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Converting 25 fps PAL back to the original 24 fps

Danfun128 said:

And as for the reverse (24 fps to original 25 fps)?

You mean a 25fps TV source released on Blu-Ray at 23.976 like some BBC stuff, or what?




[-or- etc.]

If the audio was pitch-corrected when it was converted from the original 25fps to "24"fps, you will need to correct it again as part of your conversion back. Unfortunately every pitch correction step introduces unavoidable and unrecoverable artifacts.

Info Wanted: 'Titanic' - HDTV broadcasts of pre-"teal" master?

Ironically the old transfer is actually more teal in this water shot, though the logo doesn’t have the green push. (I hadn’t realized they re-did the lettering; the shapes and position aren’t quite the same.)

But anyway: I was happily surprised to see there are still a few seeds on an old torrent for one of the OAR broadcasts. It’s a 25.0GB 1080i H.264.

Were there every any other transport streams shared? The only other torrents I found reference to were 720p encodes, not sources.

The Blu-ray’s opening menu actually contains a cropped version of this old master (particularly weird since an open-matte version did exist if they really wanted 16:9 that badly).

http://postimg.org/gallery/30ahuv3gm/ (click-through for full 1080p)

Info: The Look of Terminator 2

Maybe the theatrical T2-3D experience is using a newly teal'd DCP these days. :P

2012 HD cam

1996 cam pro-shot via the Making Of doc (Unfinished version? The background is plain.)

The design photos by the animation director indicate that this scene was conceived as blue.

Also these two, 2012 cam vs. actual film transfer:


Question about Hauppauge HD-PVR 2?

I've seen one poster who claims the AAC quality was atrocious for him, while most people seem fine with it. Up to 384kbps can be selected. I'm not an audio guy so I can't offer any opinion, but you can grab a sample to listen for yourself here.

Yes that is the Mini Recorder. It sends uncompressed 4:2:2 video over the PCIe bus, so your computer is tasked with doing the encoding unlike the HD PVR2 or your AGPTek box.

It is possible to have a CPU do compression to H.264 using x264vfw on-the-fly, but I suspect yours isn't fast enough. If you use a speedy enough storage hard drive (not your Windows drive) or a large SSD you could capture lossless and then compress to H.264 or anything else at your leisure, with better quality for a given bitrate than is possible with any realtime solution. This is what I do, so it's what I'm most familiar with.

Unless I missed it, you haven't mentioned what your video sources are going to be. This is critical to deciding on the most appropriate solution, because if you're capturing from something like a cable box then 5.1 PCM does you no good. Most cable boxes will output only stereo if the HDMI handshake tells them that DD 5.1 isn't supported.

The Mini Recorder can actually be forced to record DD 5.1 bitstreams from a PS3 into a WAV pulse file that can be recovered back to the original format, but that's because the PS3 can be forced to output any format even if the device it's hooked up to says it can't use it and the Mini Recorder doesn't detect and mute bitstreams like most PCM HDMI capture cards. None of that helps a cable recording, where the box can't be forced to do anything.

Question about Hauppauge HD-PVR 2?

Supermartyoh said:

I know this and the Gaming Plus edition has 5.1 surround recording through digital audio (SPDIF), but can it also encode 5.1 from the HDMI audio stream?

Technically, no Hauppauge HD PVR version can encode 5.1 audio, but if passed a Dolby Digital 5.1 stream via SPDIF or HDMI, yes those versions can capture it. (No DTS or PCM.)

Also, if it only downfolds and encodes stereo from HDMI audio, how is the quality and bitrate? Does it encode the audio on the m2ts's as DD, PCM, or AAC?

All stereo encoding is done as AAC only.

I am aware there are video capture cards with 5.1 audio capture that go on the PCI slots, but most are for PCIx16 and my desktop is PCIx8 (I believe).

I don't think any PCIe capture cards require 16 lanes. Even the DeckLink 4K Extreme 12G that captures 4K@60 is 8-lane Gen 2.

But your mobo only has x1 slots. You could buy the Decklink Mini Recorder (1-lane card with support for 8-channel uncompressed PCM via HDMI -- only up to 1080i though).

Info: Discussion on <strong>80's cartoons</strong> on DVD....bad aliasing (jaggies)!

According to what I'm reading, the He-Man & The Masters of the Universe DVDs do advertise themselves as digitally remastered.

Perhaps you could clip a small M2V sample from an episode using DGIndex or another MPEG-2 cutter so we can verify it isn't a playback problem. I'm looking at screenshots on another site that are fine.

Info: The Look of Terminator 2

mumbles_ said:

dvdmike said:

The Skynet 100% had a DNR pass, the new disc that came out this week is missing this pass.

The issue with T2 is theEE baked mess of a master they use, its from 2003 and was not well done even then.

The UK optimum disc is still the best looking, but is fromt hat same old tired master.

 I thought the Japanese 'Premium Edition' of T2 was the best looking one available. Is the UK Optimum blu-ray the same quality or better?

The JP is better encoded, but it looks worse than the UK IMO because it uses the vertically-stretched master with softened detail due to the rescaling.

Info: Discussion on <strong>80's cartoons</strong> on DVD....bad aliasing (jaggies)!

Aliasing on cartoons is not a defect of standard def videotape, not even VHS.

I don't know about those series, but both Shout! Factory and Mill Creek (moreso the latter) have released messed up versions of other series I've bought. In some cases they look worse than TV broadcasts I have recorded.

Here is one where the web streaming version is not aliased while the DVD is: http://www.tvpast.org/forum/toons-superheroes/19844-more-incompetent-dvd.html

Is your screenshot really from a DVD though? It looks like an encode where someone has added a heavy spatial noise reduction filter, smearing detail in addition to the aliasing problem.

Info: The Look of Terminator 2

For the non-Skynet Special Edition cut, Spanish = French = 1st Optimum UK (= some other countries too -- I think). They all use the same 18901kbps VC-1 that originally appeared on StudioCanal's FR HD DVD.

EDIT: If someone's LinkedIn is to be believed, Reliance has done Terminator 2:

Digital Artist
Reliance MediaWorks VFX
July 2008 – August 2014 (6 years 2 months) / Burbank, CA

Manual digital film restoration such as tape damage, dirt removal, warp and bump correction. 3D Post production such as the removal of artifacts, glares and wire removal. Worked on titles such as

The Simpsons for FXX, original Star Wars trilogy (a new hope, empire strikes back and return of the jedi)

Disney's Pinnochio, Alice and Wonderland, Dumbo, Fantasia to mention a few.

Live action films such as:
Avatar, The Abyss,Alien, Aliens,The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, Fight Club, , Terminator, Terminator 2, True Lies, The Robe, 7 year Itch, ¡A volar joven! Akira Kurosawa's "Rashomon" to mention a few.

EDIT2: And their former Director of Image Processing says that Alien, Aliens, Terminator, The Abyss and True Lies were all completed in 2K. I guess T2 was done after he wrote this profile, so it could be 4K.

Director of Image Processing
Reliance MediaWorks Ltd.
June 2006 – October 2010 (4 years 5 months)

A position equal parts technical, managerial and artistic. The role required the ability to set an aesthetic look for high-end restorations or A-list feature films, design image processing routines using a custom yet complex toolset, construct a production budget, then supervise talent to produce the work under a given deadline.

Some of the more notable projects completed during my tenure were Avatar, Prometheus, The Amazing Spiderman, The Social Network, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. The Image Processing team completed 4K restorations of The Star Wars Trilogy and Titanic and 2K restorations of Alien, Aliens, Terminator, The Abyss and True Lies.
Info: The Look of Terminator 2

Well The Abyss has already been done and aired on TV. True Lies has also been done by Reliance. Both are tealed.

The T2 master is from 2003 yes but it's on D-5 HD tape at 1080PsF.


kk650 said:

It looks like they're using a non DNRed transfer like the spanish blu-ray this time, with the ratio correct like on the spanish blu-ray and not vertically stretched.

 Still stretched, see post #4. :\

Info: The Look of Terminator 2

There's a new release and they still haven't remastered it? :'(


It looks like Lionsgate have finally stopped using the vertically-stretched version?

EDIT2: Never mind, as I thought, it's just LESS stretched than the JP...


So there is still no unstretched encode of the Theatrical cut better than the mushy EU VC-1 or 2003 WMV HD.

Info: Back to the Future - without DNR &amp; EE

ilovewaterslides said:

Would love to see how good/bad these HI-Vision LD look for real.

Some anonymous person captured a couple of the shot-on-HD-video MUSE discs. At least one of them can still be found online. Not sure if the image hotlinks will work, but:



Note all the edge ghosting.

Reportedly, most of these discs looked better than the film transfers.