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Planet of the Apes Blu-Ray

ChainsawAsh said:

Moon is absolutely amazing.  Duncan Jones, the writer/director, is David Bowie's son.  The Blu-Ray looks and sounds fantastic.

The Blu-Ray of CE3K looks amazing, as well, and includes all 3 versions to boot (take that, GL!).

I haven't seen Apes on BR, so I don't know how that one looks.

Sounds like you got a nice sci-fi collection there!  Three of my favorites in high def all in one go...

Speaking of David Bowie, check out my avatar. Moon reminded me of some of the classic sci-fi films, I think part of it has to do with using the practical special effects.

Barnes and Noble had a buy two get one free thing going on, so I got POTA free. It's a bonus the cover doesn't give away the ending like the old DVD I had did.



Any favorite Star Wars scenes?

This has probably been posted somewhere else, but what is your favorite scene from the trilogy?

For me, It’s probably the part in Star Wars when Luke is watching the suns set. The John Williams score is so powerful, and makes me remember back to when I was little for some reason.


The Favourite Scene from the Original Trilogy? thread is now more suited for erm… scenes from the Original Trilogy - this one is more for scenes from non-Original Trilogy content 😃