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Goldeneye 35mm Scan and Preservation

When the “Ultimate Edition” of the (then 20) 007 movies came out, weren’t those movies already in 4k before they were scaled down to DVD and Blu Ray? They did have a “4k Restoration” credit at the end of some of those movies I remember. And in one of the making of segments 4k came up once or twice. I can’t imagine they did new scans, maybe the original Blu Rays and DVDs were heavily compressed (or DNR’d to death in the case of the Brosnan Movies).

Also GE 35mm is beautiful. Thank you so much

Open Matte Bond Movies

Found my old Live and Let Die TBS broadcast from 1991. It appears to be a mix of Open Matte and Pan and Scan. Here’s a few comparison shots. (the 1.78:1 blu ray is the Blue rectangle) Some of the movie has more info on top and bottom. Some of it (shown in the 4th screenshot) is just pan and scan: lald lald
lald lald
There’s also several spots were you can see the literal top of the frame/matte
Looks like a 1.66:1 version of either movies would be the most “open” release

Also like my laserdiscs, shoot me a pm if you want an MP4 of the broadcast

Mono soundtracks that were butchered with 5.1 remixes in later releases

The Decimator said:

I’m watching Scarface on AMC right now, and it sounds like they’ve changed the sound effects for the guns.

The new Scarface mix sounds OK with a good sound system, but the original mix is king. Especially during the final shootout and the drug deal gone wrong.

IIRC one of the DVD releases has a 5.1 mix with the original sound effects intact. And I think someone said it but yes the 2.0 Stereo mix is on the blu-ray

Dr. No Rare Uncut Version 1st Beta/VHS release 1982

JayArgonaut said:

Thanks for the clarification and the offer, that’s very nice of you. Yeah, count me in, I would definitely like to see this version. It was very likely the version that I would have seen on ITV (UK) during the 80s but I didn’t pay that much attention to Bond films back then. 😃

What’s your verdict on the 1.66:1 LD’s vs the DVDs and Blu-ray releases, out of curiosity?

I’ll have to compare the 1.66:1 LDs but if I remember I think they are similar if not the same. (LD might have slightly different color timing)

Dr. No Rare Uncut Version 1st Beta/VHS release 1982

JayArgonaut said:

I don’t know how accurate these anecdotes are, especially given the myths regarding Dr No but perhaps others can clarify?

I own that laserdisc of Thunderball and I can confirm all those things that were changed in later releases are in there. (LD is missing a scene with Bond and the massuse after Lippe burns, alternate unddubbed lines from Largo, the shark line, manta Ray, alternate end music) it’s all there. I can rip it and share with anyone who wants it

I also have the 1.66:1 laserdiscs of Dr. No, Russia, and Goldfinger

Open Matte Bond Movies

dbmaster514 said:

Just got the Casino Royale Fullscreen DVD in the mail today. Unfortunately I can confirm that it is cropped.

Weird, at least one shot I remember was opened up in Casino Royale FS from watching it years ago, in the opening when Bond and the guy are talking in the office and they would be on the very right and left of the screen.
Hopefully am getting the laserdisc of LALD soon so I can rip and see if any of it’s open matte or pan and scan, the Blu Ray is at least 1.78:1 I think. I have a JP Full Screen LD of Russia with love so I can check it as well. I have the 1982 Dr No LD, but I guess it’s already been stated that it’s pan and scan. I’ll check my VHSs of 007 as well

Open Matte Bond Movies

spoRv said:

AFAIK the open matte 007 movies are:

Golden Eye on 1.33:1 DVD
Casino Royale on 1.33:1 DVD
Skyfall on 1.78:1 HDTV
and of course as you stated in the first post,
Quantum of Solace on 1.78:1 HDTV
and as SilverWook said,
Casino Royale on 1.78:1 PSP

(curious to see the latter!)

not aware of other titles, but as some of them were released in 1.66:1 and 1.78:1, it is quite possible they were released in open matte - Skyfall and Quantum of Solace are 2.39:1 yet available in open matte, so… 😉

Goldeneye was shot in anamorphic wide screen, the 1.33:1 dvd is definitely Pan and Scanned. The 4x3 Casino Royale DVD is open matte though. A lot of the older 007 movies have open matte versions on old releases though. The first 3 movies’ THX dvd releases from 1997 have 1.33:1 open matte versions I think. The 1.66:1 Blu Rays of those first 3 movies show more on the top and sides than most older wide screen releases. The Full Screen laserdisc and VHS releases of Live And Let Die and Golden Gun are open matte if I remember correctly (since they were 1.85:1 as opposed to 2.35:1). I have the laserdisc of Golden Gun, but its sped way up to fit on one disc. I don’t have a spleen account but if you PM me I can share a rip of my laserdisc of Man With the Golden Gun if anyone wants it

RoboCop: TV Edit HD Restoration

Tjoy2002 said:

OMG, this sounds awesome dude, I was gonna do something like this myself for my little brother who loves the RoboCop cartoon, he’s 6 so obviously I couldnt show him the movie, but unfortunately I could only find short clips and not all of the tv cuts, so instead I, again unfortunately, decided that it was best and easier to just cut the few seconds of strong language and violence from RoboCop 3, because he is 6 I just thought that he probably wouldnt care about the story as much, and I was right, that being said I would really like the oppitunity to watch this edit, is it available somewhere?

Send me a PM

Goldfinger Theatrical UK version

JayArgonaut said:

Interesting! Goldfinger is among my favourite Bond’s and films in general. 😃

What’s your source for the information on the UK version?

and this 16mm clip on eBay which I can’t afford:

Goldfinger Theatrical UK version

I want to do some sort of restoration/preservation of this version of the movie. There are 3 main differences that are not in any release version (that I know of) that would be easy to put in:

-The timer on the bomb in Fort Knox stopping at 003 seconds as opposed to 007. This explains Bond saying “3 more ticks and Goldfinger would have hit the jackpot!”

-When the plane is out of control going down, there is only one green dot going down on the radar Felix is looking at as opposed to 2 in the general release (implying Bond and Pussy escaped with a parachute )

-The end credits erroneously say “James Bond will be back On Her Majesty’s Secret Service,” this was changed to Thunderball for the general release since Thunderball actually followed it.

Does anyone know if an official home video release has any of these original scenes? I have the oldest Laserdisc release and it doesn’t have these original scenes. I know the end credits saying OHMSS is on a tv print floating around the internet, but the other 2 I don’t know.

Mono soundtracks that were butchered with 5.1 remixes in later releases

TiddySprinklesPimpBillion said:

kchrules said:

I have the Blu Ray of Godfather 1 and it has the Mono as an extra audio track.

The USA does but the others from around the planet don’t.

Huh, I’ll see if I can upload it to MEGA. I also have the mono laserdisc audio but it’s nowhere as clean due to laser rot.

I just got the recent Death Wish 1 blu-ray and surprisingly its Mono has been kept all these years. The 2001 DVD release had abysmal sounding audio. Almost like it was run through a noise removal several times over, it was tinny as hell and grading on the ears. The blu ray sounds MUCH better

Dr. No Rare Uncut Version 1st Beta/VHS release 1982

I have an old ABC airing of Golden Gun, it’s censored but definitely looks about as open matte as that print. Probably cropped when the frames are hard matted. I can check it later. I also have the laserdisc of Golden Gun but it’s hilariously sped up to fit 2 sides, I think it’s the same as the ABC airing. The Full Screen VHS of Live and Let Die I had was definitely pan and scanned though if I remember oddly enough.

If you watch the old original trailers of the first 3 movies, those movie clips are full frame (sometimes hard matted for special effect shots or for whatever reason)

Dr. No Rare Uncut Version 1st Beta/VHS release 1982

Yeah I own the old laserdisc release of Dr. No and it’s the standard version. I heard rumors old copies of From Russia With Love had “what a performance” at the end but that was debunked. So I don’t know how possible it is the beta is uncut, but I’m interested to see.

There’s an AMC airing of Goldfinger from the early-mid 2000s floating around the internet that has “James bond will be back in [on her majesty’s secret service]” at the end instead of Thunderball. So if that version of Goldfinger still exists, maybe the uncut Dr. No does

RoboCop: TV Edit HD Restoration

Here is the info on the edit for those that are interested:

Sources used:
2014 R1 Uncut Blu Ray (base)
2006 Recalled Sony Blu Ray - Theatrical Cut
1988 Full Screen Image Laserdisc - Theatrical Cut
1988 Orion VHS -Theatrical Cut
RoboCop Soundtrack - Music from the Motion Picture
ABC Network TV Broadcast from 1991
WGN America TV Broadcast from 2010
Comet TV Broadcast from 2017
THIS TV Broadcast from 2018
“ROBOCOP (1987) Alternate Scenes from TV version” - Youtube Video uploaded by YT user Orville Joder Jr
“Robocop 1991 ABC Sunday Night Movie Intro” - Youtube Video uploaded by YT user Sean Mc

Language cuts legend based on the 3 audio tracks
1 = ITV dub
2 = ABC dub (sourced from a 30+ year old VHS so audio quality isn’t as good as ITV)
3 is the same as ITV unless noted otherwise (basically the only difference is all uses of Freaking are deleted and there is no music under Murphy’s death scene)

Words or phrases in [brackets] are censored.
If no number is by it, they use the same edit.
Asterisk means it’s the same word(s) but each has a different take
“Deleted” means it’s muted and/or taken out entirely

List of language edits in chronological order:
-Your client’s a [scumbag]

  1. Crum bag
  2. Sleaze bag

-We should strike [fuck em]

-Come here when you’re finished [fucking around]…

  1. fooling around
  2. playing around

-…light a fire under Jones’ [ass]

  1. deleted
  2. Rear

-It’s a better plan [fucking] Jones!
Forget Jones*

-Their union’s been [bitching]

-Someone want to call a [god damned] paramedic?

-Oh [fuck] jones

-As soon as some poor [schmuck] volunteers.

-[Shit!] I don’t believe it!

  1. deleted
  2. Oh no

-You burnt the [fucking] money
3. Deleted

-It’s as good as marks you [asshole] you stupid stupid [asshole]

  1. Dipstick, doofus
  2. Dunce, moron

-Shut [the fuck] up and do it!
Shut your face up and do it*

-What the [fuck]

-[shit] he’s on the side!

-Ah [shit] Clarence my leg!

-Your [ass] is mine

-I’ll bet that really [pisses you off]
Ticks you off

-[shit] I’m out of ammo

-Ah [shit]

-Lose the arm! [Jesus, Morton]

-Ow! God [damn it]!

-You’re gonna be a bad [mother fucker]
Mother Crusher

-Shut up [asshole]

  1. Man
  2. Deleted

-This is [bullshit]

-[What is this shit]

-I [fucking] love that guy!

-Look at that [fucking] gun!

  1. deleted
  2. Freaking

-[shit] this guy is really good

-Gimme your money, all of it, and don’t [fuck with me]
Mess with me

-Open the [god damned] safe

  1. lousy
  2. Stupid

-[shit] there’s your [god damned] safe!

  1. deleted
  2. deleted, lousy safe

-You better open that [son of a bitch]
Damn safe*

-[Fuck me!]
Why me?

-[fuck me, fuck me, fuck me…]

  1. deleted, (except for last one which is “why me”)
  2. Why me, fight me

-[shit] you better give up pal!

-Don’t [fuck with me]
Mess with me

-That goes really fast and gets really [shitty] gas mileage

-Lieutenant don’t [jerk me off], people [jerk me off], I kill em!
Mess with me*, mess with me (1st is different, second is the same)

-Kiss your mayors [ass] goodbye!

-I heard Jones was plenty [pissed]

-The guy’s a [pussy]

-Iron butt, [boner], once I even called him: [asshole]

  1. bonehead, airhead
  2. Bumbler, “a lot worse”

-You’ve insulted this company with that [bastard] creation of yours

-You just [fucked with] the wrong guy! You’re out of your [fucking] mind
Finked on, freaking
3. finked on, deleted

-[god damned] rebels…

-Various instances of people saying “shit” when Robocop is having his nightmare and walks out are deleted in all 3

-Sorry Sarge, [fucked up], forget it, this guy’s a serious [asshole]
Messed up, airhead

-Ow [shit!] Lets talk. Aaagh [son of a bitch]

  1. deleted
  2. My foot, I’ll get you for this

-[bitches] leave

-What the [fuck] are you doing?

-[God damn it]
Ah Damn it

-I don’t give a [shit] what you want to pay

-Shove this factory so far up your stupid [wop ass] that you’ll [shit] snow for a year! Frankie blow this [cock sucker]'s head off
Fat nose, blow snow, blood sucker

-Oh [fuck you]

  1. Damn you
  2. Yeah, for you

-Aaagh [shit]

  1. deleted
  2. Oof

-[fuck you]
Get lost

-What is [this shiiiiiii-t]
What is thiiiiiii-s

-[god damn it, god damn it!] Listen to me, listen to me you [fuck]!
Leave me alone, listen to me! Listen to me you fool!

-Don’t you get it [you cock sucker!]

  1. you blood sucker
  2. Listen to me

-You listen to me you [asshole]

  1. deleted
  2. Animal

-He’s a cop killer. spit [Shit]!

  1. deleted
  2. Geez

-Just give me my [fucking] phone call

  1. friggin’
  2. And 3: deleted

-[Jesus], you really screwed up

  1. deleted
  2. Geez

-We have orders to destroy it. [oh shit]

  1. Deleted
  2. That stinks!

-Your company built the [fucking] thing

-I don’t have time for [this bull shit]

  1. This balogna
  2. You big shots

-Nobody [popped my cherry]
Pushed me around

-“Woah a new toy can I play” has an alternate take on track 2

-Aw [shit] aw [fuck], nice car Joe! [fuck you]

  1. deleted, deleted, forget you
  2. Shoot, deleted, forget you

-Give it up [faggot], hey [butt hole] get your own
Maggot, bozo

-Cut the [horse shit]! Emil, get [your ass] in the van
Horseplay, deleted

-We’ll get you [faggot] ha ha ha

-That metallic [mutha]… zip it up!
2. sucka
3. Deleted

-Damn it, [shit]

-Clarence saying shit Twice during the chase are deleted in all 3.

-Die you [bastard]

  1. blackgaurd
  2. Monster

Violence Edits

-Kinney’s death is censored. Violent shots are cut out and replaced with alternate TV footage of Kinney flying backwards with no blood.
-Bobby hitting the cop car’s windshield is slowed down so you don’t see the impact
-Guy with the hat in hideout is only shot once instead of twice.
-Murphy’s death is shortened and censored significantly. Audio track 1 and 2 have music (the dream) under the scene. Track 3 does not. Murphy’s hand being blown off is not shown, replaced with Alternate TV footage of his facial reaction. When the goons start shooting (“hey pretty boy over here!”), alternate TV and outtake footage is used to mask Murphy’s blown off hand/stump. Many shots of him being shot as well as Joe saying “does it hurt” are cut entirely. When Clarence shoots Murphy in the head, alternate TV footage of Clarence shooting is used to mask the back of Murphy’s head exploding.
-Shots of Murphy dead on the ground are zoomed so you don’t see the bullet hole.
-Several shots in the hospital are cut or replaced with TV footage. These are so you can’t see his bloody torso and back of his head.
-RoboCop’s HUD doesn’t target the rapist’s crotch, and his bloody junk is not shown/shot is cut off early.
-When Emil’s motorcycle hits the car, an alternate extended TV shot of him flying off the bike is inserted.
-Leon kicking Robocop in the crotch is zoomed so can’t see the impact.
-When Clarence shoots Bob, all of the shots are censored. The first shot is shortened. All the rest use alternate TV footage.
-When Bob is crawling across the floor, the shot is panned so you don’t see the blood all over the floor.
-In the factory, several shots of criminals being shot are removed, shortened, or replaced with alternate footage.
-Clarence doesn’t spit blood at Robocop anymore, he just spits. Alternate tv footage was used to mask it.
-Clarence also doesn’t spit blood on the police report either. The blood is Matted out.
-When Joe is shot, the first shot is shortened so you don’t see the impact, alternate footage is used in place of the other 2 shots of him being shot.
-Emil crashing into the toxic waste and coming out deformed is significantly shortened. Cuts off as he gets up.
-Alternate take of “don’t touch me man” from the TV version used so you don’t see melted Emil’s face.
-When Emil moves in front of the car, the shot of his front/face is cut.
-In one of the most infamous TV edits, Clarence doesn’t run down Emil anymore, with alternate TV footage he swerves around Emil.
-Lewis is shot less times by Clarence.
-Clarence doesn’t whack Robocop with the pole 3 times anymore, he just runs up and stabs him.
-Clarence’s death sequence is censored. Alternate TV footage of a wide angle of the stabbing is used. When Robocop pulls the data spike out of Clarence’s neck, blood no longer falls on Robocop and the sound effect is deleted. Alternate Tv footage of Clarence not bleeding out of his neck as he falls down is used for his death.
-All 3 shots of Jones getting shot now have no blood. 2 are taken from the TV version. One has the bullet holes manually matted out.

Sexual/Drug/other various edits
-The whole movie is panned and scanned to 4:3. This means some optical shots are either crunched, or sourced from the full Screen Laserdisc upscaled (I.e when Robo’s HUD is framed for Widescreen using the whole frame)
-All nudity is obscured/cut. The frame is zoomed and panned to obscure Naked men in the police station. In one instance an optical bra is matted over a topless woman changing near the beginning, like in the TV edit. When the rapist is shot in the crotch, it cuts away so you don’t see it. In the club scene, an alternate TV angle is used so you don’t see a topless woman dancing.
-Every instance of snorting coke is cut, obscured, or flat out muted if there was no way to cover it.
-Sound of Joe pissing is taken out (“mind if I zip this up” scene). Footage of him pissing is cut and replaced with reaction shots of his face.
-Alternate angle of the robber firing his machine gun at RoboCop from the TV version is used to mask him clearly mouthing “fuck me, fuck me, etc”
-Alternate footage of people’s reactions in the executive bathroom cover Dick Jones’ feet in the stall. This also includes an alternate angle of Jones walking out of the stall.
-The beginning of the scene in Bob’s house with the models is significantly shortened. There’s no Coke snorting or fooling around. There’s an alternate shot of the woman wearing gold saying “Bob?” then the door bell rings.

Alternate TV footage that went unused and why:
-A completely different take of the “we should strike” scene. The audio of “right?” comes from it, but visually the alternate shot has the topless woman’s chest covered. It was unused because of the low video quality, out of sync dialogue, and the fact that a version with the matted optical bra is used more frequently now, and is in better quality.
-A wider shot of “lets face it he lost his teeth” and “I gotta go, I got a meeting” from the ABC broadcast. Higher quality close up shots are in THIS Tv’s broadcast.
-A shot of Bob’s front door, used to cover him snorting coke off of the girl’s chest. Footage from the ABC version of the other girl is more rare and interesting than a static shot of the door (in my opinion)
-A wide shot of Bob getting shot in the leg, the second shot. The quality was very poor, and was so short, that I was able to re-create it with an existing shot in the movie.
-Censored version of Clarence running down Emil from the ITV broadcast. Basically just a reaction shot of Clarence in the car as he knocks into Emil. The shot of him driving around is much more infamous and popular (in my opinion)
-Clarence’s death from the ITV version, he runs around in a circle holding his neck and then theres a shot of Robo trying to push the girders of of him. The ABC version I used is rarer.
-Clarence getting shot the second time. The quality of this clip was such bad quality and out of sync with the audio (just another angle of the first censored shot basically). So I decided to matte out the bullet holes myself.

Terminator 2 JP SqueezeLD Laserdisc Rip - Different (possibly original?) Color Timing

MrBrown said:

That’s for sure.
I also would love to get the link. I have the LD myself, and got it ripped, but each side one file, and having one file version would be nice.
Which audio track did you rip? The digital track is said to be really powerful on that disc.

I will share it with you as well, and yes I cut all 3 sides together so it just flows like the movie should. Also stretched it to 16:9. I did rip the digital track.

Terminator 2 JP SqueezeLD Laserdisc Rip - Different (possibly original?) Color Timing

MrBrown said:

IIRC, somewhere was said that they made an error on the first squeeze LD release: they forgot to grade the colors. I think somewhere was stated that James Cameron was not amused.

Its not the intended way to watch T2 sure, and I don’t have a problem with the original movie (one of my favorites ever), but in my opinion it’s nice to see a more varried color pallete throughout

Terminator 2 JP SqueezeLD Laserdisc Rip - Different (possibly original?) Color Timing

TylerDurden389 said:

YES!! For all things holy, I MUST have this. FINALLY a version of T2 without the pushed blue color timing (nothing against everyone who likes it. I understand it works for the movie, but T1 didn’t have a blue push, so I feel T2 shouldn’t either). It actually looks more like the trailer colors, which had a lot more neutral colors with a slight purple push for night scenes.

Yes, there’s still a fair amount of blue in some scenes (opening war scene, phone booth), but for the most part the colors are more natural when they should be.

Terminator 2 JP SqueezeLD Laserdisc Rip - Different (possibly original?) Color Timing

So I recently got my hands on the “Squeeze LD” laserdisc of Terminator 2. Something I noticed right away was how different the color was. Here are some screenshots. I used an online free collage maker so some of the screenshots are cropped/cut off. I included the unedited VLC snaps as well so you can see. This comparison was done against the THX 1997 DVD:

Squeeze LD
Image Gallery:

Image Gallery:

Will be uploading to Mega soon and will gladly share with anyone who wants it