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The Rise of Skywalker: Ascendant (SPOILERS)

What do you think about cutting the star destroyers breaking through the ice? It’s as if the Emperor told everybody to hide until he gives the cue (like a surprise party).

•Kylo “What could you give me?”
•Emperor “Everything”
•Remove Emperor raising his hands and saying “a new empire”
•As the lightning is flashing, it cuts to the fleet of star destroyers already in the air.
•Emperor “The might of the Final Order will soon be ready…”

The Force Awakens: The Starlight Project - <strong>WORKPRINT RELEASED</strong>

I suppose they are nitpicky but thought I’d throw them in as a suggestion.

-Remove Finn saying “Did you see that, did you see that?” Poe “I saw it”.
They sound like little kids and it seems excessive.

-Remove Poe saying “well I ain’t using it” and instead just have him say “FN huh, Finn, I’m gonna call you Finn”.
That line sounds so hokey (I know it’s all subjective).

-Remove TIE fighter exploding after being sucked into the sand.
The thing that bugs me most about this scene is the distance between Finn backing up as it’s sinking compared to when it explodes. Also, what’s the point really? Isn’t having it completely sink underground enough?

Star Wars: <strong>The Rise Of Skywalker</strong> Redux Ideas thread - * <strong>SPOILERS</strong> *

Many of these have already been discussed but here’s my list:

  1. New crawl that does not mention Palpatine by name or talking about the dead speaking.
  2. Cut lightspeed skipping.
  3. Continuity is off between Rey cutting down the last tree, BB8 watching Rey, and the tree having landed on BB8.
  4. Trim BB8 and C3PO dialogue after Finn says “we go together” to Rey about going to Pasana. It’s out of character for C3P0 to want to go on a mission. Also, remove him telling R2 that he’s his best friend.
  5. Cut Finn and Rose discussion about her having to study specs of old destroyers.
  6. Remove Stormtroopers dialogue as Kylo and Knights of Ren walk by. Instead they just look at each other.
  7. Have Rey tell the group that they “have to go” and cut to them running to steal the speeders.
  8. Cut goofy parts of chase such as “they fly now” and the flying stormtrooper whirling around after being hit.
  9. Cut stormtrooper holding up dagger before loading Chewie into the transport.
  10. Trim Babu Frick laughing after Zorri and Poe joke about not trusting each other.
  11. Trim Zorri Bliss dialogue (ex. I don’t believe you believe that).
  12. Trim some of C3P0’s silly lines after having memory wiped “I don’t know who this wookie is but this is madness”.
  13. Trim Poe saying “3P0, move your metal ass” and his reaction.
  14. Cut Finn yelling “Rey!!! Poe!!! Whooo!!!”
  15. Trim stormtroopers “It’s good” and “thank goodness your here”.
  16. Cut Goonie dagger
  17. Cut Jannah telling Finn there’s another skimmer and their attempt to go after Rey on the death star.
  18. Remove Maz explaining what Leia is about to do to stop Ben.
  19. Cut star destroyer blowing up Kijimi (remove all references of fleet ships having super weapons).
  20. Trim Luke saying “what are you doing?”
  21. Cut Luke and Leia training.
  22. Cut Luke raising Xwing out of the water. Either after Luke says “you have everything you need” or after Xwing is shown bubbling in the water.
  23. Have massive Rebel fleet come earlier in the battle (always happens at the last minute).
  24. Cut Poe giving up and apologizing to everyone.
  25. Remove Zorri “so long sky trash” Poe “who’s that flyer” Zorri “take a guess spice runner”.
  26. Somehow have the ‘ground crew’ wait for Poe and Jannah (remove them hanging on to the ship as it falls and the Falcon coming to the rescue).
  27. Cut star destroyers being defeated around the galaxy (Bespin, Endor, Jakuu).
  28. Cut Chewie receiving medal.
  29. Remove odd conversation between Jannah and Lando.
  30. Remove old lady asking “Rey who?”.

Would also love to incorporate some of this film into TLJ to help flesh out that story.

The Force Awakens: The Starlight Project - <strong>WORKPRINT RELEASED</strong>

Are you removing all countdown references of the weapon charging? If so, good to hear. It’s so eye rolling when 3P0 says “and their weapon will be fully charged in 10 minutes. It would take a miracle to save us now”.

How do you feel about removing Finn saying “yeah they do” after Han asks if there’s a trash compacter? It seems like he’s in on the joke by having that response and it’s not necessary. Also, trim Finn saying “why are you doing that?” when Han is nodding.

The Force Awakens: The Starlight Project - <strong>WORKPRINT RELEASED</strong>

I really like what you’ve done with the ending. I’m wondering if it could be trimmed more and still be as effective.

After Rey is staring at R2 and BB8:
-Outdoor night shot
-R2 hooked up
-Rey sleeping
-Island establishing shot
-R2 waking up
-Closeup of Luke turning around
-3P0 informing Leia about BB8
-Luke lifts hood
-R2 displays map
-Luke staring at camera while fading to white
-Leia says “Luke”…

Only seeing Luke from Rey’s point of view might make it feel more dreamlike. Rey arriving on the island and wandering around in TLJ will be something we wouldn’t have seen before.

This is just a thought and isn’t meant to take away from what you’ve already done. Great job and I look forward to seeing your final edit.

The Last Jedi (Another Edit)

Thought I’d take a shot at The Last Jedi after being inspired by all the other edits out there. It’s nowhere near being complete but here are some scenes to give an idea of where it’s going. I’ll post more as it progresses.

• Remove “oh no”.
• Remove Hux looking at officer after saying “a single light fighter”.
• Remove prank call.
• Remove “five bloody minutes ago" and explanation of taking out the surface cannons.
• Remove “here comes the parade”.
• Remove BB8’s head popping up when tie-fighters arrive.
• Remove BB8 x-wing gag.
• Remove “punch it”.
• Mirrored shot of laser fire coming down from Dreadnought and resistance ship escaping.
• Remove Poe “yeeeaaah”.
• Removed Leia and Poe arguing about the bombers.
• Removed “gunners, look alive”.
• Removed first bomber exploding to make the domino explosions seem more intense.
• Removed one of Paige’s kicks.
• Shortened the detonator falling.
• Removed bomber falling towards the Dreadnought.
• Removed “Dreadnaught down”.
• Removed Snoke calling in.
• Poe only bangs head once.
• Removed Poe falling out of bed.
• Delete Poe saying “naked, leaking bag, did you fry a chip”.
• Many small tweaks here and there.

• Remove Yoda stomping his feet and saying “oh Skywalker, missed you have I”.
• Slight trim to Luke being blasted by fire explosion
• Minimize the S when Luke says “texts”
• Remove Yoda “page turners they are not”.

• Remove ships coming in the distance.
• Remove Finn and Rose crashing into hangar.
• Remove Leia offering to use her personal code.
• Trim crystal fox standing on pile of shards.
• Remove Poe saying “a what now?”.
• Trim BB8 and 3PO entrance.
• Remove “tastes like salt”.
• Trim resistance fighters launching from base.
• Remove Finn’s fighter hitting the ground and Rose telling him to engage the mono ski.
• Rearranged fighter swerving after ski goes down and Finn looking more confident.
• Remove Poe “what the hell”.
• Remove Finn “whooo, yeah”.
• Trim porg scream after Chewie.
• Remove Rey “whooo, I like this”.
• Remove Kylo “blow that piece of junk out of the sky”.
• Remove Poe “she drew them off”.
• Remove Finn “they hate that ship”.
• Trim time between falcon diving and porg hitting window.
• Remove porg hopping up on console and Chewie pushing him away.
• Remove Rose “that is a big gun”.
• Remove Kylo and Hux “all fire power on those speeders”
• Move Rose telling Finn “listen to Poe, we have to retreat”.
• Rose gets shot down (using poppasketti footage).
• Remove guns on Finn’s fighter melting.
• Finn gets shot down (using poppasketti footage).
• Remove Finn running to Rose. No corny dialogue or kiss.
• Cannon fires on base (using poppasketti footage).
• Remove Kylo saying “no quarter”.
• Remove “they’ve heard us but no ones coming”.
• Remove Leia “we fought till the end, the spark is out”.
• Crate doesn’t move when Luke sits down.
• Remove Leia “hair joke”
• Remove Hux “do you think you got him”.
• Remove Luke brushing of his shoulder.
• Remove Kylo force shoving Hux.
• Remove Kylo “did you come back to say you forgive me, to save my soul”. Luke “no”.
• Remove 3PO “my sensors no longer detect”. Finn “where’d the crystal critters go”.
• Remove Leia “what are you looking at me for, follow him”.
• Remove porg chirping out the window at foxes.
• Remove Finn “noooo!”
• Remove slow motion closeup of Luke dodging blade.
• Trim rocks flying away as Finn runs to Rey.
• Remove Luke “see you around kid”.
• Remove shot of island after Luke’s robe floats away.
• Show dice in Kylo’s hand after he picks them up.
• Dice are gone when he looks down instead of fading away.
• Trim Poe putting hands on alien’s face before hug. (he does that way too often)
• Trim 3PO “such a friend”.
• Remove Poe introducing himself to Rey.
• Trim Leia and Rey talking about Luke.
• Remove broom boy.
(Due to length, PM me for link)