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Revenge of the Sith - Expanded Edition (Released)

SandMTV said:

ZaneFlare92 said:

Bobson, I don’t know if you’re a fan pf the Clone Wars but if you’d give it some thought, would you make a ultimate version with your fan edit and the last 4 Episodes with the Clone Wars? It would be a pretty epic extended edition.

And if you add in the 2D Clone Wars (How Palpatine got kidnapped) and Fallen Order (Order 66), it would be the true extended edition! Also add in Obi-wan’s message audio from Rebels during the final minuts of the credits.

there some out there…no need to do this again…

ALIEN: REDUX - The Virtual Workprint (Released)

hello and thanks for your edit.
i watch it and find some errors.
the movie complete is unsharped in all moving scenes.
between the scenes at 01:09:12 parker hold the head and the foot of kane is a wrong frame of lambert.
at 01:10:14 the alien escape from table is a wrong frame from ash.
maybe you should check all scene changes between the movie scenes and the new unused scenes.
the flamethrower scene at 01:57:52 is interlaced.
the " new " scenes should more color corrected like the movie scenes.
magix pro has a automatic color correction.
you can correct them very easy.isn´t 100% but often realy good.
and i will suggest convert the movie in 1280 x 544 (without black bars).
the unused scenes are in lower resolution and you can make a higher bitrate for quality.
so far i like the long version.
maybe insert multible language… 😉

<strong>Revenge of the Sith + The Clone Wars 4 hour Supercut 2020</strong> (V4) (Released)

RioReverso said:

Hello there fellow fans!

How’s it going? I just want to say thank you so much to all of you for showing interest in seeing my supercut. My sincere appreciation also to those who have shared their thoughts and feedback. That means so much to me.

Do you guys want me to do another edit on the supercut? If so what changes do you want to see? I’m kinda in a mood to do another edit so please share your thoughts.

Peace ✌️

the OT

Star Wars Tosche Station Restored (a WIP)

Sky_ said:

benduwan said:

which scene you plan after this to clean?

Return Of the Jedi, Luke Fixing his Sabre

great,that sounds realy great.but,if i can make a suggestion,i would prefer to stay on the scenes from a new hope.
so can the fans use them for the edit and must not wait a long time when they all ready.
only my 5c.
and you do a damn good job sir.
thanks,many thanks.

Star Wars saga - Extra Extended Edition (1080p) (* unfinished project / WIP *)

Bobson Dugnutt said:

G&G-Fan said:

Wow, this sounds incredibly ambitious and I am looking forward to it, especially the ROTS scene of Yoda communicating with Qui-Gon and the ROTJ scene with Darth Vader in his meditation chamber trying to reach Luke. I’ve never seen anyone try to restore these scenes. Would it be possible to get a preview of them?

ROTS is done as you can read further here

And ROTJ would be a long way off, not sure what film I’d tackle next though, but ROTJ is ambitious

empire.not so heavy i would say…😉