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Three Little Pigs 1933 Preservation (Released)

Hey guys!

I got a ton going on in my life and just noticed all of this in the thread.


@Class316 - Please read the PM I sent you😉

@monks19 - I believe you are a member over on fanres, please PM me there and I will help you a lot faster than I would here😉

@Darth Lucas - You are correct that this release is not available over on the spleen anymore, however it was NOT removed by ANY of the mods there. I removed it a few months back, because I felt that since it had been there for about 18 months and was “technically” violating the rules, that out of respect for the mods I should remove it myself. Although, it probably would have happened around now anyway, because the “whip” is being cracked over there again over the rules and things are being removed.

The Sword In The Stone - Open Matte Original Theatrical Mono (Released)

jerryshadoe said:
…Video sources: 1080i Disney Cinemagic broadcast, 720p-rip of a 1080i Disney Cinemagic broadcast (different broadcast with logo placed in different place) old transfer 1080p itunes web-dl, EUR/US BD (for timing purposes ONLY)…

Thanx, but as you can see in the description in the first post, I have that source as well and it was used for this project. Between all the spots I have posted about this project, you’re the third or fourth person to mention the old itunes transfer which just tells me people are not actually reading the description.

EDIT: Also, this is a completed and RELEASED (as the title suggests) project and will NOT be worked on further as it does not require any changes/alterations. This thread is only for the purpose of informing people of the project, that it is available, and any potential comments.

The Sword In The Stone - Open Matte Original Theatrical Mono (Released)

I have been trying to find information about this all over the internet and so far I am coming up short. There is a discussion about this over on fanres and thanx to Servo and the draft he pointed out (which is included in PDF format with this release) where there is evidence of the fact that this dialog did exist. It’s also present in the French and Italian dubs but NOT on the subtitles for either one of those languages, nor is it present in any other dub and I have a huge amount of dubs to compare with.

Here, I have a couple of theories:

a) the dialog was recorded and present in the theatrical release and over time, the master audio track got damaged, so Disney wasn’t able to include it (it’s never been present on any English home-video release in any format, including Laserdisc and first edition VHS tapes)

b) the dialog was recorded and dropped very close to release, but after the French and Italians already had a copy containing the dialog, so it was dubbed and no one noticed.

This one is a hard call because evidence leans toward the second option by the fact that no other dubs contain this dialog and even the dubs that do, don’t contain the dialog in the subtitles. On the other hand, this scene always seemed like the dialog starts abruptly (where if the entire dialog is included, the conversation makes more sense) AND you can CLEARLY see Merlin’s mouth moving in that shot. Obviously it was animated for the dialog to be present and the draft verifies this, so… yeah, without any other concrete source of information this is all just speculation. The ONLY way I could see verifying if it was, in fact, present for the theatrical release is to get a 35mm (or 16mm since the audio here is more important, as the video on my release is good enough) of a print from the original release back in 1963.

The Sword In The Stone - Open Matte Original Theatrical Mono (Released)

Yeah, once again they decided to yank one of my posts because it’s dis-ney which is ridiculous considering all the dis-ney stuff on there.

This thread has a sister thread over on fanres (
and I am asking the same question there: Any suggestions for a place to post this?? (and not on BT because that’s too small of a community)

The Sword In The Stone - Open Matte Original Theatrical Mono (Released)

Jerry Shadoe presents:


Purpose: to provide the highest quality possible of the open-matte transfer with original mono audio for as many languages as possible. The official BD release is a “smear-o-vision” DNR’ed and EE’ed to death mess, is cropped to supposed “OAR,” and does only provides a 5.1 upmix for almost all language options.

Video sources: 1080i Disney Cinemagic broadcast, 720p-rip of a 1080i Disney Cinemagic broadcast (different broadcast with logo placed in different place) old transfer 1080p itunes web-dl, EUR/US BD (for timing purposes ONLY)

Audio sources: Lossless audio - LD PCM, lossy - numerous DVDs and DVB broadcast

Subtitles sources: various DVDs and BD

Bonus sources: a film blog for the final draft (thanx to TServo2049 for sharing the link)

Final format: MKV/BD-25

Project info:

The Sword in the Stone has one of the worst releases I have ever seen on BD. It’s a DNR’ed mess. On top of that, it’s presented in “OAR” at a 1.75 AR which just seems like everything is overcropped. It also does not contain almost any original mono mix. I found two different Disney Cinemagic transfers with the logo in a different spot and managed to “patch” the logo with just those two “patching each other.” There was a little bit left that I ran through a de-logo avisynth script. This provided a decent result, but there were still some artifacts present here and there. So, I took the old 1080p itunes transfer, color-matched it to the HDTV (they were close but not identical) overlayed it with a real 35mm grain plate and rendered that out. I used that as an overlay for the HDTV which helped mask any artifacts left and brought some detail out that was missing before (there were frames were due to compression part of the frame would look better on one versus the other and they kind of compliment each other when overlayed) Then, I took that render and overlayed real 35mm grain on that which produced a beautiful result.

I wanted to include all of the original mono mixes I could find and tracked down the English and French PCM from Laserdiscs and tracked down all first edition R1 and R2 DVD releases from 1999 (this was an expensive, painful process for the DVDs) In total, I have 24 original audio mixes included here, most of them the original mono. It took me over two weeks to sync them all…

While syncing each audio track manually (I used the BD video/audio as a time-sync reference for the audio and video of this project) I discovered something at the opening scene at the 27th minute into the film where you can clearly see Merlin talking but there is no audible dialog. There was dialog there originally, which is proven with the fact that the lines are present on two of the dubs (The French and the Italian) as well as in the final draft (thanx to TServo2049 for supplying to link so source images) I downloaded all the source images (all 236 of them) for the entire draft and created a PDF document, which is included with this release. In it, you will see the missing part of the dialog is:

Merlin: “Well, after you become a squire then in time you’ll be a knight I suppose.”
Wart: “Oh, I wish I could.” I’d give anything to go… here, the part NOT in quotation marks is where the dialog actually starts in the film… These line were impossible to reconstruct, which I really wanted to do, because there is no place in the film (or other films, as I researched the voice actor and some of his other work) where he uses the word “squire” which really sucks. This missing dialog IS present in the English SDH subtitles that I included:)

Main Feature Video:

1920x1080, 23.976fps, A.R. ~1.34 (Pillarboxed) AVC encoded ~26mbps

Main Feature Audio:

English - Original mono sourced from JPN LD
English - Original mono sourced from R2 DVD (slightly different than LD track, as it’s missing a sound effect)
English - downmixed BD stereo track to mono for reference (included it’s for comparison)
French - Original mono dub sourced from PAL LD
Arabic - Original mono dub sourced from a bootleg R1 DVD
Bulgarian - Original mono voice-over sourced from R2 DVD
Chinese Mandarin - Original mono dub sourced from NTSC VCD
Czech - Original mono dub sourced from R2 DVD
Danish - Original mono dub sourced from R2 DVD
Dutch - Original mono dub sourced from R2 DVD
German - Original mono dub sourced from R2 DVD
Greek - Original mono dub sourced from R2 DVD
Hebrew - Original mono dub sourced from R2 DVD
Hindi - Original mono dub sourced from German BD
Hungarian - Original mono dub sourced from R2 DVD
Italian - Original mono dub sourced from R2 DVD
Korean - Original mono dub sourced from R3 DVD
Norwegian - Original mono dub sourced from R2 DVD
Portuguese (Brazil) - Original mono sourced from R1 DVD
Portuguese (Euro) - Original mono sourced from R2 DVD
Romanian - Original Dolby Stereo dub sourced from R2 DVD
Russian - Original Dolby Stereo dub sourced from EUR BD
Spanish - Original mono dub sourced from R2 DVD
Swedish - Original mono dub sourced from R2 DVD
Ukrainian - Original mono voice-over sourced from PAL DVB broadcast

English (all) and French audio are 2ch LPCM 16bit @1536kbps @48kHz
All other audio tracks are 2ch AC3 16bit @224kbps @48kHz

Main Feature Subtitles:

English, French, Arabic, Bulgarian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, German, Hebrew, Italian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese Brazilian, Portuguese European, Romanian, Russian, and Spanish.

Bonus Feature:

The Sword in the Stone Final Draft (external PDF file)

Please feel free to share this release BUT KEEP THIS INFO FILE and the PDF file.
Thanx and Enjoy ;o)
Jerry Shadoe

for information on the development of this project, you can go here:

Release Date: 11-17-2015
by Jerry Shadoe

Extra-Notes: I included all the chapters, with their titles, from the BD release;)


Available now at an internal organ near you;)

Info: The Look of Terminator 2

Yeah, I forgot... DoomBot AND Stamper, both, sent me the same links to the unsynced audio, so thanx to them for passing it along. HUGE thanx to MrBrown for capturing and sharing the LD audio.

Even though this is a mediocre attempt at a stereo audio track, it was very interesting to compare it to the actual original mono from LD and I think it makes a very cool "extra."

Anyway, anyone interested in listening to this mix can PM me here or, if they have poweruser status or higher, can find the thread over on fanres;)

Color matching and prediction: color correction tool v1.3 released!

That was just a "quick n dirty" test to see what the tool is capable of. The 16mm frames I tested were from the 720p rip and not from the original 1080p WMV file so IMHO not only will it help to have both cropped the same way, but for both to have the same 1080 resolution.

When I changed the stabilization factor from the default 1 to a value of 1000, I ended up getting more noise and artifacts (especially around the colors/shapes of the butterflies) so I will do some more tests mainly using the default value of 1.

When my computer is done rendering video for a project I'm working on, over on fanres, I will do some more proper tests. I am looking forward to seeing the results. The frame that I picked for my initial test was intentional due to the rather large color differences and to see how the tool will handle the mixed animation/live-action footage. Next, I will also test it with just some of the animation sequences and just some of the live-action sequences (both, bright and dark scenes)

If anyone is interested in any specific frames to do tests on, feel free to mention it or post the image here and I'll include it in my "test batch." ;)

Color matching and prediction: color correction tool v1.3 released!

First off, holy sh*tballs Batman! Just WOW! Amazing tool and fantastic results. Thank you very much for sharing this with the community.

For those of you with weaker machines, like mine, (I'm on a laptop that has a dual-core 2.3ghz processor with 4gb of ram) I wanted to let you know what kind of "waiting" time you are looking at. So with the "default" settings when you run the GUI (multi color space model and stabilization factor of 1) it took about 1 hour and 45 minutes to build a color model. Damn, that was a long time, LOL... However, it only took about 35-40 seconds (per image) to process images with the model. Not the fastest, but it does the job and, again, thanx for sharing.

Ok, so in one of the earlier posts I noticed someone asking about using this tool to color-correct the 16mm scan of Song of the South. I, too, was very curious about it and since no one posted anything in regards to that, I figured I would give it a shot;)

For now, due to the long time it take to build the color model, I have only had the chance to process one frame, as when trying to use the same color model for other frames (from other scenes) it created incorrect results which means I will need to build a few color models for this one...

Anyway, for reference, I took a couple frames from the 35mm, broken file, 1080p copy. Now, I know that there is a problem with the colors there and I loaded the image into my paint program. There, I desaturated the the magenta by 18%, desaturated the purples and reds by 8%. This created a much more "natural" look, especially when it comes to flesh tones.

Here are a couple of examples of this (top- original frame/bottom- my correction)

Now, whether these settings are actually "right" is still up for debate (I'm sure) but it seemed closer to what it should be IMHO so I decided to go with this color-correction for reference image when testing this tool.

The 16mm frame I used for testing here is this one:

The next two images are the 35mm reference image (top) and the 16mm corrected to it (bottom)

Granted, it's not perfect and I might need to use a higher stabilization factor, but I think it's a lot closer than the original 16mm frame. What do you guys think?

Last of the Mohicans - Original Theatrical Cut - BD-50 *RELEASED*

@ edumj - sorry if I sounded a little harsh in my last post. Thanks for supporting your claim with lots of different sources. This film has always had a lot of controversy over which cut is the actual theatrical cut, even to the point of discussions that there may have been a slightly different theatrical cut for the US and slightly different theatrical cut for Europe. One post that supports this claim is something I just found here by Captain Kahjiit:

I have been trying to find a 16mm/35mm print of the film for some time now and have had no luck:(

Last of the Mohicans - Original Theatrical Cut - BD-50 *RELEASED*

@ dark_jedi - Stroking your ego about your superiority and that of your projects, while bashing my work based on one person's assumption is not only childish, but insulting as well. I invested a lot of love and time not only into editing, gathering numerous, unique extras (not available on any other release) and assembling everything but also on RESEARCH.

@ edumj - I find it hilarious that you post links comparing the theatrical version to the DDC and DEE, while claiming that that is not the "real" theatrical cut. Then why post them? Is everyone wrong except you? WTF?!
The side-by-side comparisons you posted show that the VHS and French LD are different, true, but where is it written that those are, in fact, the theatrical cut? I have searched all over the internet and have found nothing to back that claim. The fact that the beginning credits are different can easily be explained with localized versions of the text for French and Spanish versions and does NOT prove that the HDTV (that my project is sourced from) isn't the theatrical cut. When I did a side-by-side of the R2/R4/HDTV, they are all the same (with exception of 1 or 2 frames at some scene/shot changes which doesn't affect overall runtime)

The runtime for the theatrical cut is listed as 112 minutes (according to IMDB) which is, in fact, the runtime of this release. Furthermore, the DEE is around 7 minutes longer, while the DDC is about 4 minutes longer (according to the links you posted on movie-censorship) You are welcome to do side-by-side comparisons between this release and BOTH of those, where you will clearly see that this is NOT EITHER one of those versions.

I saw this movie numerous times in the theaters when it came out in Poland and this version is what I remember seeing. Am still looking for a 35mm print, which will once and for all establish what is what;)

Help Wanted: real ghostbusters cartoon - is there a way to fix the saturation of the show? the reds are so bright the bleed into other parts of the image.

well, since this thread is way off topic now and I don't want to post more about it in the fanres thread, I will  say it here. jedimasterobiwan has NOT sent me ANY PMs at all! 

To me this only says that he is a lazy, spoiled child that wants everything from everyone and is willing to do nothing himself. I have looked at his profile and know he's been logging in everyday but has been completely silent since my offer to help.

Honestly, I'm not surprised... But maybe some good came out of my post because his have stopped. It's like that old saying goes, "kill them with kindness." LOL

Help: looking for... The Land Before Time (1988) - full original uncut version

davelittle1990 said:

Hi Jerry. I'm the same person who has all The Lion King movies on my YouTube Channel. So, YOU think BEFORE YOU speak next time!!!!!

 This coming from a person that has never posted here and asking us to download a link that is a re-link to thepiratebay homepage??!    Really?!

Like I said, BEFORE YOU post, VERIFY what YOU are posting!! ;)

This is NOT a diss at you, but RATHER asking you not to get people's hopes up for nothing by claiming stuff, instead of proving it. ANYONE can claim ANYTHING on the internet, but "WE" want PROOF!

With how many fraudulent claims and websites exist out there, do NOT believe everything that you read/find;)

Help: looking for... The Land Before Time (1988) - full original uncut version

Ok, this is hilarious! That bullsh*t link is just that - bullsh*t. So, out of curiosity, I went to that site and looked up "land before time uncut" which brought back one result. HOWEVER, the link directs to thepiratebay homepage, LOL!!!

There is NOTHING there to download!!!

Next time, before you post something this dumb, verify it yourself!!!

Also, you mention that someone on youtube "actually has it" ROTFLMAO!!!

If this was true, ANYONE could find it... In essence, go elsewhere to be a troll...

Have a nice day;)

Dangerous Minds - 1995 - 1080p BD-25 project (* unfinished project *)

So, since the last post, I have been working on various other projects that have a higher priority to me and this has been put on a "back-burner" for the moment.

The reason I haven't finished it yet, is because there are a few parts of the film (during fast motion, like the scene on the rollercoaster) where there is some nasty macro-blocking that makes the footage look worse than an upscaled DVD. I have since found a 1080p web-dl version, but the bitrate on it is kind of lacking and I would need to apply a lot of TLC to match the footage to the HDTV source. Can it be done? Sure. Will it be done? Yes, but after I finish work on other projects first. Honestly, I don't see myself finishing this until later in the year:(

Info Wanted: Colorized Classics - is anyone preserving them?

Haven't had time to respond here sooner as I've been busy with my projects, but a HUGE thanx to Spaced Ranger for explaining the process. The paint program looks very familiar to me (PSP, I believe) and those settings worked nicely when I tried to "test" your method.

I own both, the Colorized DVD and the new (very nicely transferred) B&W Bluray. Unfortunately, my DVD is cracked, but I do still have a DVDrip (at 1.8GB) of it backed up on my HDD. EDIT: just found an iso of the DVD on one of my backup HDDs:)

If you want, I can either post some usable screenshots from both and/or results using the technique you described;)

This is interesting stuff and I'm wondering how this can be done easily using something like Sony Vegas. (reason I mention that is because I like to be able to have a real-time preview of the effects of the plugins as you make adjustments) I will see if I can follow your guide but, instead, using the various plugins in the app. If someone knows an easy way to do this and can save me time, I welcome that BUT I intend on figuring it out regardless and if I see no post concerning the matter, am happy to share my process for others to use:)