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The STAR WARS Prequels (Released)

Just finished watching the TPM part of the edit.  Here are my initial comments/suggestions:

The lack of an opening crawl and theme, although not a deal-breaker, feels a little odd.  However, you can piece-together the set-up from the dialogue and the pacing of the first scenes is very good.

I like the use of tags to identify locations/time periods.  However, the first tag states '32 BBY (Battle Before Yavin)'.  I would suggest this should instead say '32 Years BBY (Before the Battle of Yavin)'.

The removal of Jar Jar is largely successful.  However, he (or at least parts of him) is still visible during the scenes in Anakin's home on Tatooine.  And there is fuzziness in some shots, due to cropping of the image.

Although all references to midichlorians have been left in, the 'chosen one' sub-plot has been removed (thankfully). 

A random Naboo pilot destroys the droid control ship. I think I prefer the idea of Anakin deliberately destroying the ship - it gives him more of a purpose during the climax (Just my personal preference).

When I get more time, I will watch the remainder of the edit.  So far, I'm enjoyng the pacing of the edit and many of the cuts are well chosen.