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Best LaserDisc Player for capturing?

If you can afford an X0, go for it. NOW! 😄

If you can grab instead an X9, I think it’s the best of the bunch, better than HLD-1000; then S9.

S1 was a reference player (can’t say if it’s better than the previous models), but if you can find an S2/X1, it should be a lot better, though.

I’d go to the LDDB forum and ask for help, there are many experts that could help you.

The Keep (1983) 35mm Preservation

Necroupdate and slightly off topic, but thought maybe someone still subscribed to this thread may be interested…

Just released a fan restoration project; used the 1080i HDTV source provided by ShaneLSD (THANKS A LOT!); regraded using DVD as color reference (hence now no more magenta blanket) and slapped a 35mm film grain plate over it, slowed down to proper 23.976fps, got the usual five audio and subs languages tracks, plus the restored soundtrack, all as a BD-25 - indeed, around 12GB, as it’s very soft, and 16mbps average video bitrate retain all the details and grain.

Have fun!

CABAL (Alternate extended cut of Nightbreed)

Just finished to watch “Nightbreed - The Cabal Cut” retail version. Some considerations:

  • of 12 minutes added, I think about 9/10 are very good quality, probably they used the deletes scenes; still, no color correction
  • the rest has an awful quality - VHS “as is” including noise and drop-outs; the shots which originally had timecodes, were cut on the bottom, and a black box is placed over the top timecode… and almost all could be dropped, as most shots were mere fillers.

So, I think this project still have a reason to be finished, maybe using the good parts of this retail version as source.

Alien: Covenant - IMAX edition [spoRv]

ilyasdesign40 said:

oh ok, so you don’t use RG or UL on ncrypt for example

if not I have to give this a pass!

“Oh no, I must live with the fact ilyasdesign40 didn’t get my project…”

Not only I worked a lot, for free, but I also MUST upload my project on a preferred place, with preferred method, following a newbie, never-did-something-for-the-community-apart-vomit-bad-things-and-askinkg-everything-on-the-whole-forum request?

Well, this is the kind of people that let me think to stop making projects right now… don’t want to be banned to have answered you in a way you deserve, so I stop here.

Please DO NOT POST ANYMORE in any of my threads, thanks.

Alien: Covenant - IMAX edition [spoRv]

To whom it may concern: the new version is out - Alien: Covenant IMAX [Fundamental Collection] - now all the IMAX/open matte shots are perfect, no more subtitles and/or logo remains, and eventual top/bottom “slices” differences in brightness and/or color, due to the use of two sources, are completely gone.

More, it’s the usual multi language edition (English, French, German, Italian, Spanish audio and subtitles) plus the Russian tracks, and the English commentary with related foreign subs.

Now you can find it in that demonic place. Have fun!