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What Special Edition changes (if any) did people like?

Actually i was thinking about a change that hasn't been made: the first time we see the Falcon in SW, it's obvious only half of the ship as been built, you don't see the antenna dish on the top of the Falcon. GL has time and money to make the ewoks blink, putting the rock before R2, etc... but this no?

(I know... i know...  it's GL. What did i expect?)

On a scale of 1-10, how convincing was Hayden as Anakin/Darth Vader?

Well... i didn't like at all his performance in the part, most of the time he is not in character, just here saying his lines, but i'm a bit indulgent 'cause of the writing and the directing of Lucas. We all know the good acting and dialogues from the OT didn't came from GL: thanks to Kurtz, Huyck, Katz, Kasdan and Kershner (wow! lots of K!!!) and to the actors 'see the work done by Ford and Kershner on Han).

On 1 to 10? 3...

McGregor was a lot more convincing in the part of Obi Wan (and a far better actor...)


About the cave on Dagobah...
Originally posted by: Number20
Originally posted by: bad_karma24
That's exactly the explanation. Though I'll admit I don't know how Kenobi stayed hidden...

Nobody was really looking for him. Vader had no interest in facing him again or returning to Tattoine ever again, and Palpatine had him written off as no longer an issue and someone who couldn't do anything to hurt him again. In the novelization of ROTS, they say something to this effect, IIRC. By Ep. IV, everyone has Kenobi written off as dead.

Is this official? Wow! i can picture the scene...

imperial officer walks to the Emperor:

"_ hummm Sir?

_ yes?

_ what about this Obi Wan ...Kenobi?

_ oh forget about it! he's no problem...

_ really?

_ what ?

_ well...he's a jedi knight, he's strong with the force, he almost killed your new apprentice and we don't know where he is....

_ listen i have more important things to do, i have to choose the color for the Death Star laser! leave alone!"
About the cave on Dagobah...
Here's a little SW mystery (maybe it has been discussed before...i don't know..) When Luke goes into the cave to face the Vader image, we see him in some kind of tunnel with structures that looks like it's something build (specially when le slow motion part begins), i never knew what it was (ancient temple? abandonned base?...) maybe it was explained in the EU? what are your opinions about this?
here's what i'm talking about