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General Star Wars <strong>Random Thoughts</strong> Thread

NeverarGreat said:

I have a new theory about the folks at Lucasfilm that colortimed the 2004/2011 master. They were trying to save the originals by making the SE so bad that people would rise up and demand justice. Think about it. It's actually quite difficult to accidentally crush blacks and blow out whites on professional color correction systems (especially correcting with scopes), so they had to know what they were doing. Having gotten away with it on Star Wars, they went crazy with Empire.  "Surely people won't stand for this and demand refunds" they said. "Surely they will demand a proper restoration after this" they said.


 The colorist of the 2004 master talks about it in this podcast...

...and he doesn't seem to think he did a bad job at all. In fact, most of the time, they discuss about how great this BD release is.

Although, I think your theory might be right in some aspects. We have countless examples, but what stands out the most for me is the fact that all of the 2011 changes are so bad and lazily made that I can't believe they were done by professionals.

EDIT: This is shocking! Read all the posts from Vidiot (pages 5-7):

4K restoration on Star Wars

imperialscum said:

bttfbrasilfan said:

Definitely this new transfer looks much better than the 2011 BD. Finnaly some decent colors!

For example:

(Check the BD, these colors are missing/muted.)

Well the colours in the marked areas are distorted mainly because of the lower resolution of the upper video. It is not due to any technical improvement. They downgraded the scans to fit LD capacity for 1997 release.

Perhaps this would indicate they are working with the scans done for the purpose of 1997 SE.

 I'm sorry. I didn't want to compare the new transfer with the 97 SE.
I just wanted to express how I'm glad that these colors are back.
Maybe this represents a better comparison:

STAR WARS: EP V &quot;REVISITED EDITION&quot;<strong>ADYWAN</strong> - <strong>AVAILABLE NOW</strong>

adywan said:

That has to stay as a flipped shot for continuity. Not all mistakes can be fixed

 Well, that's fine. For the great amount of fixes that we're getting, this shot can pass unnoticed.

I'm also wondering if there will be an in-depth "vfx breakdown" -or even better: a masterclass- in the bonus features. Simple tools like AE and Photoshop can do wonders. I mean, no complicated node-based compositing software like Nuke was used during this fan edit, right?

Harmy's THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK Despecialized Edition HD !!!MKV and AVCHD v2.0 NOW AVAILABLE!!!

yoda-sama said:

[...] Also, in viewing it this time (and now that I think about it, with a Firefly/Serenity comicbook expansion story coming to mind), could Admiral Oswald, rather than being clumsy or stupid, instead be a highly placed Rebel plant or a Rebel sympathizer, and that is why he both tried to overlook their actual location and arrived close enough for the fleet to be detected?  Instead of being a moron, he may actually have been a Rebel hero, murdered by Darth Vader, who probably figured out all of this and killed him without letting anyone else know why (so as to keep up moral, as best one can while still seeming to kill off officers at will....).  Just a thought.

 I thought that too at the second time I watched ESB.

Last movie seen

"The Lego Movie" (2014)

I am really surprised at how entertaining and creative this movie is. It has a major Spoiler, so I can't write too much about it. But I would say that it's smarter than it seems. Brilliant writing and directing. If you have kids, younger brothers or if you just want to have a great time at the movies, definitely go see it. It will surprise you.

5 stars out of 5.

Pan &amp; Scan O-OT Project

negative1 said:

here is a preview of sides 1-3 of

return of the jedi Fullscreen CLV

uncompressed laserdiscs..


side 1



side 2



side 3




please let me know if there is interest,

and i will post these..




 Anyone knows where I can download this?

Back to the Future - without DNR &amp; EE (Help Wanted)

ilovewaterslides said:

Good news guys, I found something that might interest the most of you!

The BTTF 2 Canal+ Version with removed logo. It's a 1080p x264 20mbps file.

Here's a screenshot compared to other versions:

Canal+ (logo removed):

OG Canal+:



My favorite is the HDnet DXVA. What's the source?
The blacks are less crushed and there is a little more information top & bottom.

Back to the Future - without DNR &amp; EE (Help Wanted)

More info. about the DCP vs BD

"So I saw the original film at a theater inside Clackamas Town Center (An Oregon mall) last week, and what was used was a digital print.... looked GORGEOUS on the silver screen. End credits had that issue seen on the BD."



Originally Posted by The Fallen Deity View Post
Does anyone know where the HD masters used for the Blu-Ray transfers were sourced from? The Original Camera Negatives? An Interpositive?

I'm curious. 

An interpositive struck sometime in the last decade, as per Bob Gale. But you don't really need Bob Gale to tell you this ain't an OCN-caliber transfer."


Back to the Future - without DNR &amp; EE (Help Wanted)

TServo2049 said:

And it looks like the BD transfer has red boosting. Marty's jeans already look teal in the WOWOW/DCP (I think this was a bluescreen composite, so that would make sense), but in the BD they look almost green...

The presence of red boosting actually gives credence to your "recycled DVD master" theory. Those transfers were usually done at HD resolution, weren't they? (Though that does beg two questions: 1. Why are the end credits squeezed on the BD and not the DVD? And 2. Why would Universal source from an older, inferior master when they had a different one that was better?)

 Yes! About Marty's pants, I've seen some 35mm references on ebay and his jeans (especially in the optically composites shots) are closer to teal.

About the transfer theory, BTTF was shot Open Matte (1.37:1) and it was scanned this way too. Maybe, for the BD, they grabbed the 2002 RAW scan, or something like this, and made some few adjustments in framing color, dirt, DNR, EE, etc.
I just think it's an old master because the entire film looks soft and it has video artifacts. Which leads me to the conclusion that this was scanned in low-res (1080p) by todays standards (4K).

Interesting questions.

1) Maybe the squeezed credits are a flaw from the "recycling" process.

2) Maybe they didn't. If that is true, so the DCP and WOW masters are just the 1080p DVD master without the processing made for the BD. I mean, I didn't do it yet, but I think if you upscale the DVD and compar it with the DCP they will be pretty close.

This has been done before: Jurassic Park BD. It's the same DVD master with fancy filters.

Back to the Future - without DNR &amp; EE (Help Wanted)

Amazing, DoomBot! Really great.

What are the soundmixes? Original Theatrical Mix available?

II and III are also available? Where we can get it?


Oh, BTW, I have a theory about this BTTF BD. I think they were made out of the 2002 DVD master. I think some part of the grain, specially in the blacks, is just video noise from the telecine process. It's similar to the Jurassic Park BD. If you look at the deleted scenes that were, I believe, scanned in 2009 or 2010 you can see that they have much more resolution and detail.

I don't know. Anyone agrees or have any kind of proof?

The Unofficial Complete REVISITED SAGA Ideas and Random Discussion Thread

Bingowings said:

I was wondering...what are I was wondering if it might make sense to do very rough workcuts of ROTJ:R and the PT:R before doing all the new effects etc.

One of the reasons why we get the sometimes serious, sometimes jesting complaints about progress is because these are labours of love and if you are looking for fast love George Michael is in a bush somewhere in London. Art is labour intensive and if you only have a small group of people with actual lives it takes time.

Most of us get this.

With ANH:R and ESB:R the plot is largely the same (there are hardly any fan-edit properties to the story just the framing) but it appears that the rest of the series is getting a serious overhaul in terms of plot elements.

This is where earlier release viewable workprints might come in handy (with the plot elements shifted around and maybe line drawings, captions and temporary dialogue tracks etc filling in for the new material).

It would show work in progress even when the tedious finessing is taking time.

It would give people something to discuss that may be of actual practical use to the Revisited Project.

And it would generate more hilarity like the SAVE LANDO!! thread.

 Best idea ever? I would say: yes.