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A New Hope: The Reimagined Cut | SC 38 Reimagined + Rogue One + Hal 9000 + Adywan (V1.1.1 available, V2 on indefinite hold)

Hey everyone. Apologize for the lack of updates. Sadly, any progress I’ve made on V2 has been lost. My laptop got a blue screen, and upon reinstalling a new OS (Ubuntu was the only OS that would work) it erased my save files. Though, I had stopped working on it for the longets time, so it’s not like I lost anything that could be redone easily.
I would love to repair my laptop, but Id rather just get a new computer entirely. I have a lot of ideas about adding scenes, including mocapped scenes. Like, instead of the Darth Vader cold open, I was thinking about an intro of showing a family on Jedha, trying to make a living but one of them wondering why the Empire suddenly left, and everyone else tells him not to worry. Of course, Jedha is destroyed. It’d be a big emotional scene, and this would set up the Death Star as a big threat for the movie. Even though later we see Alderaan destroyed, I feel that we could see up close how innocent people are affected by the Empire. I think it’d really up the stakes.
Another scene would be Obi-Wan talking to Luke about Vader (“How did my father die?” “A young Jedi named Darth Vader…”), and it shows him slaughtering many people, including Jedi in hiding. This idea was inspired by the Darkseid story scene from Zack Snyder’s Justice League.
The scene would end right when Obi-Wan says “He betrayed and murdered your father.”
I have so many ideas, but lack the knowledge and resources to make these a reality. If anyone as questions, wants to know more, or discuss my ideas (like what could actually work if incorporated into the movie), let me know.

I know a lot of you might not want to know about personal stuff, as this is a place for people to share fan edits and escape the harshness of life, but I feel I have to say something since it’s affecting even this hobby of mine; my personal life and my family are in a REALLY bad place right now for several reasons. One of them being money, which means I’ve been working many long hours just to help keep all of our heads above water. It’s pretty much been two steps forward, one step back. So I don’t know when, if ever, I’d be able to resume working on this project. Ironically, hope isn’t something I have a lot of anymore for this project being finished in the near future.
A good thing that came from all of this is it all started as me dabbling in editing, not knowing what I’m doing at all (Most of you certainly noticed several issues with the edit.), but it all blossomed into me growing an affinity for filmmaking and special effects. Those are things I definitely want to pursue in the future when my life is in a good place. And who knows? Down the line I work on making these new scenes after I get filmmaking experience under my belt and get people to help me (perhaps including you all), we might end up creating one of the most ambitious fan edits in a long time. 🤷‍♂️ Star Wars is very near and dear to me. It helps me cope with the stugggles of life and when I’m feeling down, and that love I have for this universe will never die. I promise you all that.

A New Hope: The Reimagined Cut | SC 38 Reimagined + Rogue One + Hal 9000 + Adywan (V1.1.1 available, V2 on indefinite hold)

N3XUS12 said:

Hi, I’m going to join the host of others here by saying first this sounds really amazing!

And I would love to also get the link 😃

Thanks again for taking the time to do this!

Grudgeholderori said:

Hey could i get a link it sounds amazing

Thank you both! Links sent ☺

Skymuppet said:

The Force is strong in this one. The work you have done is impressive. I have really enjoyed this version. It has become one of my favorites. 😃

Thank you so much!! I’m thurougly glad you enjoyed my edit and that it’s become a favorite of yours 😁😁

A New Hope: The Reimagined Cut | SC 38 Reimagined + Rogue One + Hal 9000 + Adywan (V1.1.1 available, V2 on indefinite hold)

ObiOneKanoli said:

This project sounds very interesting. I’m in! May I please have a link to the V2 WIP?

Thank you for being interested! I don’t have a WIP cut of my edit. I might later down the road, but right now it’s far from that state. It’s both because it’s extremely difficult for me to work on it consistently (because of schooling, moving, and working at a job), and because what I’m aiming for V2 is far more ambitious than what I originally set out to do. Once when I get to a state where I can show off some progress, I’ll fully explain what I’m wanting to accomplish. I don’t want to make promises that may seem empty given my experience.

Anyway, thank you again for your interest!

A New Hope: The Reimagined Cut | SC 38 Reimagined + Rogue One + Hal 9000 + Adywan (V1.1.1 available, V2 on indefinite hold)

scarver85 said:

I really enjoyed this edit. The cold open was perfect and replacing scene 38 with the reimagined version was fun. This is definitely worth checking out if you want to experience A New Hope in a new way.

Thank you so much for leaving your thoughts! And I’m glad you enjoyed my edit! 😃