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Star Wars VistaVision “8-Perf X-Wing Wedges” Preservation

beaz said:

Star Wars VistaVision “8-Perf X-Wing Wedges” Preservation


“At ILM, its VistaVision Moviola, made from a cannibalized movement (interior mechanism) extracted from a Technirama VistaVision camera.” - The Making of Star Wars by J.W. Rinzler

As a huge fan of the movies of the original trilogy and a long time researcher of the miniatures built for them, I went out on a limb and purchased this roll of VistaVision film purporting to come from ILM-Van Nuys:

image 1

What interested me most about the roll of film in this auction what I could make out of a few of the light table scans in the auction web page:

image 2
image 3
image 4

From what I could make out, the roll contained a series of individual visual effects elements which would be composited together for some of the most iconic shots in the first film. So I eagerly bought the roll and contacted a friend in the film industry to see if we couldn’t figure out a way to have it cleaned, scanned and preserved.

Here’s the roll now in my shop, sitting amongst a very small portion of my collection of ILM-Van Nuys-sourced miniature ephemera:

image 5

It took some doing to find a lab that had the necessary equipment to mount, clean and scan what is by now a quite ancient film format. After being turned away three or four times, my friend in California found a place that was willing to do the job, and once they realized what we had, were even excited about an opportunity to assist with the preservation of something this rare.

We’re still processing the results of this scan, but here’s a preview of what we found on this small reel:

image 6

image 7

image 8

image 9

image 10

image 11

What we’re looking at here is the matte element for the following frame in the film:

image 12

image 13

And here is the X-Wing miniatures element for this frame in the film:

image 14

I’ve been enjoying color-correcting each frame:

image 15

And here are just a few of those:

image 16

image 17

More to come…

the links don´t work…😦

Star Wars titel not released in HD

there are many good star wars stuff out there that not is available in HD.
i like them and would love to see them in higher quality.
there are more behind the scenes,making of´s,shows,scenes… that should be released in hd?
only for the OT please.
maybe someday disney hear this cry…😉

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buzzclub said:

Hal 9000 said:

Very nice clips. I wonder, if you aren’t using audio sources other than the BluRay itself (and it seems not deleted scenes which use English vocals), perhaps it would be possible to “reconnect media” when you are done to export an English version as well?

I especially like everything about Finn on the Star Destroyer, the entrance and the exit.

I have finished a English Version and a German Version, yet. (English Opening Crawl and Audio) (German Opening Crawl and Audio).

wo finde ich diese version?
in deutsch natürlich 😉

Attack of the Clones - Centropy UAR version

Sishyo512 said:

^…^ said:

benduwan said:

so what´s with your deleted sw movie projekt?

Halted, at least unless someone more skilled than me would be able to clean up EP 4,5,6 deleted scenes, and possibly colorize the b&w scenes - about this, there is a nice tutorial on doom9, under avisynth usage subforum.

I’m definitely not skilled, but I could try to clean up the deleted scenes. Colorizing however, you would have to ask someone with much more expertise.

than you should read here: