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Pet Sematary (2019): The Extended Cut by DEJ-Flounder

The theatrical 2019 film is not perfect by any means but DEJ-Flounder has improved it in a seamless way by adding in the much needed extended scenes and alternate ending which fix this film really as much as it can be. For some films, the extended scenes were deleted because they were fluff-- but here the deleted scenes add to the depth in a good way.

The alternate ending fixes the ridiculous original ending. I won’t post spoilers, just watch this edit.

Because of the incorporation of the deleted scene material which was in stereo, this is a stereo release.

Great job, DEJ-Flounder. This version has replaced my original as the definitive version.


The Rise of Skywalker: RESURGENCE (Released)

This v 2.0 release just has stereo. My adobe premiere has some strange problems with audio quality when mixing down to 5.1. I can’t explain why. I can render to surround but the audio quality is noticeably inferior.

I will later attempt to export my project from my laptop to a pc and see if that helps. If the audio issue is fixed in doing so… then I will release a version in 5.1.

Star Wars: A New Hope (Enhanced Edition) WIP

Thanks StarkillerAG I’ll keep working on this. CMMAP, I could try and cut the tail end of Obi-wan’s impact into the wall, but it doesn’t really bother me. I’m more inclined just to cut the force throw altogether but that would mean I have to cut Vader slamming closed the blast door which is cool.

Edit: CMMAP, I trimmed the tail end of the impact and found it to be an improvement. While at it I also brutally cut more earlier portions where the SC38 derpfake was on so crooked poor old Ben looked like a weird bobblehead.

Star Wars: A New Hope (Enhanced Edition) WIP

ANH Enchanced Edition Scene 38 part 1:
here’s an updated pass on integrating SC38 Reimagined:

removed/changed scenes from the beginning with weird motion
cleaned most of the extraneous sound effects happening with no corresponding action
substantially improved the foley including more faced paced fighting… still a rough draft but it’s getting there
hopefully improved video transitions between SC38 and Original ANH
Obi-wan has the upper hand when he says “you can’t win”… Vader backs off
removed some of the lightsaber bashing with crazy camera motion
removed Ob-wan getting pushed around in the narrow corridor
moved Obi-wan force grabbing his saber to part 1 (before cutting to Han and Chewbacca)

Star Wars: A New Hope (Enhanced Edition) WIP

I agree on the camera movement part you mentioned, CMMAP. Will adjust. I’m keeping the original audio timing intact up to the point of the actual fighting. So I will have to use some of the footage from SC38 Reimagined during the opening. It can’t just suddenly jump into SC38 when the fighting begins because that would be too jarring. This will have to include some of Vader.

Yes the visuals will be enhanced from the special edition. The list is on the thread description.

Star Wars: A New Hope (Enhanced Edition) WIP

StarkillerAG, which jump cuts bothered you the most?

EDIT: the reason I ask is because there are some edits I made moving to close ups of Obi-wan that technically are jump cuts but there are also some jump cuts in the SC 38 Reimagined footage itself, so I’d like to get an idea of the specific parts you didn’t like.

Star Wars: A New Hope (Enhanced Edition) WIP

Star Wars: A New Hope (Enhanced Edition) - a work in progress

in 4K, fortified with some of SC38 Reimagined


here’s an updated pass on August 15 integrating SC38 Reimagined:


This edit uses D+77 v2.3 by ohteedee in 4k as a base to start off very close to the original theatrical release of A New Hope. It adds enhancements to update many parts, mostly that didn’t quite stand the test of time…

Runtime, scene times, and scene order are the same as the original theatrical release (except for SC38; runtime may vary by several seconds after editing in SC38).

No Jabba, no R2D2 behind CG rocks, no weird changes to the Krayt dragon call, no crappy dewback motion VFX, no large CG creatures that unnecesarily block our view of the main characters, no itty bitty CG cartoon creatures running around the desert, no floating droids on Tattoine, and no ring shockwave from the Death Star.

And of course with Greedo… ONLY HAN SHOOTS!

Change list (Work in Progress):

  1. Added and conformed the SE 5.1 channel audio to ohteedee’s release (he used the older sounding 5.1 channel audio). Did not automatically use all the SE audio changes. For example, kept the addition of the stormtrooper saying, “close the blast doors” and the change of Beru saying, “tell YOUR uncle” but did not keep the extra C3PO dialogue added during the Sandcrawler ride.
  2. Note: although a lot of SE footage is used in this edit, I avoided using extra footage which exceeded the length of the original footage. For example, the extra time they added to show off the new SE Sandcrawler.
  3. Added SE opening crawl.
  4. Updated the very outdated “two old men fighting” by using limited portions of video from SC38 Reimagined in 4k; completely re-foleyed this hybrid take on Scene 38 using ANH compatible sounds (did not use any of the SC38 Reimagined audio or music).
  5. Added SE Sandcrawler.
  6. Added SE Mos Eisley long distance shot.
  7. Added SE speeder arrival at the cantina (has long-necked quadriped creature led by rope).
  8. Removed werewolf in Mos Eisley (replaced with SE creatures).
  9. Added SE Falcon leaving Mos Eisley.
  10. Replaced the shot of the Falcon in space leaving Tatooine with an amazing new shot done by an excellent VFX artist.
  11. Recut and recomposited the SE destruction of Alderaan. Now the Death Star fires from close range, and it is in the shot with Alderraan.
  12. Added SE Death star corridor (longer). Note: this was already incorporated into ohteedee’s mostly theatrical release.
  13. Added SE trash compactor monster (blinks).
  14. Added scene from SE when Han runs into a hangar full of stormtroopers.
  15. Aurabesh text from SE used instead of English on screens.
  16. Remove Obi-wan calling his nemesis “Darth” during their duel. Instead he calls him Vader.
  17. Vader steps back as Obi-wan threatens, “if you strike me down…”
  18. During their duel Ben says to Vader, “Vader. You cannot control the Dark Side of The Force.” Vader responds, “Your destiny lies with this lightsaber.”
  19. Added multiple Falcon and other ship shots from SE for the battle of Yavin.
  20. Added SE Temple establishing shot.
  21. Added multiple SE shots of X-wings taking off and their arrival at the battle of Yavin.
  22. For the battle of Yavin replaced many of the shots with better versions by many talented VFX artists (borrowed from some fan films, test concepts, and student work). Examples of some of the new footage: new establishing shot of the Rebel fleet heading toward Yavin, new shots of the approach to the Death Star, some better close ups of the Death Star terrain, new shots of dogfights between TIE-Fighter and X-Wings, Porkins is now actively evading laser fire before he dies, new footage of the Rebel’s final descent into the Death Star trench, and new shot of X-Wings escaping the imminent Death Star explosion, heading toward a visible Yavin.
  23. Color corrected the Rebel ship thrusters from pink to red.
  24. During the Battle of Yavin R2D2 is blue instead of black.
  25. Cut a line during the Battle of Yavin, “Stay low.”
  26. Recomposited the shot of the Death Star explosion.
  27. Added SE establishing shot of final award ceremony.

New VFX by:
Howard Day
Naponic _
Eternal Light Pictures
Christopher Clements
ZEAl kivi
Arya Moghaddam
Jonathan Munoz
Darren Dennis