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Recommended Editions of Disney Animated (and Partially Animated) Features

I think with Pan hat the original CAV is closer to what a 50’s print would look like and the 1998 CAV reissue is closer to what the negative and untimed materials looked like at the time of scanning.
I think that in trying to correct the video flaws of the earlier transfers that they went overboard and also neglected to reflect the theatrical presentation as it was.

I now have a number of Disney titles and can’t wait to compare via crt firsthand.

Peanuts Specials: Coca-Cola Product Placement Restorations

Fantastic. Count me in as well. I’ve wanted to find the LD for years and watch my original issue vhs copy every year.

Also for those who love the soundtrack as much as I do the 200gram Kevin Gray mastered LP is still available and in some ways I think even better than the Analogue Productions 45rpm version. Definitely get the 200g before it’s gone as it will go sky high in price.

Last movie seen

My sister is both a Marvel and Waititi fan so she dragged me to Ragnarok.
It’s not a bad picture but just like all the others in this seemingly unending cycle seems to exist only to overwhelm audiences with mere glimmers of life amidst the same frameworks time and time again. And with each pass the framework becomes weaker and weaker.

Apparently they based this around the idea behind the Planet Hulk storyline but the real problem is that you essentially have two movies not glued together but simply chopped in tatters and forcibly attached. The film continually stops again and again for the sake of the other plot line, or a joke or simply for a trailer moment. It never truly is allowed to build up its own steam and achieve any significance that will allow it to last longer than five minutes in the head of anyone who sees it.

It also gave me an insanely passionate desire to watch Flash Gordon with my receiver set to maximum. At the very least that film knows and admits what it is. Ragnarok cannot and will not do this.

Ultimately Ragnarok is yet another time passer that seems to swallow whole the creative person they plucked to be in charge.
2 balls out of 4.
Hunt for the Wilderpeople is a much better film btw.

Blade Runner: DC Laserdisc
followed by Criterion IC
I’ve been watching BR again and again trying to forget 2049. I still sadly haven’t forgotten it. However I did notice that there are some mixing differences between the international and director’s cut! (Mainly dynamic range, EQ, and the ability to hear many more details in the DC mix.) ball rating score: Mastery of Balls.

Saving Private Ryan
I’ve never been a big fan of this at all but figured it had been long enough and had recently found the rare LD version.
It’s really quite a dull picture outside of the battle sequences.
2 balls out of four.

The Fifth Element
I always forget how enjoyable this film is, remember when watching it, and am then reminded at just how unfulfilling the story and setting winds up becoming.
I’ve made my peace with this film and enjoy it for what it is-yet can’t help but feel as if it were short of greatness.
The Pioneer rot free LD pressing is a reference disc for the format with a good ac3 track.
3.5 balls out of 4.

2001: A Space Odyssey 35mm Preservation (Help Needed - original 1968 prints obtained)

From the MGM first letterbox LD onwards they’ve used 65mm elements.
The BD or any release is a good starting point but it mist be understood that unless you go with the Criterion, corrected MGM LDs or their DVD that there have been slight alterations to color and the sound mix. These are very slight to less so but 99% of people have no idea. It’s not quite as blatant as what happened to the other Warner owned Kubrick titles.
This isn’t to say that any release is perfect but at this stage with Barry Lyndon going to Criterion and not only fixing the aspect ratio, including mono but using the new scan more effectively-it is possible for 2001 to be done correctly.

Films re-released with alterations

That’s news to me on the godfather front, but the restoration really did the best with what they could work with. I have the reissue early 90s open matte LDs and the restoration bds. I threw out the original DVDs which were quite awful, and I had the restoration DVDs but they never had differences that I noticed like the ones pictured on that website.

The only real evidence we can get that would tell us anything would be dye transfer prints from that era which should exist for part one and part two, as part two was the last American IB run done in the 70s.
That said IMO I don’t think the restorations are off at all considering the mammoth amount of work they had to do. The only downside is the mono original audio is relegated to a lossy track.

Are there bands for who you have all they've ever done?

ray_afraid said:

TV’s Frink said:

you are a monster.

It’s REMs best album by several miles, so I’ll take it.

TM2YC said:

Interesting thread. I assume by “all they’ve ever done”, you mean “all the albums they’ve ever done”, otherwise I’m not sure I believe any of you 😉.

I was gonna ask how we’re qualifying this. [JEDIT- Anchor said “Albums and live albums”]
As for my list, I only listed bands that I’m missing no songs from. I’ve got more albums, singles, EPs, ect. than I’m missing from all of those artists, and many are actually complete discographies.

Finally someone besides myself!!! Yay!!! Having the cover as my avatar on the Hoffman forums always creates discussion.

Choosing the best of their career is virtually impossible but Monster is my favorite and push coming to shove the best is probably NAIHF.

I’ve been collecting R.E.M. since I first started buying music and will probably never be done since I’m a nutty audiophile now and hope to have US and U.K. copies of everything for completions sake. It took me years but I managed to finally get every original US 1st issue LP to go with the cds and I’m halfway on collecting all the DVD-a discs.
I have U2 and The Who’s discography and due to the insane amount of Who variations I doubt I’ll never stop buying Who records.
Everyone else I collect what I can afford and what is the best sounding release available. I absolutely love hunting down particular great sounding pressings as it’s really like detective work.

Star Trek: The Original Series (Unaltered in HD)

After watching the BD set there did seem to be a handful of moments that felt like folddowns and certainly a few times where the opening theme was replaced by a fold of the new rerecording.

As far as a good mono source the best I can find would likely be the rare Japanese LD box sets which had pcm mono as opposed to the analog only US releases.

Return of the Pug (ROTP) - webpage and screenshots

Definitely do a dual mono track as indicated above a single track while more accurate to older theaters is less impressive due to center channels being less accurate than tower speakers and by having less power from receivers.
Also most theaters ran mono through several large speakers at the front of house anyway so single channel mono isn’t really all that accurate.

The general description used for home video is 1.0 or 2.0 mono depending on the channel type used. No cover will list dual mono. The vast majority of studios still use 2.0 to this day, 1.0 was generally only used for space reasons until Warner Bros. started using 1.0 for many of their classic DVD titles in the mid 2000s. Then Criterion and a few other labels started using 1.0 mono on Blu-ray a couple years ago, usually for space so they could fit extras on the disc.

Still so freaking excited for ROTP.

Superman I-III extended TV cuts: Where have the preservations gone?

SilverWook said:

Aren’t the Fleischers on the Anthology box set already?

They are with many audio flubs. The standalone reissue fixed a few and the Mild Mannered project addressed the others. However the Warner transfers are supposedly from an HD scan of the original elements so a BD would be staggering.

The original announcement is on the WAC facebook page.

Superman I-III extended TV cuts: Where have the preservations gone?

If it’s not teal and in better shape than the TC and EC HD masters I’m thinking it should be rather easy to make a version of the TC from it and sync the superior LD audio. I wish that was the second disc rather than another copy of the EC disc.

Still. Amazing news. I love WAC, and hope they eventually do the Fleischers.

Superman I-III extended TV cuts: Where have the preservations gone?

Warner Archive just announced they are releasing a brand new 2017 HD master of the 188 minute tv version.
It will be a bluray release packaged with a second disc of the regular extended cut.

Most interesting is that if it’s a new master they did themselves it will likely be without the added teal.
I still can’t believe this good news.

"Now...what shall we talk about?" The All-Inclusive Indiana Jones Thread

SilverWook said:

Bring back Short Round! Would be nice to see him grown up and following in Indy’s footsteps.

What I was dying for in the fourth film.

I think both Raiders and Temple are those rare things in being perfect films. What most people seem to react against Temple for is the fact that it is even MORE of a 1930’s adventure than Raiders. What makes it special however, is by trying so hard to be the opposite of the first film it manages to find its own place and truly work in its own right. And this is even when the story is clearly inspired lock, stock and barrel from Gunga Din.

Beginning with Last Crusade I think Lucas lost interest as he seemingly didn’t even like the story elements he was coming up with. Outside of the built up father-son relationship and some great moments of iconic scenes TLC really suffers from being both by the numbers and derivative of the series. It was as if they decided top consciously do the opposite of Temple and revisit many of the same elements as Raiders.

Kingdom was unforgivably bad to me. I had hoped they would leave it at that but I really have no desire in anything 5 related.

That said I did recently play Lego Indy and that got me excited again so I think I’m going to dive into more of the novels. I’ve read the novelizations and a book or two which were far better in tone and story than the films had gotten.

I liked Fate of Atlantis but the age and style of the game make it cumbersome these days. The later games are all pretty damn bad and have lackluster stories. Infernal Machine was infernally frustrating on the n64 (that. damn. jeep.) , and Emperor’s Tomb was almost as bad. Staff of Kings is really not worth it, but if it ever comes across the cheap bins I may give it a go. Uncharted is okay, but it doesn’t fill that fedora sized hole in gaming. Why they can’t just give in and let someone really make an amazing game? Why not go nuts and have Rockstar or Rocksteady do it?

Movies generally considered "bad" that you like.

Long list: Batman Forever, Flash Gordon, The Shadow, The Phantom and many many more. Why some deride Temple of Doom will forever confuse me.

For me personally the Bonds have never and will never be treated with the respect they deserve, almost as a victim of the series’ success. LTK is where I draw the line in the sand, as the Brosnan era is where all the real modern issues started cropping up. They have their moments but all four have deeply problematic flaws despite my continual defense of them.

The first sixteen though are inscribed upon my being. LTK was long bashed about until modern sensibilities “rediscovered” it and now it is TLD that is the forgotten film. It absolutely kills me when I see deep negativity concerning what are labeled as lesser entries. Not liking a particular style is one thing, but to write off films when the writer clearly did not understand the tone or aim is another entirely. Derision about the Mankiewicz trilogy (DAF, LALD, TMWTGG) gets me right in the gut. The first is a dark humored cartoon strip for adults, the second a back to basics two fisted adventure story, and the third an attempt to bring back grandeur. Additionally there were the declining fortunes of the British film industry to consider, the falling box office returns and the dissolution of the Saltzman-Broccoli partnership during this time.
Moonraker long gets derided for the admittedly off putting humor, but overall it tries to go beyond TSWLM in terms of scale. Octopussy suffers from its messy script but overall works as a fine piece of craftsmanship-and absolutely obliterates the pitiful NSNA.
AVTAK is an oddball. It was clear the series was downshifting amidst changing times, but by keeping Roger on for another go, it allows for a much more somber and refreshing tone of older age to begin seeping in that provides much more interest in what is admittedly a far lower key story.

The ultimate I may be mad entry? I absolutely adore the 1967 Casino Royale now. Madcap, balls to the wall insane, but really quite damn hilarious and quirky-with a cast you couldn’t even dream up. I think it is not only the best worst film ever made, but unforgettably masterful. The Herculean effort of bringing the multitude of materials into something even resembling cohesion finally sank in and I actually think in some strange way it actually works.

As you guys all know the current era made me want to go jump off a cliff, but they’ve managed to go steadily downhill ever since. The worst was Spectre because now that they want to finally reintroduce classic elements it becomes painfully obvious that it just doesn’t work with the current style. Spectre was literally like a beyond dull unending fashion/fragrance/car advertisement. At the very least QoS tried to introduce some gritty never before done elements despite having a script crisis far worse than TND did.

I will admit that I’ve only been absolutely destroyed by how devastatingly bad a picture is a handful of times. One was CR 2006. One was Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. One was TFA. And then there was what happened to poor Speed. Oh gosh it’s like reopening a fresh wound. My curiosity got the better of me and I went to Speed Racer in what was an empty theater during its second week. I get what they were going after in terms of tone, but jeez how could you literally miss 99.99999% of what the original was about? Most painful was that the actual heart and spirit of the show was absolutely nowhere to be found. This should have been the greatest car film ever made, it should have been about racing and misadventures, it should have been deeply rooted in Japanese ethics. But bright colors beyond any comprehension. Hubba Hubba.

Again these are my own thoughts and if you liked any of these that’s absolutely your prerogative.

New Spartacus restoration. Interesting info.

Just wanted to say after spinning this again: The new disc is perfection aside from not having all the Criterion features. The 7.1 is the best sounding version ever completed as it perfectly recreates the original panning sound design of the six track release-and far better so than any previous mix including, LD, matrixed versions and the discrete 5.1.

If you don’t have this already what are you waiting for?

The problem of Owen Lars

Ultimately I think this is yet another of the problems/issues created by the multitudes of drafts getting redone and reduced over and over before finally becoming a simple lower budget filmable narrative that was then retconned and further complicated by the plot twists in the sequels that then undermined the story of the first film. The EU made attempts to define some of these which are now out so again we’re back at square one.

Soooo…I’m just going to stick with the adoptive parents who may or may not actually be blood relatives.
As a kid I often wondered how in the hell would Vader not recognize his only relatives suddenly have offspring and could only surmise that there was some pain inherent to his character that would make Tatooine the last place he would ever go…yet Vader seemingly has no restrictions or memory of anything in SW because the character shift didn’t exist yet…isn’t the inconsistent retconning fun? 😉