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ALIEN: REDUX - The Virtual Workprint (Released)

ArtisDead said:

I’m curious…is this the same Alien Redux (Alien Appendix 2 Virtual Workprint) by Meedermow that I am watching at this very moment that you are upgrading? Or is it different?

Please pm me a link for your upgrade. I am very excited about this.

Meedermow didn’t create that edit I did. He just included it in the Appendix series. And it’s an upgrade from that.

ALIEN: REDUX - The Virtual Workprint (Released)

Dave-T said:

Well, I’ve just finished all 141 minutes and I throughly enjoyed it.

Having used some artistic licence with the opening titles with the new starfield you’ve used is very nice, and I was pleasantly surprised how well it works.

I liked the additional shot of Lambert during the waking up scene, complete with the strategically placed surgical tape covering her chest.

The scenes of Dallas, Kane and Lambert leaving the Nostromo and traversing their way to the derelict ship is quite well done, especially with all the inclusions of the previously deleted scenes and the audio without sound effects.

I also like how you edited together the scenes leading up to and after Kane’s helmet is removed, they juxtapose very well.

All in all, you’ve still retained the ‘workprint’ spirit of it and I salute you for your time and effort in delivering a highly watchable and alternative cut of my favourite film.

Thanks. Glad you liked it.

ALIEN: REDUX - The Virtual Workprint (Released)

benduwan said:

cosmicjazz said:

b5historyman said:

cosmicjazz said:

closer2god said:

I could put it on my google drive.

I’d have to use something like winrar to save it into chunks as I can only fit 2gb on my google drive

Why not on Mega?

How much can you upload to mega for free?


I tried uploading it last night and after 3 hours and 95% it crashed. So I will have to try another day.