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Laymon, Richard - Night In The Lonesome October

Returning to school after the semester break, Ed receives the breakup letter from his true love.
He is devastated, even though her sorority sister, Eileen, literally throws herself at him.
Confused, Ed goes out walking after midnight, heading towards a donut shop seven miles away.
On the way, he spies a young girl (he reckons is 15) and he begins following. Not stalking, he reassures himself, following. Ensuring she is OK. Until she gives him the slip.
Then Ed crosses into backyards and starts peeping into windows. There’s a female in one home, half naked!
Eventually, he does make it to the donut shop where a male customer forces his affections.
The novel goes on and on and on with ridiculous vignettes like those.
Odd characters arrive with nary an explanation as to their wayward behavior.
Almost all is told from Ed’s repressed point of view in goofball stream of consciousness.
My inkling is that Laymon never wrote this.
Rather, he stretched out on the sofa, microphone in hand, and warbled deliriously, narrative nonsense spilling from his brain. Perhaps he edited it. Or perhaps not, declaring, “Masterpiece!”
My fault. I was looking for a lightweight alternative, and boy did I select a winner.
I had purchased this decades ago when I was on a Laymon kick.
Beast House or Cellar, it ain’t.
Feels like a rambling pitch for a drive-in movie.
A movie Joe Bob would fall asleep watching.

The Scifi Films and Television of 2019

dahmage said:

Looking forward to the next season of The Expanse the most

I enjoyed S01 - S03.
Since S03 finished with closure, albeit open ended, I am inclined to wait until the S04 concludes and I can study comments.
Corey published the eighth book in 2019, and I don’t know if I want to sign on for a long hitch.
Or if Mr Bezos will bail like SyFy did.

❕ An <strong>Index Of Projects</strong> &amp; <strong>Help Thread</strong> for <strong><em>Fan Edits &amp; Projects for Other Properties...</em></strong> ❕

Really appreciate what you have listed here.
I had not visited for awhile, mostly because of the difficulty finding the edits.
Not the edits per se, but rather an index of projects.
Many intriguing titles, I’ll shoot some PMs.
Thank you again for this.

Hard Target - Ultimate Cut. (Released)

Nice fan tweak from CSchmidlapp, using sources from domestic US release, as well as the harder international cut, and the VHS “Sneak Peek” workprint.  The result seemed much closer to Woo’s final stage of Hong Kong output.
Several scenes seemed little more than echoes from Hard Boiled.

One of Van Damme’s better roles, with Lance Henriksen and Arnold Vosloo outstanding as baddies.  Wilford Brimley as Cajun uncle is a classic of imbecile acting.

The edit was top rate.  Smooth, nothing jarring.  Music alterations were well done, also, and seemed to unify the structure better.

I was never happy that the DVD offered nothing beyond my Laserdisc copy.  This was great fun.  I'd say send a copy to JCVD to cheer his mood, but I guess not.