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Info: Filmmaker Looking For Star Wars Faneditors - The People Vs. George Lucas

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Dear Faneditors:

I'm the director of a unique documentary feature scheduled for release in the Spring of 2010 and titled THE PEOPLE vs. GEORGE LUCAS ( The Man Behind The Mask (STAR WARS 30s SILENT EDITION) encouraged me to post on this forum, because we're looking to interview as many STAR WARS and INDIANA JONES faneditors as possible for our film.

THE PEOPLE vs. GEORGE LUCAS delves into the impassioned feelings and opinions expressed by fans and foes of legendary screen icon George Lucas, and the many debates surrounding his legacy. We've already interviewed a number of close George Lucas collaborators and industry professionals, including the legendary Gary Kurtz, Sandy Lieberson (former Head of Production at 20th Century Fox),
Dale Pollock (author of SKYWALKING), Producer Anthony Waye (JAMES BOND 007), and David Prowse OBE (aka Darth Vader), to name a few.

You can view our latest teaser trailer at the following link:

Again, I'd like to talk specifically to those of you who have created fanedits of George Lucas' films. I'm also hoping to get in touch with Mike J. Nichols and ADYWAN; so any leads would be much appreciated.

You can contact me via email at, and I'd be delighted to answer any questions you might have about the project.

I hope to hear from many of you very soon!

Alexandre O. Philippe
The People vs. George Lucas
An Exhibit A Picture
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Info: Superman II Donner, and III & IV extended edits
The thing that cracks me up about the Donner cut is that Supes goes back to that diner to cream Rocky. If he had really reversed time, that means he never got beat up and none of the diner patrons would know who he is. All references to the past ("I just paid to fix up this place!") make no sense and basically the patrons would just think that this guy (Kent) is coming in to wipe the floor with Rocky. Not that there's anything wrong with that but...

I liked a lot of the Donner cut, though that nuclear missle in space looks remarkably like a flying pen.