreme Leader Kylo Ren rages in search of his grandfather’s SITH WAYFINDER, certain it will guide him to the secrets of his former master’s power…

The Rise of Skywalker: Ascendant

Hal 9000 said:

That’d probably make more sense. My idea was to imply that tracking Snoke’s miscellaneous stuff would lead him to Palpatine, like following a marionette’s strings to its animator.
But that’s hard to get across, and doesn’t make immediate sense as Kylo rummages through Darth Vader’s sock drawer.

I think it works well enough. The “determined to unlock the secrets of his former master’s power” is directly addressed and paid off in the opening exchange bewteen Kylo and Palpy. “At last. Snoke trained you well.” “I killed Snoke, I’ll kill you.” “My boy, I made Snoke…”

Right away, secret unlocked.

As for why he needed his grandfather’s sith wayfinder to figure out this particular puzzle, I think it’s implied that this is the latest in a string of clues that he has been hunting to unlock this particular secret. Maybe there could be a subtle way to reinforce this notion in the crawl.

The Last Jedi: Legendary

Hal 9000 said:

It’s hard to imagine TROS in particular being subjected to much fan editing, being such an aggressive and breakneck movie. I will try to understand it, but I suspect it’s as vacuous as it seems. No one had the chance to put any thought into it, so the surface level is the entirety of it.

I do get the feeling there’s more depth and thought put into it than what the theatrical cut suggests. From hearing JJ and Chris Terrio talk about the themes of the saga, I feel that when we get the deleted material back in the film we’ll get a fuller picture of what the filmmaker’s real artistic expression was before they stuck the film in a blender. I may be wrong, but that’s my perception/hope.

Star Wars: <strong>The Rise Of Skywalker</strong> Redux Ideas thread

In this interview Domnhall Gleeson and Richard Grant confirm that one of the scenes that got cut out of them in Mustafar with Kylo will be on the extras of the home release.

At 0:57:

I hope to god that it doesn’t have the timecode like the TFA deleted scenes and hopefully this means they’ll release all the other stuff they cut out.

Star Wars: <strong>The Rise Of Skywalker</strong> Redux Ideas thread

I get that, but I feel some things could be cut. I feel like the opening battle with Kylo is totally worthless.

I agree that it was worthless but it’s because they cut out everything that was worthwhile from the sequence.

If the leaks are to be believed, (which they should because they were generally right) the movie opened with a broadcasting tower surging out of the ground of Exegol and we actually see/hear Palpatine’s message being sent to the galaxy.

Kylo has been tracking down clues to Snoke’s power and he slaughters the villagers (in what I think is the healed forrest of Mustafar) to the dismay of Hux and Pryde who consider the whole thing a fool’s errand.

Kylo was said to get a meeting with an Oracle alien who challenged him on still having feelings for Rey and who ends up telling him that he can find the wayfinder device in Vader’s castle (this device belonged to Vader and the one in the DS wreck was Palpatine’s). Apparently that’s when he was supposed to get his first PTSD force flashback like he does later on and hear Palpatine’s voice for the first time.

Cut to Rey training scene essentially just like it was in theaters except it’s said that she was trying to contact Luke’s ghost to no avail (which if they would’ve kept in, it would’ve made his return as a ghost later on much more impactful).

After Rey hands Leia the lightsaber, it was supposed to cut back to the Knights of Ren and Kylo getting his helmet put back together on Mustafar by the ape-man. This ape-man apparently also helped him activate the wayfinder device. AND THEN…
we get the scene of Kylo getting to Exegol and meeting the Emperor.

There’s shots of Leia in the teaser reminiscing about Han by holding his medal. This would’ve made, not only Han’s appearance much more emotional but also it would make it seem less out of place that Chewie suddenly gets a medal at the end.

Lando’s first appearance had him explaining that he never left Passana after Luke and him where there because he had a daughter who was kidnapped by the First Order and he was afraid to leave in hopes that one day she would return (it mirrors Rey wanting to stay on Jakku in hopes of her parents coming back). This strikes a chord with Finn because he was also kidnapped by the FO. Knowing why he didn’t wanna leave would’ve made Lando’s entrance at the Rebel base much more impactful. Not to mention his scene with Jannah at the end was meant to suggest that she was said daughter.

There was build up, set ups, character introductions, thematic through-lines that got smothered out of the film just so they could cram it into the shortest runtime possible. This way they get more showtimes and keep it at a family-friendly length.

This movie, unlike any other Star Wars movie, is aching for an extended/director’s cut, because the one in theaters clearly ain’t it.

<strong>The Rise Of Skywalker</strong> — Official Review and Opinions Thread

When the tickets were first being sold, the runtime was said to be 2h 35m. It seems to me like they did a final squeeze in order to get more showtimes and get a more family friendly runtime. And, oh boy, can you tell. Particularly in the opening act.

If you’ve been following some of the leaked stuff then you know there was much more to this movie than what we got. Palpatine’s reveal was meant to build up throughout the first act instead of just being dropped in out of nowhere from the very beginning.

Lando was supposed to have a daughter that was kidnapped long ago to become a stormtrooper. The end was meant to imply that it was Jannah. But without that set up, you only get them randomly meeting without any idea of why they’re talking to each other. It even makes the exchange seem potentially creepy.

I really hope that we get the deleted stuff in the Bluray because I could feel a good film trying to burst out of the seams of what ended up feeling like a rushed, unearned mess.

The Last Jedi: Recalibrated (PM for link!)

When TLJ came out I had a lot of mixed feelings. I loved so many things in it but felt like there was too much tonal whiplash.

Then I heard Rian Johnson’s commentary track and he explains that what he was most nervous about was the humor because, for security reasons, these movies don’t get tested with audiences. I consider testing to be an essential part of filmmaking, especially if you’re making a mass appeal movie.

So I’ve approached this edit as if I was hired to recalibrate the final cut after getting feedback from test audiences (which in this case it’s the world).

I have lovingly borrowed Hal9000’s TLJ: Legendary edit to use as a base since I felt he addressed many things I would’ve and work from there.

Changes from HAL9000 (new changes bolded):

  • New Crawl that explains who Rey is in relation to the Resistance. When sitting in theaters and Finn asked “Where’s Rey?” I thought that an unsuspecting audience member would ask “Who’s Rey?” given that the film expects you to be in the know.

  • Used Main title music from Attack of the Clones for a more bombastic performance.

  • Removed shot of General Hux looking at Captain Peavy after “A single light fighter”

  • Trimmed the opening ‘prank call’ joke to prevent it from venturing into SNL territory while retaining the core of the humor

  • Removed two shots of BB-8 doing the wack-a-mole to tighten the pace.

  • Trimmed Paige kicking the ladder slightly

  • [Reinstated Hux being berated by Snoke (V2 change)]

  • Used poppasketti’s audio to change the emphasis as Luke tosses the lightsaber (V2 change) (Reinstated original music and trimmed for better timing)

  • Reinstated the ‘Luke Has a Moment’ deleted scene (Audio transition tweaked slightly by poppasketti in V2)

  • Reinstated the deleted scene where Poe gives Finn back his jacket (with scene transition provided by user pleasehello) (Audio transition tweaked slightly by poppasketti in V2)

  • Removed Luke’s joke “All right, that is pretty much nowhere”

  • Trimmed away the lone porg who gives Chewie the doughy eyes, though leaving the joke intact otherwise

  • Removed Luke’s line to R2, “Nothing can make me change my mind.”

  • Added shot of Rose opening up the ring from later and color correct it so it looks like Laura Dern is holding it as she speaks of the symbol. Added shot of Oscar reacting to it. (Might not be perfect but I think it goes by fast enough that you buy it)

  • Partially reinstated deleted scene of BB8 showing Finn the hologram of Rey so their hug at the end is a proper payoff.

  • [Reinstated Finn telling Rose to breathe at their first meeting (V2 change)]

  • Removed Rose saying “You too” after Finn’s “May the Force be with you”

  • Removed Rose repeating, “They can track us through lightspeed“

  • Tightened up Finn and Rose’s reaction to Maz’s “Oh yes, he can” for better timing.

  • Removed both appearances from the ‘Caretakers’ on Ach-to (with a visual effects shot courtesy of user snooker)

  • Reinstated the Caretakers and the deleted scene of them giving Rey the stink eye.

  • Tightened up Luke’s leaf joke for better timing.

  • Cut down the first sequence at Canto Bight to focus solely on finding the master codebreaker (also removing sounds of coins rattling around inside BB8 in two shots)

  • Partially reinstated Canto Bight so we get introduced to the kids from afar and we get to know Rose’s backstory. (BB-8 coin bit is still gone)

  • Blended the original Anakin lightsaber ignition sound with the existing different sounds for two shots

  • Added Caretaker Village deleted scene. I think it’s necessary to have that dramatic fall out.

  • Made it appear as though Finn and Rose follow DJ out of the cell, briefly elude the guards, and the scene ends. Next time we see the trio, they are already in hyperspace (also removing the implication in the later scene that BB8 helped steal the ship).

  • Removed Rey asking Kylo Ren is he has a cowl to put on (REINSTATED)

  • Added a center wipe transition from the scene with Finn, Rose, and DJ in hyperspace to the fleet losing their medical frigate

  • Used a few shots from a deleted scene to remove the iron/spaceship gag, which borrowed from an old spoof which laughed at Star Wars rather than along with Star Wars (film speck removed by user poppasketti)

  • Trimmed some of the comedy with BB8 being placed under a basket

  • Trimmed the heavy, direct hinting before Snoke’s death, using musical score from TFA (courtesy of user poppasketti)

  • Removed the detail from Kylo Ren that Rey’s parents are buried in the Jakku desert, as this seems at odds with the vision we saw in The Force Awakens. (REINSTATED)

  • Removed “Lets go, chrome dome”

  • Moved the scene with Luke and Yoda to immediately prior to Leia looking out over Crait (using audio and video provided by user Darthrush)

  • Removed Finn’s line about the battering ram canon being “old Death Star tech,” and in V2 reinstated Poe’s line, “A what now?”

  • The crate Luke sits on as he talks with Leia is now stationary and motionless, unaffected by him (effect provided by user poppasketti)

  • Removed Rey’s triple-TIE combo shot, with the Falcon’s involvement in the battle being first revealed with its shadow sweeping by and a single TIE being shot down (REINSTATED)

  • Trimmed Hux ordering fighters to follow the Falcon, leaving this poor tactical move to be attributed to Kylo Ren’s emotional priorities

  • Removed Finn’s line, “Oh, they hate that ship!”

  • Removed Hux repeating Kylo’s orders as to not diffuse the tension.

  • [Reinstated Finn’s full self-sacrifice sequence (V2 change)]

  • After Rose saves Finn, removed her line about not “fighting what we hate” and “saving what we love.”

  • Removed spot on the sun as Luke gazes out after collapsing, which caused some presumably inadvertent misdirection for some upon first viewing (courtesy of user poppasketti)

  • Snuck in a Wilhelm scream… somewhere in the movie.

Special thanks to Hal9000 for not only being an inspiring fan editor but also a very generous community member. And to everyone that helped make his edit, thank you for lending your talents for us dorks to enjoy! We stand on your shoulders.

PM for google drive link!

SOLO: A Star Wars Story - Fan Edit Ideas Thread

It’s the movie. It’s been criticized before for being very darkly lit.

In regards to including the Imperial Cadet scene, I think the scene in the Tie fighter is probably not good since it has unfinished FX.

But the court tribunal scene I think could be a valuable insight into Han’s character and how he doesn’t really fit in a structure, being a rebel by nature. Also I think it can stand alone without the setup since Han essentially explains what the incident was.

SOLO: A Star Wars Story - Fan Edit Ideas Thread

It’s crazy how short a life span this movie had. It’s sort of an ugly step-child of the franchise.

I for one think that it could actually become a really good movie if one was to strip down some of narrative clunk and get rid of that grating pace.

I’m speculating cause of course I haven’t seen the deleted scenes but I feel like the Han Imperial academy scene would help enormously in having the audience get fully onboard with the character before his proper adventure begins. Here’s hoping…

SOLO: A Star Wars Story - Fan Edit Ideas Thread

After rewatching the film, the phrase that kept coming to mind is the one that Lawrence Kasdan always told JJ during the making of TFA “It needs to be delightful. Not too much talk…” With that in mind, here are my ideas for cutting:

  • Trim dialogue all over the place. There were instances when the dialogue reminded me of the prequels as in overexplaining both plot and character. This also goes for jokes that go on for too long. Less is more.

  • Trim Corellia’s chase. I’m particularly thinking of the middle section in which Kira asks if they’re faster and Han accelerates.

  • Remove Han telling Qi’ra and the guard that he plans to come back to Corellia. Let that be a reveal later on.

  • Remove first Han and Chewie bonding scene when they’re looking out the balcony of the ship. This scene is way too aware of the future. Let the bond develop more naturally across the movie.

  • Reshuffle scenes so you have the fireplace scene next. This way you establish the crew, their personalities and their stakes. This is when Han reveals that he’s planning to go back to Corellia for Qi’ra. We learn something new about the character!

  • Cut Val and Beckett’s kiss so it’s less jarring when he doesn’t mourn her later.

  • Next scene is Val with binoculars explaining the heist just before it takes place.

  • Cut the whole impounded ship thing with Lando. Have them go out on the adventure already.

  • Cut Qi’ra and L3’s conversation about the boys. Just have them arrive at Kessel sooner.

  • Let the Darth Maul cameo happen after the resolution with Beckett, instead of before.

  • Cut the overtness of Enfys talking about Rebellion and about Han maybe joining someday. Again, it’s too aware of the future.

All this with trims all over the place and I think the movie could be vastly improved.

SOLO: A Star Wars Story - Fan Edit Ideas Thread

This is the most uninteresting SW film by FAR. There was a good amount of unfunny/badly delivered lines that I felt if stripped could streamline the narrative and strenghten the characters.

The first act was very clunky. Things started happening to Han before the movie gave us a chance to care. Same with many other characters.

Han was too goofy at times. Lando felt completely off. I felt they made him somewhat unlikable and had way too much fun at his expense. Beckett was just Woody Harrelson and the twist with him at the end is the most predictable twist in the history of twists. The worst part about that is how the music played dramatically when he entered the room to reveal HE was the traitor. No shit!

As opposed to other Star Wars edits I don’t really see people cutting whole scenes out because the pace is so fast already. I think people will just end up cutting out lines and bad performance and we’ll just basically have polished versions of this movie. But beyond that, unless they release a lot of deleted scenes (which Ik they won’t) I’m not sure how this film can be aided by fan’s scissors.

The Last Jedi : Fan Edit Ideas

As a person who really loved the movie and a lot of the themes that it tries to convey, I do think the film could be tighter and more cohesive to make it a smoother Star Wars experience.

  • Trim (not cut) the Hux and Poe phone call. If it’s shorter I think it could be effective humor.
  • Add deleted scene that happens right after “Where’s Rey?”. According to RJ that scene is basically Poe bringing Finn (and the audience) up to speed on what happened in 7 and the fact that Rey went to Luke’s island to fetch the last Jedi. Then BB8 shows Finn a hologram of Rey’s “we’ll see each other again” moment, which basically ignites Finn motivations. Why this crucial establishing moment was cut? I do not know.
  • Cut from Rey’s “I’m not leaving without you” to her following Luke up the mountain and sensing the Jedi temple. As much as I like the Luke’s daily routine sequence, it can be a real pace killer and it just demystifies Luke a little too much. His character is a question mark at this point and that sequence just answers questions we never asked.
  • Maybe trim some of Leia’s space walking. I know it’s kinda corny but I personally don’t mind it too much. She’s in Zero G so the amount of force she requires to pull her weightless body can’t be too much anyways.
  • Add more SW wipes during the intercutting between planets.
    Restructuring of Canto Bight:
  • As Finn and Rose jump into hyperspace follow their storyline all the way until to when they arrive at the Casino.
  • MOVE UP BB8 getting slotted with coins to after “This place is awesome” Then cut to Rose describing the codebreaker they have to find and we wipe to Rey talking with Chewie in the falcon which precedes the second skype call with Kylo.
  • Wipe from Kylo’s hand to champagne popping in the Casino and the whole scene plays like it does.
  • Add third lesson. This scene should explain why Rey was so willing to fraternize with Kylo. She gets disappointed by Luke and looks for answers elsewhere. ie the cave and Ben.
  • Add wipe at the end of Yoda’s scene.
  • Maybe add deleted scene of fight between BB8 and BB9E, if anything just to make his action hero moment when he saves them with that AtSt have better context.
  • Remove chrome dome line. That was just a lame one liner.
  • Remove Rey’s “I like this!” when she’s shooting in the falcon. I think the cheer that preceded that line told us as much.
  • Remove the shot of the family portrait in the falcon as to not mislead the audience into thinking that the film is over. That way when the broom scene comes up it feels less like padding.

I think when we see the deleted scenes we’ll be able to tell what’s feasible and what’s not. I pray to God that they don’t have timecodes like the TFA ones.

Anyway, that’s just me.

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story - Stardust Edition (PM for link!)

DigMod said:

krlozdac said:

  • Cut “You can’t talk your way around this” " I don’t have to" in order to end the conversation in a stronger place “Some of us just decided to do something about it” Next scene we see of Jyn is her ‘doing something about it’

Well, to me she isn’t. She’s just getting her father. She still isn’t sold on the rebellion until after he is killed…by rebel bombs…yeah I’ve never understood that part.

This scene you’re referring takes place after her father’s death, not before.

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story - Stardust Edition (PM for link!)

jarbear said:

Wow, I will admit that Vader dialogue was a lot smoother than I thought it would be coming from another source. Impressive. Pretty dang impressive man!

I will say from the edit, granted I have not watched it yet … I would prefer the removal of Bor Gullet. Personally that whole thing was goofy and distracting.

I understand why people think it’s goofy and to a certain extent I agree. However they way I have reshuffled it in this cut it’s so hopefully the stakes are raised for the heroes who need to fetch this cargo pilot and also to see Saw Gerrera live up to his reputation as an unhinged extremist. So I think the context now helps alleviate the sillines of the content. If you’re interested in watching the whole thing, shoot me a PM and I’ll send you the link.