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Am I a Bully?

The fact that this thread exists indicates that there is some truth to it, and the fact that it gets bumped periodically by different people reflects that the sentiment is shared at times and not based on an isolated incident. While I enjoy your humor and think you are generally a great guy, I think your greatest weaknesses are: 1) an ardent refusal to admit that you were wrong or a contributor to a problem; 2) a need to perpetually harass members who have wronged you instead of letting the conflict die off; 3) dismissiveness towards this who disagree with you instead of respect for their perspectives; 4) defensiveness when your flaws are pointed out; and 5) insensitivity to others’ sensibilities while maintaining extreme sensitivity to your own.

I’d love to read a reply from you that doesn’t demonstrates one of these.

(On Hold) Revenge of the Jedi (The Snooker edit)

OutboundFlight said:

HerekittykittyX said:

snooker said:

darthrush said:

Wouldn’t it be a good idea to take most of the Crawl establishing the imperial capitol and why the rebellion might destroy it and give more information on that end of the story? Considering you probably will be lacking for elaboration upon their attack in the regular film. Which kind of brings me to a question, what do you plan to do with the briefing scene? That could be a place to help lay out some expositon.

The rebel briefing scene will have General Madine dubbed over explaining that there is a major Imperial Weapons Depot on the forest moon of Endor. Successfully attacking this base will both be a major setback for Imperial Forces in the outer Rim as well as supply the rebellion with an extensive weapons supply for the foreseeable future.

Perhaps after the sheild generator blows up a whole bunch of rebel transports go down to the surface to aquire weapons and recover the remaining ground attack force. Madine could have his own cruiser just so he can have some exposition like “The shield is down, send the transports” or something, so that the rebellion has a minor victory.

The vfx of the gr75’s should be easy enough.

Keep in mind that there will be no attack on the capital in this film. It is simply where the Emperor sequence happens.

Wouldn’t be a Little blade runnerish ending

End film with Lando making okonomiyaki ewok.


[fill in the blank] Just Died!

oojason said:

darth_ender said:

I want to be clear, I am actually being sarcastic because it annoys me when good people like Billy Graham get condemned for human mistakes. When Al Franken dies, non-religious peeps and liberals will be sad in spite of his hypocrisy. But they seem to celebrate the death of a prominent Christian figure who has spent most of his life being a wonderful human because of that “human” part. It is unfortunate what Billy Graham said, but everyone makes stupid mistakes and does stupid things. He was a product of a different time.

Many liberals and atheists and agnostics celebrate the failures of Christians instead of celebrating the goodness of a different kind of human. To me, that is one of the greatest hypocrisies on their part.

Will I be sad when Al Franken dies? No. (I don’t know who he is - I’ll wiki him later, is he Billy Graham’s left-leaning mate?)

Anyway, nice switch-deflection there in your post onto the ‘opposition’ as you see it - seems ALL you religious/right types do that, no? (where is that sarcasm winky-face to insert here?)

I don’t think many people will be, or seem to be, ‘celebrating’ Billy Graham’s death at all.

Nor do many atheists and agnostics celebrate the failures (or failings) of Christians or Christianity as a whole - nor celebrate the failures of many other religions either - yet I think we both know that anyway.


Anyway, RIP Billy Graham.

I clearly chose the word many deliberately, though I failed to use it earlier. Many does not mean all, or even a majority. It simply means, “a large amount,” and that was my intent. I do not believe all or most will do so, but there will be a large amount of people who take this opportunity to harshly criticize Billy Graham rather than praise or even simply honor him.

While my evidence is anecdotal, I’ve seen numerous places online, even this site, where the non-believers and liberals in the crowd have admitted to delighting in the hypocrisies on the Right or religious side. It happened in my own Interrogate the Mormon thread when our previous leader passed away recently. And I’ve seen extensive evidence online, and even a little in this thread, where criticism rather than praise or honor or even silence is given to a man who has just passed because of his human faults.

Lets try to predict your age thread?

My guesses of the same people

Mark’s Down On Your Syntax said:

My age is a prime number but I feel inferior as it’s not one of the small ones.

I’ve no idea if these have already been guessed correctly but here’s a few predictaguesses from me:

yhwx = 21

Ender = 35

Warbler = 41

Dahmage = 29

oojason = 45

greenpenguino = 33

Silverwook = 48

Ray = 28

Possessed = 24

Chyron = 33

[fill in the blank] Just Died!

It’s alright, and I know how his views would be personally offensive to you. Just so you’re aware, until 2012, he listed Mormons as cultists, which was pretty offensive to me as well. Perhaps, not to the same degree, but it’s still very offensive. Nevertheless, in spite of our disagreements, I feel he was a genuinely good person and that we needn’t point out his flaws upon his death. Most of the people in this thread have done some questionable things, yet we don’t dance on their graves. It’s all part of being human.