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The Official 2006 Discs Will Be No Better Than What We Have!
I'm sorry I am confused. I guess I always thought people made movies to make money. Lucas was never Santa Claus nor did I ever expect him to be. Sorry Santa is not real or realistic. I do think they are doing this to make the fans happy, but also because it is a way to make some more money for the company. Let me break it to you. 100% of all business works this way and personally I don't feel bad about that. I know that if my company started giving there product away I would be out of a job as I suspect most of you would be too. The price may be steep but all of us are going to pay for it, and after we pop the DVD in and see Han shooting first we will have forgotten how much it cost. Also they are selling the three movies separately so we will have time to space out the purchases if need be. Finally if you are not happy when you hear the reviews of the product I suggest you don't buy it. No harm no foul, at the very least you are in the same boat you were in before, I suspect however most of us will be happy enough. Plus I for one am confident that some enterprising person here will create discs that have the 5.1 surround sound and what not.
The Official 2006 Discs Will Be No Better Than What We Have!
Does anyone remember that Lucas created the trilogy to begin with? I'm sorry but some of the complainers here really sound ridiculous. It's one think to sincerely want the OT it is another to act like he shot your baby or something. If you are not happy then keep you LD transfers. There are move versions of these movies out there then any movie I can think of so just pick one and try to be happy. I mean we begged for years for these movies to come out on DVD and now we are finally getting them and still people are complaining even without seeing them. It is kind of laughable really.
We won!
I don't know can't we just be happy that they are finally out. No more hybrids, Laser disk corrected versions. I have to say that many talented people put those together but finally we get DVD quality releases like we remember them. There is always a money motivation for everything. George didn't make these movies not to make money so, so what. Just as long as there are no Greedo shooting first, or Hayden looking pissed at the end of Jedi then I will be happy.
We won!
I know all of you don't want to get your hopes up, but I have to say I really believe we did it. So I jumped on here and wanted to say I think everyone who signed the petition and also worked so hard to preserve all that we know and love have finally convinced Lucas to release the movies as we remember them. So I say congratulations and especially thank you to everyone here.

Assuming it is what they say it is then I also think it is time that we let bygones be bygones as they say. Lucas has finally given us what we wanted and most of us said stuff like, I won’t forgive him until he releases the originals on DVD. Well here they are, and I think one day they will also be on HD-DVD as well, something we never thought we would be able to say. He has finally returned to the good side after all.

So congrats to all of you.


Info & Info Wanted: King Kong 1976

Anyone have the extra footage of this movie that was shown on TV in the 80’s. Here is the list of alternate scenes.

Additional scenes include the following:

A lengthy scene in a Surubaya bar showing Prescott drugging a Petrox crewman.

A scene of Joe & Boan playing cards & being interrupted by a Captain Ross on the loudspeaker calling all hands to assemble in the mess room. Boan wisecracking about Petrox bought by Howard Hughes & working for the CIA.

A scene of a mexican crew member named Garcia spying on Dwan while she’s showering,ends with Jack tossing Garcia overboard with a life preserver.

A scene showing the crew watching an old movie on TV. Roy Bagley observing the oil-like substance under a microscope, he swigs some wine & calls for a boat to take him ashore.
Longer battle between Kong & the gigantic snake,ends with an alternate and less gory take of Kong killing the snake & beating his chest.

Extra footage of Kong breaking through the wall.

Before Jack enters Dwan’s dressing room he is confronted by a security guard.

Additional dialogue between Dwan & Wilson.

During Kong’s rampage a Petrox head exectutive tells Wilson he’s fired.

After Kong steps on Wilson,the camera pulls back to reveal that all that’s left in Kong’s footprint is Wilson’s hat.

A scene of Dwan & Jack talking & running down a street trying to hotwire a car.

A scene of a car running in front of Kong,Kong picks it up & throws it against a building,where it explodes.

The three hour, two-part television version also includes:

A longer scene of Kong attacking the elevated train.

A longer scene of Kong hiding from search helicopters at the East River waterfront.

-Additional dialogue between Jack and Dwan in the bar.

-Two brief, additional clips of the military gaurding the Queensboro Bridge.

-An alternate, extended scene of Kong destroying the power station.

A longer scene of the City Official concurring with military advisors at City Hall, including a general telling the official they don’t have time to get Prescott’s head examined, and another advisor telling the official that standing around won’t get him votes.

Extended scene of Kong peering in the window at Dwan in the bar.

A short scene of a military official ordering jet fighters to be aborted and choppers sent in instead.

A scene of Jack stealing a discarded ten-speed bike and racing after Kong down a New York street.

Three short clips of Kong lumbering down Wall Street with Dwan in hand.

A brief clip of the helicopter gunships taking off.

An extended scene of Kong climbing the World Trade Center and pausing to rest a moment about halfway up.

I know many people don’t like this film but I don’t think it is a bad film.