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Idea: X-Men 3 - Deleted Scenes - fan edit?

Pauln6 said:

This sounds intriguing. I bought a boxed set and I have never checked out any deleted scenes. I think X1-3, the Wolverine, and DOFP make a really satisfying story arc.

I wonder if it’s possible to create an ultimate edit, using deleted scenes and maybe even key scenes from the ‘less worthy’ movies.

Part of me would like to show Jean augmenting Magneto’s power to move the bridge in X3, maybe some opening shots of some X-Men at the mansion in the Wolverine, and Rogue using super strength to take down a sentinel in the Rogue cut. A very naughty part of me would like to show either a clone of Jean Grey or a test tube of Summers DNA at the Essex lab or a project marked Nathan Summers. Shots from Logan were re-used in New Mutants after all.

I’m amazed anyone still remembered this topic – I was here browsing for materials related to a project I’m collating (Spider-Man Rarities) when I saw this.

There are so many films that could benefit from an ultimate cut, it’s absurd.

Rogue One * <em>Spoilers</em> * Thread

Ronster said:

Why does everyone keep missing the extra shots of Jyn smacking the stormtrooper with the stick and then there is another of her taking his leg’s out too.

so there are another 2 for you. From Sizzle reel.

  • Chirrut (Donnie Yen) knocking another one out back fist style

  • shot of death troopers shooting also from teaser I think was not in the film either.

  • Missing shot of U-wing descending on Eadu

  • Establishing shot of Eaudu Base

  • Alternate angles of Star Destoyer over Jedha city from wasteland guided by the locals.

There are loads in the trailers more than on your list.

I know. There’s more I saw but didn’t even write down. I only wrote down what was noticeable and what I remembered. The amount of deleted/alternate content is likely staggering.

Rogue One * <em>Spoilers</em> * Thread

List of alternate/deleted scenes, arranged in chronological order:

  • Deathtroopers surveying the area while standing in front of the Erso home, which is on fire (Teaser Trailer)
  • alternate shot of a Rebel soldier asking Jyn if she “wants to get out of here” in the Imperial transport on Wobani (Trailer #2)
  • Jyn being marched through a hallway in the Yavin 4 base in handcuffs, and looking behind her before a guard pushes her along (Teaser Trailer); the final film has a similar shot, but she walks through the hangar bay, doesn’t look behind her and no one pushes her
  • General Draven’s line “Can you be trusted without your handcuffs?” (Teaser Trailer)
  • Mon Mothma’s line “On your own, from the age of 15, reckless, aggressive and undisciplined” (Teaser Trailer)
  • Jyn’s line “This is a Rebellion, isn’t it? I rebel.” (Teaser Trailer); appears to have been changed to the single line “You’re Rebels, aren’t you?”
  • Jyn’s line “I was trained to fight, not stand down.” (TV spot #14)
  • Jyn/Draven’s exchange at the end of the briefing scene (“Is that clear?” “Yes, sir.”) (Teaser Trailer)
  • the shot of the Star Destroyer passing the Death Star’s reactor dish as it retracts is different (extended out further, moves in more slowly) (Teaser Trailer)
  • unused scene/shot of Jyn pausing to give something (a piece of fruit?) to the young girl she later saves during the Jedha Stormtrooper/tank fight (Celebration Teaser Reel)
  • unused scene of Jyn/K-2S0 talking in Jedha(“You are a friend. The captain says that I should not kill you.” “Thanks.”) (Trailer #1)
  • alternate/unused shot of Jyn/K-2S0 encountering Stormtroopers harrassing residents in Jedha (“Jyn & Cassian” extended TV spot)
  • the shot of present-day Saw Gerrara in his base walking towards the camera, still bald like his earlier appearance in the film (Teaser Trailer)
  • Present-day Saw Gerrara (sans hair) asking “What will you do if you fight?” (Teaser Trailer)
  • quick shot of Jyn talking to Saw outside of his Jedha base (Celebration Teaser Reel)
  • footage from alternate scene of Krennic talking to Vader inside Death Star (“The power we are dealing with here is immeasurable!”) (Trailer #2)
  • unused shot of Krennic saying “The power we’re dealing with is… awesome.” (TV spot #29/IMAX TV spot)
  • alternate shot of Jyn telling Cassian “I’m not used to sticking around when things go bad” before departing for Scarif (“Jyn & Cassian” extended TV spot)
  • alternate/unfinished shot of Jyn telling the Rebels “May the Force Be With Us” before leaving Yavin 4 (Celebration Teaser Reel)
  • unused shot of Jyn telling the Rebels “Welcome to Rogue One” before leaving Yavin 4 (“Tonight” TV spot)
  • unused Bodhi line “You might want to strap in” before the Imperial shuttle heads for Scarif (TV spot #37)
  • unused shot of X-Wings departing Yavin to head to Scarif (“Father” extended TV spot)
  • Jyn (sporting a rifle in each hand) and other Rebels running towards a group of AT-ATs who are firing on them (Teaser Trailer)
  • Jyn, Cassian and K-2S0 running through a hallway in the Scarif base without their disguises (Teaser Trailer)
  • unused shot of Jyn in disguise (sans helmet) turning back to stare at something in Scarif base (various trailers/TV spots)
  • Jyn walking to the Scarif Tower’s alignment console as a TIE Fighter rises up in front of her (various trailers/TV spots)
  • shot of Jyn/Cassian running through gunfire and explosions during Scarif ground battle (Celebration Teaser Reel); notable in that Jyn is holding the Death Star data drive in her hand
  • shot of Jyn/Cassian and other Rebels behind a dirt barricade laying down blaster rifle fire on Scarif surface (Celebration Teaser Reel)
  • Krennic walking through shallow water on Scarif(?), with his robe trailing behind him (Teaser Trailer)
  • Vader looking at a projection screen in the Death Star (Trailer #1)

It is noticeable that a large chunk of Saw Gerrara’s scenes were reshot (see the trailer scenes of him on Jedha with no hair, versus his appearance in the final film), at least one Vader scene was changed (it appeared he would have been on the Death Star and had a similar conversation with Krennic), and the ending was massively reshot so that part or all of it involved Jyn, Cassian and other Rebels escaping on foot instead of transmitting the data via the satellite dish on Scarif Tower).

I had also heard a rumor prior to release that the original ending was supposed to be Jyn/Cassian escaping the surface with the plans, but they’re killed anyway when Vader disables the flagship and and boards it.

Star Trek Into Darkness Bonus disc (Released)

BillyBoy said:

Whoever can collect and re-author all the special features together will be my hero! No way am I buying this movie four times.

I see people on some Blu-Ray forums trying to justify/explain it away by saying that, because the CinemaNow content was available for free and the iTunes commentary is available for digital download, it makes things slightly better. Nevermind that the "free" CinemaNow content disappeared after a day, and anyone who wants the commentary has to download the whole 4.5-gigabyte file.

From what I've read, this was entirely Bad Robot's fault, and had little to do with Paramount. The former basically cherry-picked the best content out of the bonus features, and relegated it to certain outlets, while the material that was left was put on the BR. I've been reading TrekCore's description of the bonus disc features, and they sound far and away better than what's on the retail disc.

It's a silly situation all around, and it still isn't clear why this commentary track couldn't have been put onto the BR a la Warner Brothers' "Maximum Movie Mode", which accomplishes the same thing with branching BTS features.

If we're going to make this a thorough set, we may as well start pulling together all the material we can, even beyond the bonus discs. There's some footage on the TrekCore Youtube channel (http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVkrBz1gwaCBm5gt35Lq3rA) that has footage of the world premiere, the EPK and all of the TV spots.

Star Trek Into Darkness Bonus disc (Released)



Best Buy/Target extras are as follows:

Best Buy/Cinemanow:

  • Down With the Ship (6:09)
  • NIF: Home of the Core (4:32)
  • Safety First (2:26)
  • Unlocking the Cut (5:10)
  • The Sound of Music and FX (5:27)
  • Aliens Encountered (6:50)



  • The Voyage Begins... Again (2:29)
  • Mr. Spock and Mr. Spock (4:15)
  • Rebuilding the Enterprise (5:30)
  • Vengeance is Coming (4:27)
  • Kirk and Spock (5:34)
  • Visual Affection (9:02)

Still no confirmation yet on the Australian edition or Tesco content.

Info Wanted: Your ultimate Star Wars Collection...?

If I had carte blanche, no-holds barred access to all the previous releases (and even the Lucasfilm archives), it would include:

Disc 1:

Episode IV: ANH - Original Theatrical Version (New 4K Print)
Original Dolby/Mono Mixes
Three new commentaries:
- Hamill, Fisher, Ford, Mayhew, Daniels, Baker (Track 1)
- Lucas, Kurtz (Track 2)
- Burtt, ILM Staff (Track 3)
Audio commentary from Definitive Collection laserdisc
Audio Commentary from 2004 DVD
Isolated Score
Original Teaser Trailer
Original Theatrical Trailer
Deleted Scenes from "Complete Saga" Set
- Full "Human Jabba" Sequence

Disc 2:

Episode V: ESB - Original Theatrical Version (New 4K Print)
Original Dolby/Mono Mixes
Three new commentaries:
- Hamill, Fisher, Ford, Mayhew, Daniels, Baker (Track 1)
- Lucas, Kurtz, Kirschner (archival) (Track 2)
- Burtt, ILM Staff (Track 3)
Audio commentary from Definitive Collection laserdisc
Audio Commentary from 2004 DVD
Isolated Score
Original Teaser Trailer
Original Theatrical Trailer
Deleted Scenes from "Complete Saga" Set

Disc 3:

Episode VI: ROTJ - Original Theatrical Version (New 4K Print)
Original Dolby/Mono Mixes
Three new commentaries:
- Hamill, Fisher, Ford, Mayhew, Daniels, Baker (Track 1)
- Lucas, Marquand (archival) (Track 2)
- Burtt, ILM Staff (Track 3)
Audio commentary from Definitive Collection laserdisc
Audio Commentary from 2004 DVD
Isolated Score
Original Teaser Trailer
Original Theatrical Trailer
Deleted Scenes from "Complete Saga" Set

Disc 4:

Episode IV: The Lost Cut (Restored Print)
New featurette on discovery/restoration of Lost Cut

Disc 5:

Definitive Laserdisc Collection Extras
The Making of SW (PBS Special)
The Making of ESB (Parbot)
2004 DVD Extras

Disc 6:

Complete Saga Extras (OT)
New documentary on history of franchise/cultural impact
Return of the Ewok (Full Version)

Disc 7: Expanded Universe

Dark Horse SW comic cover gallery
SW books cover gallery
SW commercial archive (ALL commercials/tie-in commercials from 1977 onwards, not including PT commercials)
SW Casting Auditions
SW Cast Appearances (ALL appearances from 1977-1983)

Disc 8: Star Wars Holiday Special

Original Television Broadcast (upconverted)
New commentary (Lucas/Ford/Fisher/Hamill...LOL)
Concept art
Retrospective featurette

PROMETHEUS Press Kit &amp; TV Promos - 2 DVD set (Released)

I'm going to jump in and defend TB. I haven't been on the forum for a long time, but he was always (and still is) one of the more prolific archivists on this site.

If I'm not mistaken, TB, I bought both a 2-disc Batman Begins and Dark Knight DVD set from you a few years back on your EBay account, largely because (a) it had a variety of material that I wanted to see that I couldn't find anywhere else, regardless of quality, and (b) I felt the price was ridiculously cheap for the work put into it and the shipping costs.

Fact is, I stayed away from this forum for a long time because of how lax the community became in regards to preservations. Few, if any, were trading on an active basis - I haven't corresponded with Beastly in years, and I know he stopped trading altogether and had a huge collection of rare stuff. I've sent materials off in failed trades, sent potential materials for inclusion that vanished into the ether, and tried to help with projects that went nowhere.

I give TB the benefit of the doubt - I've seen his work, and know him (even if it's just on this forum) well enough to believe he has a genuine interest in helping preserve materials just as much, if not moreso, than most people here.

OT Deleted Scenes Discussion

My thoughts about the scenes:

Vaporator/Tosche Station: Good cut - the station sequence ran way too long. They could have kept Luke's original introduction at the vaporator, though.

Old Woman on Tatooine: This scene (even without sound) makes me think it was a remnant of the "American Graffiti in space" concept Lucas was going for. It might have been cool if that shot was restored for the SE, with the landspeeder driving past her into Mos Eisley.

Blue Milk: This was probably just shot for transitional purposes. Don't see what the point is.

Cantina Rough Cut: Is cool. Always has been, always will be. It's interesting that Greedo's original death scene is here.

Stormtrooper Search: Goofy and out of place - good cut.

Vader Widens The Search: Just padding - there's nothing that isn't explained through the film already.

Full Biggs/Luke Reunion: I love Red Leader's dialogue - it makes me wish he was a supporting character in the prequels.

Han/Leia Echo Base Extended Argument: Runs way too long and becomes almost comical by the end - good cut.

Luke's Recovery: I quite like this scene. I felt that the recovery sequence in the finished film was too short and didn't convey the sense of concern the group had for Luke.

Luke And Leia In The Medical Center: The heavy flirtation (and almost-kiss) was a great removal. The subsequent conversation (where Leia is exasperated to find that everyone wants to split up) should have stayed in.

Echo Base Wampa Attack: Stupid, stupid, stupid. It would have killed the pacing of the first 40 minutes, whether the effects were completed or not.

General Veers' Death: I don't think it would have added much to the final battle.

Yoda's Test: It looks very goofy when Mark Hamill is swinging his lightsaber wildly around with the puppet Yoda flailing on his back. Other than that, I don't see much point to what the training scenes already showcased.

Hiding In The Asteroid/Leia and Han Alternate Kiss: It would have killed the pacing of the scene, and the second kiss (I think) would have spoiled the impact of the "I love you/I know" reveal.

Lobot's Capture: Killed the pacing. I loved the theories from years past about Lobot organizing the city to rise up against the Empire from behind the scenes after Lando gave him his marching orders, not him opening a door and getting captured by a pair of Stormtroopers.

Leia Tends to Luke: Pacing. It runs way too long and makes Luke seem flippant about Han's circumstances (the way Hamill says "Poor Han..." is almost anticlimactic).

Vader Talks To Luke/New Lightsaber: Had the goofy "Luuuukkkkee... Luuuuuukkkkkee..." remarks been reduced or removed entirely, this could have been a great scene.

Sandstorm: The best deleted scene on the set, for my money. I love the reprise of the "I owe you one" conversation from the previous film.

Rebel Bunker Raid: Would it have killed Lucasfilm to add a few seconds of this during the final battle instead of the wacky Ewok hijinks?

Jerjerrod's Conflict: The first scene is acted very poorly - Jerjerrod's actor doesn't sell being choked, while Vader looks like he's doing the Pledge of Allegiance when he puts his hand to his chest. Still, I love Jerjerrod's sneer when he says, "YOU may not enter." The second sequence is decent, but it would have killed the pacing of the final battle (that, and it was clearly intended to be a reprise of the Yavin 4 countdown from ANH).

The Lost Rebels: There are a couple lines and shots that could have worked, but most of it is crap. The pilots deliver most of their dialogue in this weird inquisitive tone that sounds less like legitimate concern or reaction and more like complaining about their circumstances. Madine's actor has a very goofy line delivery, and Edie McClurg's "grandmother pilot" performance is hilarious. It would have been nice to see some shots of the Falcon gunners in the final film, though.

Star Wars coming to Blu Ray (UPDATE: August 30 2011, No! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!)

It's been a long time since I posted, but I wanted to chime in:

Boxart is quite epic. Interesting choice for the front cover of the set. Not what I imagined it would look like.

Extras are underwhelming. I've seen fan wishlists that read better than this. Maybe it's just because I'm jaded from trading preservations over the years, but I have most of the listed content they show here. I'm interested in Disc 8 - other than that, there's not much point. I'll probably rent a copy from a local store and just burn a duplicate - that's all I really care to watch, anyway.

Idea &amp; Help Wanted: 'Rory's First Kiss' - A Fanmade Preservation Project/Documentary On The Making Of &quot;The Dark Knight&quot; (TENTATIVE PROJECT)

"Rory's First Kiss" is the codename alias used during the production of the film, so people wouldn't know what was being shot in Chicago.

The method I would use during this film is cutaway sequences that play over the original footage. It may change in the future, though. I'm just posting this to gauge reaction and see what people think far in advance, mostly.


Idea &amp; Help Wanted: 'Rory's First Kiss' - A Fanmade Preservation Project/Documentary On The Making Of &quot;The Dark Knight&quot; (TENTATIVE PROJECT)

Hello, everyone. It’s been a long time since I’ve been in the forums, but I’ve been focusing on other things over the past year, and I haven’t had as much time to come on and browse the forum as I used to.

I’ve slowly been collecting materials for a preservation project that will focus on The Dark Knight, and will encompass every aspect of the film from pre-production to promotion, in a manner similar to Jambe Davdar’s stellar documentaries on the making of the original Star Wars trilogy.

My current goal for this project is to edit all deleted and alternate shots (and there are quite a few) back into the film, remove the film’s original audio track (or subdue it), and replace it with a commentary track made from featurettes, soundbites and interview clips I have collected over the past two years. I would then integrate the behind-the-scenes material I’ve collected (i.e. material that’s not on the official release), and play it at certain points during the film.

I’ve spent some time off and on over the past year researching the film, and I have found plenty of rare and unique material for use in this project. I have Christian Bale’s and Heath Ledger’s costume test photos from pre-production, a reel of pre-visualization sequences that were made long before filming began, footage on the making of the police convoy chase, and several other goodies that are currently unavailable.

The final product will include the film (with all deleted shots edited back in) mixed with behind the scenes footage and the aforementioned commentary. I’m looking at making this a two or three-disc set, with the final two discs focusing on the viral marketing game that played out during the last half of 2007 and early 2008, proshot footage I’ve collected focusing on three different scenes in the film, and the promotion of the film on various morning talk shows. I also know that there is another user out there on the Fanedit.org forum named FranticCanadian who’s undertaking another project that is also focused on collecting materials from the film. Needless to say, no matter what he has, it pales in comparison to what I have.

At this stage, I have collected more than 4.5 gigabytes worth of material relating to the production. This includes almost every shred of promotional footage released before the film debuted and several behind-the-scenes specials. I think it would be safe to say that, outside of anyone involved in the production, I have one of the (if not the only) largest collections of Dark Knight material anywhere. To give you a sampling of what I have, my collection includes:

  • roundtable interviews with the entire cast (which were only available through the Warner Bros. Press website)
  • behind-the-scenes footage on the making of the Tumbler/garbage truck chase (not released on DVD)
  • excerpts from the Chicago and Hong Kong press conferences
  • previsualization animations of four scenes from the film (skyhook escape, hospital explosion, helicopter crash/truck flip, Pruitt building)
  • high-resolution captures of almost all of the TV spots (featuring alternate footage)

This project will likely take upwards of a year. I need to improve my skills with video editing and plan this whole thing out, but I am very confident that I will be ready to go by early next year. There are also some materials I want to obtain that will probably take a long time, and may end up being a wild goose chase.

Here’s some of what I plan to include on this release:

  1. Audio commentary created from multiple audio and video interviews released during production
  2. Hundreds of pictures, including candid behind-the-scenes photos, posters, DVD announcements, trade advertisements, unreleased costume test photos, magazine covers and more
  3. Section on the making and impact of 42 Entertainment’s groundbreaking viral marketing campaign
  4. Possible isolated score
  5. DVD_Rom folder with commercials, featurettes and other interviews

I’m looking for any of the following:

-Footage of the TDK convention panels at the major comic book conventions in 2007 (Wondercon, Comicon, etc.)
-any fanmade footage of filming in Chicago or Cardington Studios (preferably proshot)
-studio dailies (which are probably nigh-impossible to find, so this is a bit of a pipe dream)
-the UK CD/DVD press kit (has “editor’s choice soundbites” which aren’t available in the North American press kit)
-high quality version of TV Guide’s TDK: Big Movie Premiere
-any other material pertaining to the promotion or release of the film (especially if it’s official documents from WB press websites)

If you’re interested in helping me finish this project, drop me a line at alex.sahounov@gmail.com.

Let me know what your thoughts are on this project. Thanks!

Alien Appendix #3: The Alien Archive (Released)
I don't think it was ever released. According to the review on TheDigitalBits.com, Bill Hunt mentions that FOX thought they were being perceived in a negative light, and cut the footage by an hour. There are apparently several sections of the documentary (most notably "Production: Part III") that were severely edited. The review mentions there's a cut BTS clip where Fincher is sitting in a chair, looks exasperated, then grabs a nearby microphone and makes a sly comment at the suits at FOX. If anyone knows about this, it would probably be Bill Hunt at that site.

I have some of the old workprint footage that wasn't put on the Assembly Cut, but I don't think it's all of it. I had gotten it off Youtube, but it's very small and not good quality. I also have some text articles as well, but I've been more focused on collecting information and video for a possible project.
Blade Runner 2, 4, and 5-disc sets in December
Originally posted by: zombie84
Originally posted by: crazyrabbits
The best part of the set (I thought) were the deleted scenes. That alternate ending with the dialogue between Deckard and Rachel was hilarious. She says, "We were made for each other," and he just looks at her with this expression that says, "...what." and then the end credit music kicks in. I loved it.

LOL. I'm sure it comes across a bit differently but the version playing in my mind right now based off that description is hilarious.

Oh yeah, all the deleted scenes are great. There's a scene in the hospital with Holden (which is supposed to occur after he sleeps with Rachel) where Deckard has just told his friend what he did, and Holden laughs, calls her a "titjob", and then pees his pants. The scene then shifts to Bryant and Gaff watching this footage playback on a security camera, while they're discussing metaphysics, and Gaff calls Bryant an idiot in Japanese. It's awesome.

There's also another great one that show Roy leaving Tyrell's apartment. He gets in the elevator, it's going down, and then it stops, with the computer asking for security clearance. Batty looks like he's scared shitless after he hears the voice of the computer, and says, "MOTHER...?" in this child-like voice.