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The Phantom Menace

Oh, I thought this may be an interesting thread on TPM. Though going on two of the posts made in here by the OP he also seems to want to bash on other Star Wars films, and there is already more than enough of that on here, so no thanks.

The Phantom Menace on VCD was pretty good for the time - I still have both my old imports of it somewhere.

What do you think was the best release of the OT at the time it came out?

Awesome set, Fated-Dualist 😃

Mine would be the 1989 Technidisc laserdiscs of the OT, I didn’t even have a laserdisc player and got gifted the set of discs from an old friend. I must have just looked at the packaging of them for months on end as I saved up for a player (I never did get one) - and instead just took them around to a friend who had the CLD 97 to watch them on - a lot!

(I think it was a CLD97? The letters and numbers all get jumbled up these days!)

Name Something You Unreservedly Love About TROS (SPOILERS)

Many little things…

Rey’s new saber being the top of her old staff from The Force Awakens.
That Kylo points in the same manner as his dad when he wants someone to be quiet! (Han to C3PO usually!)
Rey referring to Leia as Master - and just the fact that Leia was now training Rey.
Chewie’s emotional greieving scene upon finding out Leia had passed, that ‘got’ me.
Luke’s final lesson to Rey on Ach-To - the reminder that confronting fear is the destiny of a Jedi (a message that resonates foreveryone in today’s political climate, or where people just accept things they know to be wrong or they don’t agree with).
C3PO’s humor - it was both funny and on the ‘mark’.

Somebody Announces Something New about Star Wars!


It is an old thread, but it checks out.

Amazing that so many hate Star Wars and want everyone else to know about it - again and again and again - and far past any genuine criticism. Some haven’t even seen some of the new films and series!

I’m out of here for a while. I hope that those you who DO enjoy the films and series continue to do so, and the people who have stated their genuince criticisms or problems do so too.

As for the toxic and negative people looking to spread thier agandas of hate everywhere… I hope they find somewhere else to post, and soon.

LEGO 'Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga' Game thread

The ‘Official LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga Trailer’:- - from the official Lego YouTube channel

‘A brand new decade. A brand new game. LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga arrives 2020!’


I’ve loved all the Star Wars LEGO games - even the Prequel Trilogy game was an entertaining game to play, back in 2005!:-

… and have been a little disappointed we have not seen more games for the recent Star Wars releases.

I’m very happy this one is coming out soon, and it looks a lot of fun, as ever 😃

Based on this GameFAQs link it seems the game will be available for PC, Nintendo Switch, PS4 and Xbox One. : :


General Star Wars Random Thoughts Thread

Anchorhead said:

The VP of my dept at work decorates his office every year with Yoda Christmas lights. He’s a huge Star Wars nerd and collects all sorts of nice memorabilia and artwork. I’ve mentioned him and the Yoda Christmas lights before but I don’t remember ever taking a picture of them. This is from earlier today. One of the managers in our dept has a Lego Star Wars Christmas advent calendar. (No pics)

Brilliant 😃

I love this kind of stuff, and it still puts a smile on the face!

JJ mentions "despecialized" - OUT not coming

^ I’m not on twitter, but have bookmarked doubleofive’s twitter pages:-

Any updates or links usually appear on there, and there is some pretty insightful ‘OT & the changes’ stuff on there too.


I am very much looking forward to seeing his articles on The Digital Bits re the 2019 Disney+ changes.

His Star Wars article is

Articles for Empire and also Jedi are coming sometime soon 😃

Reasoning Behind Changes from Release to Release

doubleofive said:

Biggs Audio Dynamite said:

Still no reasons from George, Lucasfilm, ILM, or Disney yet?

I suppose the ‘it was always meant to be this way’ or ‘this is the real finished version - not that one which has stood for 20 years’ only works so many times? 😉

There have been no official explanations of any changes since the old “What Has Changed” articles in 2006.

Hell, they made #maclunkey show a Greedo emoji, but no one has explained what it even means.

Have you received any other responses or information from Lucasfilm (or their employees) after this happened?:

or why they claimed the Disney+ versions were from the blu-ray releases?