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Info: Star Wars unseen - to find all deleted scenes from all 6 Saga movies

pittrek said:

 Well this goes far beyond what I originally had in mind, but it's definitely worth thinking about. Do you have the german "Making of Empire" and Parbot's documentary?


Also, you seem to watch documentaries more often than I, maybe you'll be able to help me with one thing. Years ago when I first had an idea about doing this, I've seen "some" documentary about Empire. When they came to the scene where the wampa catches Luke, I remember clearly the documentary had MORE lines of Luke's monologue before the wampa arm through him off the tauntaun. I always thought it was the standard SPFX documentary but when I watch it now the extra lines are not there. I thought of course I just imagined them (I've seen the documentary years ago), but now that we have the ebook footage we have the proof that Luke had more lines. Unfortunately the footage is silent. Do you have any idea which documentary could have these "extra lines"?

i don´t  know.

watch the documentaries.maybe you will find what you search.

they are all the lost making of the empire strikes back dokumentaries with different footage.

can´t find the german making of.maybe i will upload it on myspleen later.

Info: Star Wars unseen - to find all deleted scenes from all 6 Saga movies

pittrek said:

Hi guys & gals,

I've been working for some time now on a little personal preservation. The goal is/was to

- find all deleted scenes from all 6 movies (my main source were the bluray set, the Making of ebooks and a couple of trailers)

i have done this with EP IV.

 the special edition was my source.

i put all scenes in i can find.

i do no clean up,color correction,sound,and so far...

there are more sources as you say.

many in behind the scenes or making of´s when you watch closely.

don´t forget the empire of dreams disc.

pittrek said:

- try to find out "where" do they belong in the movie

 watch star wars begins,building empire or returning to jedi.

or here:

the adigitalman edition EP I-III got all deleted scenes in the movie (or most).

The Revenge Of The Jedi - ROTJ Re-edit. A Fiery Editor Fan Edit. (* cancelled project *)

Obi Benuubi said:

benduwan said:

Shorten the Jabba scene to only start when Luke comes in and add the sandstorm scene.

 how will you restore the voices in the sandstorm scene?

I think this might help a little. It's not perfect, but it will be a little helpful.

 yes i know this,but it´s not what it original was and it´s no original dialog.