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Help: In Search Of... Star Wars Expanded soundtracks

oojason said:

The Star Wars Audio Projects section of the An Index Of Projects & Help Thread for Star Wars Preservations… may be of help in narrowing down your search mate - or hopefully point you to what you are looking for.

For some reason ABC’s fine work came to mind when I read your post - it could be worth checking out his projects? Good luck with finding what you are searching for.

I ended up finding the project i was looking for, and it turns out it’s either unavailable, or was never released (
If you happen to have this or know someone with it in flac, please tell me.
i’m also looking for the club & dub mixes of latpi nek in lossless form

Help: In Search Of... Star Wars Expanded soundtracks

Hey guys, when i use to be active here on the forums a few years back, someone had release albums for New hope, empire and jedi, but included i believe the remastered soundtrack, some of the alternate cues that have popped up on other soundtrack releases, And i think some of the LP rips like the old lapti nek album, and i think some isolated score from the dvd’s. i cant find any of them, dose anyone have these archived (in flac preferably)?

ROBOTECH: The Deculture Collection (Released)

Superrayman3 said:

darkspire17 said:

Superrayman3 said:

Molly said:

I know, right? I don’t think there’s any better than the R1s for that right now, is there? (Since that series was kind-of a dud, although wasn’t it Michie Tomizawa’s first major role?)

There actually is a R2 Japanese DVD release of Southern Cross (which has been long out of print so you’ll have to get it second hand from somewhere like Yahoo Japan Auctions) but I’m not sure how the quality on the Japanese DVD version compares to the ADV R1 release, personally I’d assume the Japanese release would be slightly better since the Japanese DVDs probably use the original 16mm film negatives for their source as opposed to the nth generation copies ADV had to work with, that and the fact that Japanese companies usually tend to put forth a great effort to try and make high quality releases, I’ve actually been wanting to get my hands on the R2 release for a while now to see how the two versions compare I just haven’t had the money to get it (I may be getting a job soon so that may not be an issue for much longer).

sadly that is incorrect, the JP dvd set is worse than the adv set, chroma bleed, nigh noise levels, basicly taken straight rom the broadcast masters (or degraded copies atleast) the ADV set attempted to fix them but overall ruined them, removing most colors, leaving mostly heavy blacks and blue tones throughout the episodes, ive attempted to color correct the ADV set but it simpily cant be done, and the japanese rellease will cost you arround 500$

Like I said previously I didn’t know what the quality of the R2 DVDs were like and just assumed it would be better since it was a domestic release in the country of the shows origin, who knows in the right hands it might actually be somewhat salvageable and turn out to be better than the R1, highly unlikely but you never know, I’d actually like to see a good comparison shot between the two DVD releases to see what the differences are.

sorry for the late response
id say the japanese set is the better quality, sharper image, and could be corrected

Idea & Info Wanted: Old game cutscenes / FMV game preservations? (any interest?)

SpookyDollhouse said:

You probably know already but Night Trap recently had its original source negatives found and scanned for re-release. They basically “remade” the game and it looks gorgeous. There’s a clear demand for projects like that but movement on any of them is little to none unfortunately.

negitives dont exist for night trap, they where lost, they sourced the final timed video master for release
edit: didnt realise the post above me, sorry


Superrayman3 said:

darkspire17 said:

A small update, Ive finaly got a new PC, editing will start shortly, need to get myself a combination pal NTSC player before anything starts.

Great to hear that you’re almost ready to begin working on this, just curious what editing software do you plan on using to do this when everything is ready to go?

Adobe premier, since im a student, i get a 67% discount.
Stil need to get a nice higfh quality proffesional grade VHS deck for transfering the tape, and an LD deck.


Current list of extras included on disc 2

Extras and additions:

Animated menus

Looping sound effects on menus

EVE Introduction on main menu (Voiced by her original Actress Diane Michelle) Unconfirmed

Deleted scenes (No Voices)

Megazone 23 (Full Film) (Subtitled) Presented with 4 audio options:

  1. Japanese (Mono)

The rarly heard mono mix features various differences to the commom stereo mix.
warning sirens during the attack on the UN, bodyfalls and limping sounds during the ending, and various other audio differences

  1. Japanese (Stereo)
  2. English (Stereo) Streamline dub
  3. W/o Voices (Sourced from Laserdisc)

Original Theatrical Trailer (Reconstructed) (PAL)

Reconstructed Sensurround mix (Using voiceless + 5.1)

Reconstructed Stereo mix

Original mono mix (Noise removal, Eq-ing ect)

Work Print clips (Opening & Ending)

Point Of View - Interview with Carl Macek

Robotech: The Inside Story (Doccumentary that inspired Cannon Pictures to pitch the Movie)

12 Min Uncut ending (original commisioned footage)

Television Commercial

Galaxy Of The Stars '86 Footage (Featuring 4 mins of the original cut of the film)

Ending - Alternate take (Megazone 23 Ending Styled like RTM)

Dallas Promotional Trailer

Interview with Kerrigan Mahan (Voice of Mark Landry) Uncomfirmed

Animation Mistakes and Easter eggs

Creditless Opening

Isolated Score Track

Alternate Megazone ending (different shots) (Laserdisc Source)

Commentary by Kalhi Balto (me)

Model Sheet and Production art gallery

Storyboard Sequences (Opening, Ending and some select megazone scenes)

Masters Music Video


Another update, os ive gotten a laserdisc deck, a CLD-D780, and while playing my megazone discs, i found out they have a voiceless audio track, that will come in handy along with adv’s 5.1 mix, in reconstructing the audio mix, it also means i can present deleted scenes without voices, Should i include on the bonus disc, the original megazone 23? with japanese and voiceless audiotracks? or throw in the Streamline dub in there aswell, im also planning an interview with kerrigan mahan (who played mark landry) and am considering asking him to provide his voice for the ending, giving RTM the original ending to megazone 23.


my paypal link for anyone who is interested in contributing.
the goal is 600 due to the southern cross set being so expensive, tho i may consider gettign the cheaper 100$ laserdisc set (since i now have a player) but im worried about them being damaged in shipping, and the shipping alone to get them into australia.

i realy appreciate any donations!

Lapti nek/Fancy Man preservation (original pre huttese lyrics) (Completed)

realised fancy man is in Classic creatures, i used it as another source for lyrics, and so far, id say its pretty close, also transcribed Yub nub’s english lyrics from the jedi workprint

English Lyrics (revised)

My body heat is risin’, Ow! My soul is sympathisin’ Ooh Oh!

A lover man is comin’, Wow! So i’m shapin’ up and workin’ out!

I feel my heart a’pumpin’, Ooh Oh oh! My whole frame is thumpin’

Yes the fans to make us Jumpin’, I’m shapin’ up and workin’ out!

Well People sing!

Fancy Man!

Gotta work the grind, You gotta take the Key! ow! Whoo!

Fancy Man!

Gotta feel the heat, gotta walk the street! Wow!

Fancy Man!

You gotta move you’re body, You gotta work you’re feet!

Start Workin’ Out!

Uhh! Ow! Wow! Whoo!

Back up singers continue


Hard workin’ Pumpin’


We’re Shapin’ up and Workin’ out!

Huttese lyrics (revised)

Wai travik zenick Quesi.
Jub col im in hiz jal, Wooh Ooh.
Wa toc peg qui dos gee pif.
Bah Tak tarak Tik Zekzo zat.
Ver jen wih tuster mo vey.
Qui neb be og ezen on.
Harak bak dakti ziqua bah.
Pah Tekta ra Pah tektoh rat.
Laki pevi te.
Hei bah toh meh.
Kech Kiba eek Bah Dah.
Heygi gah Pudah Ak, Pa Vonkeh.
Jus Pah jah goht ‘You’ve Got’.
Got Chab te qua.

We got power/Yub Nub

Freedom!, We got Freedom!.
And now that we can be free, Come on and celebrate!.
Power!, We got Power!.
And now that we can be free, it’s time to celebrate!.
Celebrate the Freedom!.
Celebrate the Power!.
Celebrate the Glory!.
And celebrate the Love!
Glory!, We got Glory!.
Now a source of life, And now we all live free!.
Celebrate the Life!.
Celebrate the Might!.
Celebrate the Fight!.
And celebrate the Love!.
Glory!, We got Glory~.
Now a source of life, And now we all live free!.
Celebrate the life! Freedom!.
Celebrate the Might! Power!.
Celebrate the Fight! Glory!.
And celerate the Love!.
Celebrate the Love!.
Celebrate the Love!.
Celebrate the Love~.

Ewoks with blasters - a test of Return of the Jedi + Battle for Endor footage

SilverWook said:

Both films were entirely shot in Northern California, so I don’t see how Jabba’s palace could have been reused, as that set was at Elstree in England. (And probably torn down when ROTJ wrapped production in 1982.) There’s also nothing remotely like Jabba’s palace in Caravan of Courage.

ah, i know their is some “castle interior” that i thought resembled jabbas palace

Ewoks with blasters - a test of Return of the Jedi + Battle for Endor footage

4throck said:

SilverWook said:

You might be able to use a quick shot of the Scout Walker pilots …

Good suggestion!
I guess with some very good sound editing the pilots could hear the catapult firing and the grenade falling.
That way no need for matting or extra shots.

Perhaps if I use the classical bomb falling whistle and have the pilots react to that?

i can assist if need, since audio work and foley si a passion of mine

Ewoks with blasters - a test of Return of the Jedi + Battle for Endor footage

NeverarGreat said:

darkspire17 said:

Going to take a gues this is footage from the battle for endor, mixed into ROTJ

Quality sleuthing, Holmes.

Ive never seen BFE or COC, it was just a wild gues, tbh it looks very well intergrated, im wonderinf if they shot near the same redwoods area they did for ROTJ, and iirc COC reuses jabbas palace’s set, and has it redecorated


Project update: so far nothing major n terms of editing has happened, but 2 new sources are now in my possession, a 1987 Rank home video Tape (PAL) And the Netherlands LD release, im amazed i scored the LD at all, only 50$, newly listed on the LDDB, ill most likely use a combination of LD and Tape audio, i can confirm my LD is safe of any disc rot, as its been amazingly preserved, only issue is the i believe dutch subtitles, ill be using the LD as a source for mostly the opening, for the text elements, and combine them with the clean opening from my megazone LD’s, as well as using its ending, tho the opening will require some newly animated segments, as i believe harmony gold sent the animation back to the studio to be retouched, as the shot of earth was flipped (non flipped in the storyboards, but probably changed for artistic reasons) as well as a new heat shimmer effect (originally done optically) to bridge the newly corrected shot into the original footage, as well as one shot being utterly replaced by a new digital correction. i may need help with that since i am not an animator. i can provide high resolution images for the corrections needed if anyone wants to help out.
That’s all for now, once the LD arrives, and i get my hands on my deck, ill put up some scans of it, as no one has made scans or taken photographs of the tapes and LD’s since the early 2000’s

Star Wars: deleted and extended scenes * database *

Ronster said:

I had already started working on the Cantina Ponda Baba Decapitation and alternate content.
In this Version we have a close up on Dr Evanzan as he approaches Luke before tapping him on the shoulder you can hear his shuffle in the sound mix so it’s actually a legit take.

The whole Lightsaber fight has been tightened removing extraneous material so everything happens in real time and there is nothing happening twice.

Ponda Baba Decapitated off screen with sound effects, his head replaces the Wolfman arm and gun as his hands are different but his head sure is not apart from it’s come off his shoulders.

Greedo Takes an interest in Han Solo Bargaining with Luke and Obi-wan again I think this scene was moved so again legit and better.

Luke and Ben Leave earlier I think it makes more sense.

Han Get’s held up by Greedo all in the same scene unbroken quick cut away to cantina weirdo.

There is no doubt about Han shooting first

Here it is.

Feedback as It’s in rough form if there are no suggestions for anything then I will do it in better quality.

Enjoy and Thanks

Fantastic work! especialy nice to see han firing his D-LL, where the hell is that shot from?

Star Wars: deleted and extended scenes * database *

i wouldn’t count this as a scene, but audio, i know their is one doccu that features alternate lines for the opening of ROTJ, c3p0’s line is usual, you’d probably short circuit, but ive heard a clip where its clearly unfinished (no vocal processing applied) where the line is “you’d probably disintegrate” witch i belie is suppose to be foreshadowing their capture and servitude to Jabba and his torture droids