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4K restoration on Star Wars

Petrovelly said:

Can you guys make some more comparisons? I’m very curious about the Battle of Yavin, Endor, and Hoth. Also Cloud City.

Yes, I’m curious too. Also, how are the Alderaan and Death Star explosions?
Did they forget to redo any of the subtle 2004/2011 changes? Like the cell block “bars melt”, for example?

How is the paint out of Sebastian Shaw’s eyebrows in ROTJ? Does it look any different?

SW fonts

schorman13 said:

Leoj said:

Does anybody knows what font is used on the GOUT DVD R1?

My best guess is “Franklin Gothic Condensed Book” or “Franklin Gothic Compressed Book”.  Leaning more toward Condensed.

It looks like “Open Sans”. The oficial Star Wars Complete Saga BD uses this same font for the subtitles, but hi-res. I think it’s the same font, although I can’t be 100% sure.

Episode VII: The Force Awakens - Discussion * <strong>SPOILER THREAD</strong> *

hairy_hen said:

grifter said:

Still a big "meh" for me, don't really feel anything with this trailer or the last one.

It kind of looks like SW but more like "i'm watching a Dark Forces 2 cutscene in HD" SW...

Am i the only one to feel like this?

That was pretty much my reaction.

Parts of it kind of look like Star Wars, and some of it even sounds a bit like Star Wars, but . . . there's just something missing.  The sense that it isn't going to be ridiculously overblown, maybe?

Actually, I got a more genuine sense of SW-ness from those DF2 cutscenes than I did from this.

And seriously, what the hell is going on with Chewie's face?

 Yeah, there is something off about the style and aesthetics of the movie. And Chewie looks younger. Babyface.

Star Wars Digital HD Release .... April 10th

FigmentJedi said:

As far as people complaining about no more Fox fanfare logo goes, I'd love for the new films to go with a John Williams version of the When You Wish Upon a Star Castle intro as the new alternative.

 Sounds great! But, what about this?

ESB Grindhouse Fan Colour Correction

So, I just made a color correction LUT for the Grindhouse release in DaVinci Resolve. It's a quick solution to fix some color degradation problems and can be applied in almost every modern video editor, like Premiere or Final Cut.

Here are some examples with before/after comparisons:

And here's the LUT for download:!hsBDHKKY!kuTxtlqZf2lc9UG8iPjx-_rO3_L7FOd-CwGt6fD9cdE

I am not quite satisfied with this results yet because I think it degrades the greens a little too much (see Bobba Fett).
I will give more details of how I did it later so that people with more experience can try to do it better than I did.

Harmy's RETURN OF THE JEDI Despecialized Edition HD (AVCHD DVD9 &amp; NTSC DVD5 available!!! SEE FIRST POST!!!)

Harmy, ROTJ is looking great. Perfect color grading, looks very filmic.
I just want to point out a little color oddity. For the BD, it seems like they shifted the blue hues into greens in the following shot:

Just out of curiosity: are you using "selective color" in AE to reduce the magenta skin tones?

BTW, congratulations for your new job! :)

4K restoration on Star Wars

Funny bit (from user Vidiot, page 6):

Even in the 1980s, Disney made an effort to at least screen a studio print of old movies they were remastering for home video. [...] We also did that at ILM for the transfers of Star Wars and Jedi that I worked on [2004], where they had prints up in the Stag Theater across the hall to use for comparison. At any moment, we could stop and say, "whoa, is that supposed to be green?" and then check the print.

More recently, many studios have even more precise methods for simultaneously projecting prints and A/B-ing them against digital copies to make sure they're much, much closer in terms of color, brightness, and contrast. [...] There are rare cases where studio execs or creative people (directors, etc.) get hold of the new transfer and push it in a different direction for specific reasons. But I don't believe Disney does this -- they really do try to preserve the intent of the original theatrical release.

General Star Wars Random Thoughts Thread

NeverarGreat said:

I have a new theory about the folks at Lucasfilm that colortimed the 2004/2011 master. They were trying to save the originals by making the SE so bad that people would rise up and demand justice. Think about it. It's actually quite difficult to accidentally crush blacks and blow out whites on professional color correction systems (especially correcting with scopes), so they had to know what they were doing. Having gotten away with it on Star Wars, they went crazy with Empire.  "Surely people won't stand for this and demand refunds" they said. "Surely they will demand a proper restoration after this" they said.


 The colorist of the 2004 master talks about it in this podcast...

...and he doesn't seem to think he did a bad job at all. In fact, most of the time, they discuss about how great this BD release is.

Although, I think your theory might be right in some aspects. We have countless examples, but what stands out the most for me is the fact that all of the 2011 changes are so bad and lazily made that I can't believe they were done by professionals.

EDIT: This is shocking! Read all the posts from Vidiot (pages 5-7):

4K restoration on Star Wars

imperialscum said:

bttfbrasilfan said:

Definitely this new transfer looks much better than the 2011 BD. Finnaly some decent colors!

For example:

(Check the BD, these colors are missing/muted.)

Well the colours in the marked areas are distorted mainly because of the lower resolution of the upper video. It is not due to any technical improvement. They downgraded the scans to fit LD capacity for 1997 release.

Perhaps this would indicate they are working with the scans done for the purpose of 1997 SE.

 I'm sorry. I didn't want to compare the new transfer with the 97 SE.
I just wanted to express how I'm glad that these colors are back.
Maybe this represents a better comparison:

STAR WARS: EP V &quot;REVISITED EDITION&quot;<strong>ADYWAN</strong> - <strong>AVAILABLE NOW</strong>

adywan said:

That has to stay as a flipped shot for continuity. Not all mistakes can be fixed

 Well, that's fine. For the great amount of fixes that we're getting, this shot can pass unnoticed.

I'm also wondering if there will be an in-depth "vfx breakdown" -or even better: a masterclass- in the bonus features. Simple tools like AE and Photoshop can do wonders. I mean, no complicated node-based compositing software like Nuke was used during this fan edit, right?