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First Impressions of the OOT ...
Originally posted by: Go-Mer-Tonic
"Quality" is subjective right?

The quality of these OUT DVDs is not as good as it could have been. That is
NOT "subjective" opinion, that is FACT!

- A clean print is better than a dirty print.
- Anamorphic is better than non-anamorphic.
- Uncompressed sound is better than compressed sound.
- A transfer is better without DVNR, and other inherited LD artifacts than with them.
- An image looks better without excessive film grain than with it.

These are facts and not open to subjectivity, and you would have a very hard time indeed convincing anyone in the industry otherwise!

Oh, and Lucas also agrees! He did it for the SE!

First Impressions of the OOT ...
Originally posted by: gltaylor74It doesn't me. About two minutes in I forget about watching for flaws and watch the films.

I am genuinely pleased that you are able to watch the films without being distracted by the visual stepping of motion present in these DVDs.

Personally however, I unfortunately do find the 'motion ghosting' distracting, and don't really think that it acceptable by modern DVD standards.

How Lucas can satisfy the fans.
Originally posted by: 88keyzDid we put conditions on our request, not that I recall.

We really shouldn't have to, should we?

There is a standard of quality that is expected these days when films are released on the DVD format, to which even the most obscure titles manage to attain.

George Lucas failed to meet that standard by quite a margin with this release, and I don't quite see how we should be overly grateful for paying premium prices for a non-premium, 'no effort' product.

Lucas must really hate these so called 'unfinished' works, as he has shown these movies absolutely no respect whatsoever with this release.

We have been thrown scraps from the table in a hope that it would keep us quiet for a while, that's all!

This dvd was not the act of a 'cheerful giver'!
Do you REALLY think there will be remastered versions of the OOT or whatever? I don't.
Originally posted by: marioxb
The only reason I like the original originals is because, well no reason. I don't prefer them by any means

What you are missing here is that many many people DO prefer the original movies over the SE. Is it right that fans
are not able to enjoy the version of these movies they prefer, at quality that is acceptable by TODAY's standards?

The real kicker though, is that it would be so easy for Lucas to resolve, but he adamantly refuses to do so!

Look, the originals are now on DVD.

Yes they are now on DVD, but not using a transfer that the format demands today, or even demanded years ago!

How Lucas can satisfy the fans.
You wouldn't believe how simple it is!

All it requires is brand new transfer taken from original sources using current technology, original aspect ratio presented anamorphic, and colours that remain untampered with and true to the original release of the movie.

Heck, I dont even mind if there is a little bit of film dust and scratches as long as the definition is there, and we don't get the 'ghosting' and 'peculiar' grain that appears on this latest offering.

Oh and a choice of the original sound mixes, uncompressed, would be nice too!

Not too much to ask is it?
What SE changes (if any) did people like?
Originally posted by: iamstillhiro1112
I don't think anyone could be suprised to see what Jabba looks like at this point. Maybe in 87, but Jabba is a culture icon now. Even people who don't watch these all the time know what he looks like. So seeing him in Episode 1 and 4 don't seem to kill anything.

I really dislike the added Jabba scene in the SE, and not only for the obvious and poorly executed CGI either.

In my opinion Han would have managed to get off Tatooine WAY before Jabba even got the chance to catch up with him.

In fact, I don't think Han would be careless enough to leave any trails to allow Jabba to discover where the Falcon was docked.
Han was better than that!

Just another thing to mess up Han's character, and is right up there with the 'Greedo shoots' scene for me!

POLL: So Who Bought Them & Who Didn't? (the 2006 GOUT DVD release)
Originally posted by: CO
Sure I bought this release, cause it was the O-OT in any better quality than I have, but what has happened is now if every future release, (2007 Saga Boxset, HD-DVD Saga Boxset, 3-D movies in the theater, etc.) If they don't contain the O-OT versions fully remastered, he aint gettin a dime for me.

Totally with you on this one!

POLL: So Who Bought Them & Who Didn't? (the 2006 GOUT DVD release)
I went ahead and purchased, as it is better than any copy of the original versions that I have previously owned, and I just can't watch the SE.

I do feel as if I am being slightly punished by uncle George with a substandard offering though, simply for prefering the originals over his cgi 'enhanced' creations.

Yes, the originals are now finally on dvd, but it's very bittersweet moment indeed. :/

Still, I'm looking forward to the XO even more now.
So, a simple question....
Originally posted by: eros
after looking at those caps of the NTSC version I think the PAL is probably the best way to go, although it's zoomed in very slightly compared to the NTSC it looks neater without the black borders at the sides.

The "black borders at the sides" will be present on both NTSC and PAL dvd if played on a widescreen TV.

The dvd will not be able to determine the size/width of your TV due to the 'non-anamorphic' issue, so you will
have to manually 'tell' the television to scale the image to the width of the screen to omit the black side bar effect.
Anyone Planning on Making Anamorphic Versions Using the 09/12 OUT DVDs?
Originally posted by: R2D2
Am I right then, that I get a better anamorphic picture when I take the NTSC GOUT DVD as source for resizing?

It's like:
NTSC Master Tape 720x480 --> Scaling to PAL 720x576 --> Scaling to Anamorphic PAL.
NTSC Master Tape 720x480 --> Scaling to Anamorphic PAL.

If the PAL version is indeed upscaled from the NTSC Master I would of thought it would be better to go direct from the NTSC dvd.
There would be interpolation through the enlargement process to achieve the PAL res height of 576.

.: The XØ Project - Laserdisc on Steroids :. (SEE FIRST POST FOR UPDATES)
Originally posted by: Fuser
OK - I just scoured the official site as I knew I'd read it somewhere - I quote:
"This limited time release will be the only DVD release of the unaltered theatrical films."

So there you have it. The unaltered release wont be on the box-set.

Does make you wonder how on earth the LFL marketing team is going to make a box set appeal to fans of the OUT?

With the GOUT dvd 'trump' card already played, what else is there to really go on?

No Jedi mind trick is gonna make me cough up the cash for more digital trickery, that's for sure!