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Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga 4k UHD -- 27 DISC Boxed Set -- 3/31/2020

Ronster said:

Yep… And they should be the Disney+ versions on the new release.

Deleted scenes is where it is at to get you to buy something again and again it does not matter even if they are not very good just to see them is amazing… Here is a list of what should be shown we know about.

Star Wars

  1. Conference scene extended footage we have been shown

  2. Motti in front of viewscreen alternate take “final checks complete”

  3. Shot of Used Spacecraft salesman in Mos-Eisley there was a large scale model created for this small scene(is it small?)

  4. The Yellow and Black Land Speeder driving through the stormtrooper checkpoint at Mos Eisley (proper camera angle from the side)

  5. Close ups of Dewbacks or any alterative shots for the storm troopers finding the escape pod.

  6. Han Talking about “Five fire rings of Fornax” in relation to how hard it is to get back to the falcon in Hanger 327 on the Death Star

  7. Deleted Holo Chess stop motion animation

  8. Anything Else

Empire Strikes Back

  1. Shot of Luke swinging the Lightsaber at the Wampa

  2. Chewie Shooting at the storm trooper killing him after Boba Fett escapes

  3. Missing Gun Battle footage of Cloud city guards vs Storm troopers

  4. Missing shots from gun battle at the falcon docking bay escape from cloud city

  5. Lando pulling Luke across the falcon under cloud city rescue

  6. Audio or footage relating to the turret the Probe droid destroys

  7. Trapped in the Elevator scene Cloud city

  8. Leia and Han kiss on Falcon in Color

  9. Anything else


  1. Luke snaps scout troopers neck on speeder Bike blue screen shot in good quality

  2. Yoda “Obi-wan would have told you had I let him” Line and any other shots like R2 repairing the x-wing.

  3. Rancor Stuff

  4. Anything else

Pretty Tight ROTJ I think…But a bit cheaper

I don’t think there is actually that much left to be honest.

Any better camera angles appreciated 😃

agree with this

Seeking Blade Runner (US Broadcast Version) 1986

crissrudd4554 said:

benduwan said:

crissrudd4554 said:

Plus nudity, violence and language is reduced.

😮 😒

why would someone watch a cut version?

Sometimes edited for TV versions feature footage not seen in the normal cut even if it is tone down specific content for television broadcasting.

and are there scenes not in the other versions?