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The Matrix [spoRv] *BD-25 RELEASED*

^…^ said:

He gave just an idea - you know, we were talking, and he said: “if you want theatrical accurate colors, why don’t you use a print scan instead?” - he doesn’t even know that is actually possible! 😃

Is that in the wild? Dunno, but if someone is aware of it, please drop me a PM, I would be curious to give it a try…

It’s found on your favorite organ…

Song Of The South

Bill Hunt says Disney has a 4K scan of SOTS but have no plans for it yet.

“FYI, a couple of other bits of interesting information that Chuck passed on to us from last night’s Wexler event: About 100 of the 400 or so classic Disney animated shorts have been scanned in 4K (at Warner) and restored. Also, new 4K restoration work has been done on Disney’s Song of the South to fix certain shots previously out of alignment (because of a faulty camera used during the original photography), though no public release is currently planned. Fascinating”

(I know this story has somewhat groundbreaking info on Star Wars, but I want to keep on topic).

Single Pass Regrade of Grindhouse ESB

Dreamaster said:

Hagdorm said:

I watched this last night Dreamaster, and I wanted to thank you for this amazing improvement to the Grindhouse! This is now my go-to version of ESB until Poita’s restoration becomes available. Well done!

I’m really happy this regrade has been so well received! And it’s intention was exactly that, a bit of fun and education until the amazing work of others comes to light of day with these Poita/Harmy/Adywan versions rock our socks off later.


Harmy's STAR WARS Despecialized Edition HD - V2.7 MKV IS OUT NOW

towne32 said:

L9B5 said:

So from what I’ve been seeing around there is going to be one final release of each film which will be 3.0 using the 35mm prints that poita is getting and these will be in 1080p (or higher)?

Is this the case or is this going to be an ongoing project forever?

It’ll be 1080p because it will be the blu-ray merged with those scans, and nothing of lower quality included.

No one can ever say for sure what the final release will be for projects like these. If you look at anyone’s project threads here, you’ll see them suggest something is a final release, followed by years of updates on continuing work and additional releases, etc. There’s always room for improvement, so it’ll be done when Harmy is completely sick of it. 😃

(but yes, 3.0 is a ways off and no one has ever suggested anything to come after 3.0)

Don’t forget about the 2004 HDTV version for replacing 2011 Blu-ray changes.