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Ideas: Re-edits for various movies
Good topic, Obi-wonton!

I think perfect candidates for re-editing are the "Kill Bill" films. Think of all the possibilities that one could do.

As for the Matrix sequels, I always thought that they were really about one 2 1/2 hour movie split into two 2-hour films. Reloaded especially. There's all sorts of crap that could be cut out of it. I don't understand why they actually want to add footage. At some point I'd like to edit both Reloaded and Revolutions together into one 150-165 minute film.

I also plan on editing the dvd release of the "Blues Brothers" back to the theatrical version.
Episode III: Revenge of the Sith (official)
I'm sure I'm in the minority, but I happen to find TPM to be far better than AOTC (not that either of them are that great). With some editing help, it could have been pretty good, and it succeeded on some fundamental levels. It also, for me, resembled a SW 'film'. AOTC was flawed on so many levels that I don't think anything less than a total overhaul could have saved it. Again, this is just my opinion though.
I'm thinking lawsuit...

why cant he just give them some sort of sub title???

When it comes to the question of why the O-OT hasn't been released, I don't believe GL when he says that the SE/DVD versions are his real 'vision' and that the OT was just a rough cut. The real reason he won't release them is that he is scared to death at the POSSIBILITY that if general public had the option between the two, they might find the OT better, therefor invalidating his precious SE/DVD versions (and wounding his ego). So, the sure fire way to keep this from happening is to eliminate the SE/DVD competition permanently. My main point is that he's intentionally calling the new DVD's "The Star Wars Trilogy" to further erase the notion of the originals. If he were to give the DVDs a subtitle, that would be acknowledging that there are still (two) seperate versions, which would undermine his attempt to get everyone accept his SE/DVDs as the "one" true version of the trilogy.

And although I totally think calling the DVDs "The Star Wars Trilogy" is misleading (and insulting the people at this site), I don't think he's really on too shaky of legal ground. When it comes to products like DVDs, I think the courts pretty much see it as a caveat emptor issue.
I'm thinking lawsuit...
I'm eagerly awaiting the release of the DVDs in September. Not because I'm buying them (I have absolutely no intention of buying them let alone even watching them) but because I want to see the reaction people have when they first see Hayden in ROTJ and other ridiculous changes that they don't yet know about. And although a LOT of people use the internet and whathaveyou, Ive noticed that most people interested in the DVDs don't know what their getting, precisely. Here's a typical conversation between me and a family member, friend, co-worker, ect...

Them: Hey, you like Star Wars, right? Are they out on DVD?

Me: The official release is in Sept.

Them: Cool! Those are movies are definitely ones I need to own.

Me: Good for you. Although you do realize that these aren't necessarily the ones you saw way back when.

Them: Huh?

Me: Well, George Lucas has "changed" some stuff around. For instance, Hayden Christiansen now appears in Return of the Jedi.

Them: Hayden who?

Me: Hayden Christiansen. He plays Anakin in the prequel movies. Basically, they cut out the scenes with the guy who originally played Luke's dad at the end, and have now added Hayden Christiansen in so, uh, everything "matches". There are also some other changes.

Them: Why'd they do that??????

Me: ...

Anyways, although the changes are still rumors, I just think that you're going to hear a noticeable befuddlement on the part of the general public when they pop their "Original Trilogy" into the DVD player and find out what they got. It will be interesting to say the least.
That Star Wars Feeling - that brought me here...
Excellent post, Obi-Wonton! You summed up my thoughts (as well as a lot of others I'm sure). I, honestly, have been in sort of funk when it comes to Star Wars recently (again, like a lot of others). I mean I love the OT, and always have. I also respect everyone else's opinion of the current state of all things SW (except the sheep that have no clue, just blindly worship Lucas) and don't think my attitude is one that everyone should share. But I have a hard time appreciating crappy irrelevant SE's, prequels that, in my estimation, couldn't possibly be any worse given the money, resources, acting talent, and source material, and then, like diarrhea on a turd cake, we get Lucas' "new" rendition of what he always "intended" on DVD.

It's disgusting, and really ruins the feeling you speak of. But then I think, I'm not going to let anyone take that feeling from me. Not Lucas. Not anyone. I've got my boots, and a renewed love for the almighty OT. And hence, why I'm here. You guys kick ass.


Again, too each their own. If you like the PT, SE, ect, more power to you. In fact, I actually kind of like TPM for some strange reason. But my point was that if their actually are disillusioned fans out there, there is still a silver lining.