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Info: Star Wars The Lost Cut - Everything We Know About It...
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6-Feb-2020, 11:56 AM
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Ronster said:

yotsuya said:

Ronster said: %1%24s&

After watching your video this was the main point of contention regarding the falcon gun special effect shot. I know you got that info from a wikipedia page that I feel is incorrect info and I don’t blame you for taking that statement at face value.

The link above describes the shoot out where Greedo comes to collect Jabbas money and they both get caught up with the stormtroopers. Greedo dies and Han escapes.

Kind Regards

I could see George thinking about changing when the Greedo scene happened and how it happened and getting something alternate, but I’m pretty sure that if this was filmed that it was never in any cut.

What you see in the finished film “is” this scene with the greedo / Rhodian character edited out.

oojason said:

The thread has been somewhat cleaned so it is now back to being about 13las’ video project on ‘The Lost Cut’.

Both the mods and 13las don’t want to see repeat of what occurred in here earlier - thank you.

I strongly suggest you pay heed to this - I don’t want to have go through all that we’ve been just been through again, and nor does anyone else.

Please feel free to post such claims and any others in your own ‘Lost Cut’ thread - but not in here - not without more substantiated evidence other than an assumed / ‘could have been’ scenario… thank you.

I hope you all enjoyed 13las’ Lost Cut video - and his project in here on it (without the false & disingenuous claims that it was something to do with the Prequels or other similar nonsense that descended into a mud-slinging match).