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Alien: The Extended Cut

Alienuncut1979 said:

benduwan said:

Alienuncut1979 said:

heathen3017 said:

I also assume you used all elements of the theatrical and director’s cut…?

Yes that is what I used. the only parts I used from the Director’s Cut where the Cocoon Scene and the Alien and cat scene

cool.would like to see this mega extended movie.
do you make the others too?

at some point I will do Aliens. but my next project is making the original trilogy of star wars uncut

so,like i do?😉

Star Wars saga - Extra Extended Edition (1080p)

^…^ said:

EP6: used a 1.33:1 alternate take from deleted scenes, and inserted into the original 2.35:1 version; it can be a “punch in the eye” for many, but, who knows, maybe someone could appreciate it!

EP6 alt take

he´s back 😃
i wouldn´t insert this behind scene.
the scene is complete and it´s unnecessary to bring a lower quality scene because there are no cuts to extend this scene.
by the way,do work on this now (extended movies)?

The Original Radical Redux Ideas Thread

4throck said:

I have no problem with removing the Ewoks since the Endor sequence is the weakest part of the film.
The extended bunker and Jerjerrod scenes would make up for it in depth.

Considering new material that needs to be created, realistically I think we can show:

  • Luke going to Had Abaddon and surrender (Rogue, Ep II)
  • Had Abaddon (Rogue, Ep II, TFA )
  • Rebel base & holograms ( TFA )

A movie like this would be more “episodic”, with less exposition due to cut dialog.

…called the extra special special edition…

The Original Radical Redux Ideas Thread

4throck said:

benduwan said:
how long would vader wait for luke?hours??

I’m taking the Emperor’s commands literally:

EMPEROR: Then you must go to the Sanctuary Moon and wait for them.
VADER: (skeptical) He will come to me?
EMPEROR: I have foreseen it. His compassion for you will be his undoing. He will come to you and then you will bring him before me.

Also Luke’s conversation with Leia:

LUKE: Vader is here…now, on this moon.
LEIA (alarmed): How do you know?
LUKE: I felt his presence. He’s come for me.

So Vader is on the Moon before C3PO tells the story and really waits for hours.
Remember that Vader is being played by the Emperor.

than you should remove the incoming at-at when vader lands…

The Original Radical Redux Ideas Thread

4throck said:

This is slightly confusing:

  • Luke senses Vader on Endor and goes to him.
  • But we only see Vader landing after that!

It’s obvious the scenes where intended on a different sequence. Something like:

  • After 3CPO’s God scene, we cut to Vader landing (at dusk).
  • Normal Ewok village scenes. Luke notices Vader’s presence. If you look at Luke’s expressions during 3CPO’s story, it’s clear he is distracted. (night).
  • Luke talks with Leia and goes to Vader (early dawn).
  • Imperial walker closeup, then platform scenes with Luke and Vader as normal (light here also implies dawn).

I’ve edited it like this and it works. You need to show time passing, otherwise Luke leaves in a rush.
Here’s what I have (along with many many edits, like no Han when Luke leaves Leia and WIP color correction 😉 )

i see the shuttle landing and the at-at is arrive.
we all know luke is in there.
how long would vader wait for luke?hours??
luke arrives at the moment vader is landing.that should be not changend.only my 2 cents…🙊