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ZigZig's THE PHANTOM MENACE Theatrical reconstruction 1080p – V1.0 work in progress

Actually, those examples were made when I was working on a reconstruction made from HDTV sources (just like ChewieLewis), there was no BD in it.
Since then, I rebooted my project from scratch and I currently use BD as my main source (which is far less cropped than HDTV and ChewieLewis’ reconstruction).

Harmy's STAR WARS Despecialized Edition HD - V2.7 MKV IS OUT NOW

ChainsawAsh said:

And Blutopia is overly strict even for a private tracker. I’d be surprised if my account hasn’t been deactivated from disuse by now, honestly. You must seed uninterrupted for 14 days after snatching something, with very limited leeway for downtime, and VPN use is prohibited entirely? Come on, guys, I have one laptop that I take back and forth to and from work, and I can’t exactly seed from work, and certainly not without a VPN if I even wanted to risk it.


ZigZig's THE PHANTOM MENACE Theatrical reconstruction 1080p – V1.0 work in progress

Chewielewis said:

Likely re-rendered for the 3D conversion. Or maybe they grabbed the wrong filmout file?

Yes, I thought the same thing.

But I’m not sure: the theatrical scene has more depth than the BR re-rendered scene. Furthermore, other scenes would have also deserved a new rendering for 3D (final battle in space, pod race) but yet they have not been re-rendered.

Anyway, you’re right: it would be great to have that released on bluray one day.

ZigZig's THE PHANTOM MENACE Theatrical reconstruction 1080p – V1.0 work in progress

Skippy The Jedi Droid said:

Interesting. Do you want to elaborate more on that?

Of course. Here is the exact same frame from the theatrical version (HDTV), compared to the Blu-Ray (at 00.09.56) :

I only stretched and warped the HDTV version to fit perfectly the BR.

As you can see, some ships are in the same place, some are not, some are added… Obviously, the entire scene was rerendered for the Blu-Ray (possibly for the same reason than adding a bridge near the Palace of Theed…).

ZigZig's THE PHANTOM MENACE Theatrical reconstruction 1080p – V1.0 work in progress

Hi Skippy!

I’ll add grain (using a proper original grain scanned in 4K) at the end of the process.
The complete project contains :

  • rebuilding/rotoscoping missing/changed BR scenes :
    • original logo and crawl (1 scene)
    • jedi speed effect (2 scenes)
    • Gunray and Haako looking at Jedi’s escape (2 scenes)
    • invasion of Naboo (first scene above the planet - previously undetected change) (1 scene)
    • hand of Fode and Beed (1 scene)
    • missing podrace scenes (2 scenes)
    • arrival on Coruscant (3 scenes)
    • human cameo in the Senate (1 scene)
    • Theed bridge (1 scene)
    • original Yoda (all scenes with Yoda)
    • misc corrections and missing frames (ex : first frame of first scene)
  • original cut in full HD
  • new DTS source directly from theatrical CD-ROM + original Dolby 6.1 track
  • original colors (regraded on a scene by scene basis)
  • original alien subtitles (recreated from 35mm scan)
  • original grain
  • original ratio (based on 35 mm scan : 806x1920 instead of 820x1920)
  • original theatrical cropping (based on theatrical bootlegs)

If I have enough time:

  • lot of bonuses (theatrical advertising and trailers, George’s masterclass, making of)
  • BR authoring
  • several versions (23.976p vs 24p, with or without alien subtitles).

Trillary Dump is also involved in this project (for the original artwork, maybe the making of, and some finds of valuable sources).

Star Wars: deleted and extended scenes * database *

Ronster said:

Ok so an unsuspecting Deleted Scene… Actually this scrolling Planet Surface is Used for Approaching the Death Star in the Film but the Planet has been inverted in Color and Rotated 180 degrees…

If you look at the planet scrolling Surface once we See the X-wings Heading Towards Camera the Correct Scrolling Surface is Used for the Orange Planet Yavin. Instead of Reversing the Scrolling Texture they Decided to use this Scroll instead perhaps because it was rotating in the right direction for the effect of passing the planet.

It was Actually created for the Alderaan part of the film.

So How does it Work?

Ok the orierntation is correct in the Image the Planet Scrolls toward the Horizon… The Star Field Moves left to Right and the Death Star can Move and pivot as a footage Matte or 2D image element.

This would create a 3D effect using 2D elements so as to simulate the Death Star in Orbit.

This would Mean that That when seeing Alderaan out the Viewscreen on The Death Star it would have been either Stationary (Most Likely) or come in from the left to the center of the screen.

Isn’t that totally off topic? A picture from a story book is not a deleted scene…
(and why the hell is the thumb blue? Is the book hold by a Smurf?)

Star Wars 4K77 - Regraded - No DNR

I’m a little bit confused…
According to several reference sites, CRF=0 is true lossless (in the same color space). said:

The range of the CRF scale is 0–51, where 0 is lossless said:

0 is lossless (Lower the value, higher is the quality) said:

Yes it’s truly lossless in the same colorspace
When people talk about “lossless” codecs in terms of video, it refers to the decoded output. So the decoded output of say, a lagarith lossless encode in YUV 4:2:0 will be the same as the decoded output of x264 crf0 YUV 4:2:0 using intra only, or the decoded output of x264 crf0 YUV 4:2:0 long GOP + some slower settings. The only difference in terms of quality will be the last one will be smaller in filesize . The decoded output and uncompressed filesize will be exactly the same for all 3

ZigZig's THE PHANTOM MENACE Theatrical reconstruction 1080p – V1.0 work in progress

Some news after many weeks …

Since ChewieLewis’ project ( started on the same basis as mine, and since ChewieLewis told me that he wanted to deliver his project as soon as possible in 2018 (and thus, it wouldn’t be possible to collaborate because my work speed was much more slow than his), it seemed constructive to me, for the benefit of all, to restart/reload my own project on a new different base, even closer to the “Despecialized” approach: rebuilding TPM in HD by taking Blu-Ray as the main source (instead of merging HDTV and STDV sources).

As a result, the OT community will benefit from two different approaches:

  • a reconstruction from HTDV and SDTV sources (ChewieLewis’ project)
  • a despecialization from Blu-Ray (my project).

The process is obviously more complicated, but is well advanced:

  • rebuilding every altered scene (mainly via rotoscoping + the modeling technique I developed for the previous project) - almost done
  • color grading and cropping on a scene by scene basis - to be done

I have also been able to find other major sources (ie captures from the first DLP version of Texas Instruments in 1999, or negative scans with original cinematographic subtitles).

I’ll try to deliver the final result for the 20th anniversary of TPM (19th May 2019)

NB: I sincerely regret that ChewieLewis insisted so much on finishing the project in 2018 - which was the main reason for our lack of collaboration (since I was not able to work so fast)… finally, his project was not delivered as fast as he said in 2018, so we could have collaborate.
That’s life… 😃

Some comparaisons :