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The War of the Stars Part II - The Future in Motion

TMBTM said:

cutnshut said:

Downloading it now in jdownloader! a lot of the parts are not available, does this happen when the host server has too many downloads?


Mmm ... not sure about this. I don't think so.

All links are online to me.

Update you JD and try again.

I know a lot of people already downloaded this edit without trouble. To some folks it was even very fast to download.


I got it downloaded in the end! awesome job - love it! the opening sequence was very well done! all the deleted scenes were well used especially the ones on Hoth! must have been a nightmare trying to work out how to combine the two films together, but the result is most impressive! will be watching this again tonight!



Don't let Adywan back!

Bingowings said:

Now that he has been banned and his ESB:R thread locked and probably for good after his open sock pull I feel free to say I never liked Ady that much.

He has pulled this once obscure Lucas buttslap device of a site too far into the mainstream.

Since his enjoyable (but easy to do) Revisited project these forums are nothing but a pale imitation of what they used to be, full of rubbish fan editors and mediocre joke posts with Adywan lording over it all like some kind of queen.

Every penny you have donated to him for his project has gone on feeding his addiction to junk food and hair product. He isn't building a Wampa or a Star Destroyer (not unless it's out of Chocolate Hobnob packets and Timotei bottles) he is just feeding his massive ego.

I e-mailed him once asking him for help and he got pictures of me from my Facebook account and threatened to laugh at them (I have issues and my doctor has told me not to be laughed at even by people I can't see).

Ady has many socks but this is the first time he has done it openly, he likes to invent people to attack him so we can all feel sorry for him and so we think him really clever when he posts pictures of people he has 'uncovered' as frauds but they are also socks of his too.

I work in the industry and I can tell you that he has been using these sort of tactics to get every interesting television show in America canceled by blackmailing people who have sent him 'fan-mail' slagging off Lucas.

Lucas was going to restore the OUT and refund everyone who got 'faulty' DVD's until Adywan screwed it up for everyone by threatening to post a picture of Lucas without his wig because that would have threatened his excited cult.

I will never work with Ady because I don't trust him but I will pray for him in my prayers.

 I think this should be preserved for posterity :p

Id use it as my sig but its too long - can someone fanedit it pls?

Best Episode III Edit?

I find it difficult to work out what im going to like or not

So ended up downloading most of them at some point and to be honest they all mostly cut the same bits (please dont kill me for saying that anyone!), I would say Kerr's is best so far for episode 3 (of those currently released)

don't let the shorter run time put you off - try it and see what you think.





Star Wars Trilogy All in One Edit

Hey) I was also thinking of doing something like this - but more like Rogue-theX said keeping most of the original star wars and inserting scenes from Empire and Jedi - but would love to see other people try this!

one scene i had in mind: When the falcon emerges from hyperspace to find alderaan has been destroyed, the asteroid field is practically none-existant - so i was going to use the exterior shots of the asteroid field in empire to replace the exterior shots of the ships.

although theres only the lone tie-fighter in the original star wars, id try and work out a way to involve all the ships from Empire of that scene cos its just so great to watch.

I wasn't so worried about keeping the Skywalker story intact - it would have been just like an expanded version of the original star wars film.

When our heroes resue leia from the death star - its Hoth they go to, then you get to keep that stuff and then when they leave hoth they meet up in space for the briefing from Mon Mothma et al and then go to attack the death star. There would be some tinkering to do to get it flow smoothly.

The main problem i can't resolve tho is with the 2 death stars, especially the part where Leia is rescued from the first death star - but i guess for the final battle as most of the action would be of the rebel assault from return of the jedi - you could add close up footage from of the x-wings and Y-wings from the original movie...

hmm... a lot of tinkering tho and maybe some rotoscoping would be needed to make it convincing.

Feel free to use any of those ideas if you want, id love to see someone tackle this :)

Duel of the Fates

I see what ur doing now, thought you could keep the scene where Qui gon meets Jar Jar - but if all thats gone now hmm...

So in case you cant roto him out... could you add the audio of him introducing him self to qui gon from that scene on naboo and put it somewhere while the're all on the queen's transport?

where he says "Mesaa your humble servant" - might come across like he's an assistant to the queen while on the starship...or something... not sure where you'd put it tho

Duel of the Fates

hmm i think the redubbing of hayden sounds risky too - and sounds like you are making a lot of work for yourself - but, you have to do what you wanna do - its definately a very different type of edit than ive seen so far - so i hope it really works out for you

All i was gonna say originally, is that the way all the people talk in the prequels sounds flat - the conversations never seem to flow naturally, which leaves me feeling a bit....uncomfortable is the only way i can describe it.

I saw bobgarcia's edit of the opera scene in reign of the darkside and was flabbergasted! the conversation now flows really naturally and almost seems like it was meant to be shown that way - I cant stand to watch the original version cos it just makes me go into spasm's. So i was much relieved watching the edited version and enjoy'd the scene.

but the time it must have taken to do all those small cuts and move things round and still have it spot on must be a nightmare. So wether you try something like that to concentrate on improving the flow of conversation or just all sounds very complicated!

may the force be with you dood!


Return of the Jedi - The Spence Final Cut

^^ those edits sound pretty good too)

I'm pretty new to editing as well - but i started using the trial version of womble a while back and its pretty simple to get into.

the trial version does everything the licensed version does except limited to 31 days so if you find you dont like it - you've lost nothing....except time...i guess.....

you can do it! MTHaslett :)


Return of the Jedi - The Spence Final Cut

hmm.. ok

for me if you could just fix Lando's lip sync - during the sarlacc scene

.....and if you listen to the music right as the end credits begin you will notice the music suddenly gets loud....then again and a staggered volume increase - almost blew my ears off the first time as i was using headphones lol cos the ending is so good now - its that sudden jarring of the music that spoils it. Oh and theres a few repeated frames during the credits near the beginning - I think its whats causing your DIY credits to show over the top of the movies original credits in one place....have a look you'll see it.  - watch from near the end of the funeral pyre scene to a few minutes into the credit and you'll notice the music and credits issues.

...and.....I wasnt going to mention when Luke senses Leia & han being captured...again.... hey thats 2 they owe him man! right, try something different - instead of a few quick shots of Luke during the de-carbonising scene, for instance you could try....

extending the death of yoda scene to include - luke walking back to his x-wing - and interacting with R2 ...he stand ups and moans about how can he possibly carry on alone (eww... cut that shit out, no whiny Luke pls)...i think you can show footage of Luke knelt down with R2 - and then cut him talking as he stands up - next shot is close up of Lukes face then theres a nice pause just before the Ghost of Obi Wan starts talking - and he looks round...

you could cut it there - delete the audio of bens voice and input the jabba Theme! - and cut to next scene. Or use those shots but have Luke sense something odd going on....and jabba's theme playing...somewhere before leia rescues han....but after yoda dies....hmmm that doesnt give you much room for manuvering....

also I know there is an awfull wipe between Yoda dying and Luke walking to his xwing in the original movie but i no you can do it! :)

For me thats all i'd like to see fixed...

I think...well thats what most stands out in my mind at the moment.


you can do it! :)


I dont mind the way you've done endor - im quite happy with it.

I've made a 40min super 16 (cant call it super 8 cos its widescreen) edit - and for me Jabba's palace and endor were the hardest bits for me to do  - and what you managed with Jabba's palace was pretty amazing - especially with the usage of Leia footage. I didnt do anything like that, im just not patient enough to try!











STAR WARS: EP V &quot;REVISITED EDITION&quot;<strong>ADYWAN</strong> - <strong>AVAILABLE NOW</strong>

dark_jedi said:

Why not take advantage of 25 GB's instead of a friggin measley 8 GB's, makes no sense, at least not to me and I am sure a few others.

But you know what, it really does not matter anyways to me I guess, I will for sure download it, but then it will get burned and put in a box and backed up on an external drive, probably won't even watch it, truth be told, I have NEVER seen ANH:R.

Are there really that many people who would want to download a 25gb movie or even want a movie to take up 25gb hdd space???....or am i wrong...anyway, guess its up to Ady.

but im fine with a 4gb movie doesnt have to be HD either! :p