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Star Wars Holiday Special - Zion Hybrid v2

Oswarez said:

I too made my own Special Edition of the Holiday Special.
I used the “Broadcast Master” copy that’s out there and blew it up to 720p.
I gathered a few extras for the disc as well, a commentary track that I found by the B-Movie podcast as well as various clips of the cast and crew discussing making the thing as well as the commercials and the CBS promo.

When I figure out how to upload the ISO up to trackers I’ll do it.

you don´t use the bluray for some scenes?

Alien: The Extended Cut

DestronTC said:

First off, this is clearly my edit that you made a few additions to, which I’d’ve appreciated if you’d at least mentioned. Overall that choice was detrimental because it gave you a lot less to work with when making your alterations.

that´s what i thought too.he got the same wrong frames in like you at 2m49s.

The encoding is pretty bad, and that could have been avoided if you’d built it from the ground up. I’ve never heard of this Power Director software you’re using, but if you’re looking for a good, free editing software, I’d highly recommend Davinci Resolve. I don’t use it myself but I’ve dabbled in it, and it’s incredible; Adobe Premiere level software.

i use magix.isn´t expensive.less than 100€.

A great deal of your additions were worthwhile, but a lot of them either had jumpy sound work or no sound
at all, such as the new shots in the egg silo and Sigourney Weaver’s screen test. You can get the full screen tests with audio off the Quadrilogy DVD, or the Blu Ray set. There are great sections where the audio is off sync as well.

the sound is on 2 places async for several minutes.
some shots are double and in lower quality.

You also had some widescreen footage set in 4x3, that could have been cropped off properly.
Overall it pains me to say that I’m not impressed, but I would love to see you do better work in the future! If you have any questions about anything I would be glad to help!

higher quality movie with all missing scenes in would be great.

Book Of The Dead II DVD (Evil Dead II TV Version)

ChainsawAsh said:

Maybe you’ll have better luck than you did two years ago?

benduwan said:

See No Evil said:

Ordinarily yes I might share it freely online, but I run, which uses masses of Evil Dead Trilogy material on the goodwill that it isn’t slapped with a copyright suit. Up to now that’s never been an issue (and I know other ED sites have had one or more issues). Online sharing of this DVD would be outright piracy on a grand scale and indeed pushing my luck with the site which comes first.

Plus only trading it as a physical DVD set between collectors means I retain control over the quality. I can properly print off the cover & disc arts as I designed them (on the right type of paper, cropped accurately), use decent Verbatim DVD-DL discs that will last and put them in a proper DVD case. You know, give someone a complete package. I’ve taken a good amount of time to craft this DVD, been waiting years for some of the items there. I want this DVD to be as special to the person who wants it as it is to me. Not just another disposable download among millions others that you click>watch>delete just because it’s there & free. Sounds a silly thing to be bothered about but there you go.

any chance to get it?



DestronTC said:

I was tossing this idea around in my head. Maybe two versions: 720x480 to match low quality behind the scenes footage, and one in 1920x1080, but with a high quality 35mm grain plate over all the sub-hd footage to give it

i will suggest 1280 x 536 without black bars.
the file isn´t as big like 1920 x 1080.
at 3m from tv you don´t see a different.

Besides Giger’s Alien, that is, which I can get off the 'spleen.

there are 2 different vesions off them.1 from vhs and 1 from laserdisc.


so,a good job so far.
i didn´t know some cuts.
there are some things that should be changed.
the movie has many artefacts and jumps. no realy enjoyment for watching.
you should use the bluray as sorce and convert it to 1280x536 (without black bars).
you can do a higher bitrate.
Alienuncut1979 and DestronTC,you are members of myspleen?
there are many sources from alien.
if you need somthing maybe i can help.
i own :
the 2 disc century cinedition from AvP 1 and alien 1 - 4 as dvd.
the 1 disc from AvP 2 as dvd too.
the bluray 6 film collection from alien 1 - 6.
the bluray alien anthology (1 - 4) facehugger 8 disc collection.
all german releases.