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Episode VIII : The Last Jedi - Discussion * <strong><em>SPOILER THREAD</em></strong> *

StarkillerAG said:

What’s so wrong about saying you don’t like the sequels?

Nothing at all, as I said - “That’s okay and a reasonable opinion” - to not like the Sequels, or parts or aspects of them (or an other Star Wars releases). Why claim this when it was obvious this was not what was meant.

Wanderer seems like a very respectful person, he doesn’t say anything toxic, and he doesn’t say anyone is wrong for having a different opinion than him.

As above, “In fact i would say TLJ fans are the ones who just use racism and sexism as a card against people who have genuine criticism of the movie. Its quite toxic really…”

So TLJ fans are toxic for apparently bringing up race and sexism - but not when he does? Okay.

It seems like you just think he’s toxic because he doesn’t like the sequels,

As above - no.

And it seems you an he are the ones who like to use the word ‘toxic’ here.

and because he shared a video that you didn’t even bother to watch, you just assumed it was a toxic rant when it really wasn’t.

What are you on about? I have seen the video. Are you confusing me with someone else?

And also, if you don’t think that some TLJ defenders accuse TLJ haters of racism and sexism, you clearly haven’t been on Twitter.

No, I’m not on twitter. I am on here, though.

That doesn’t excuse someone stating it is toxic to bring racism and sexism into the debate - despite having done so themselves (like Wanderer has done).

If you have a problem with my post above pointing that out then that is your problem (why so touchy about it?) - along with your misconceptions and erroneous claims.

Another thing, as oojason and others have said on here recently, it is not a question of ‘haters’ or ‘defenders’ when it comes to discussing new Star Wars content - or sides in a debate - it is indeed just opinions.

Those who look to create and maintain ‘sides’ can get swept up in their entrenched views, a ‘hate’, a will to ‘win’ - and may stop listening to other viewpoints. Or often with mistaken assumptions or conclusions, and not give appropiate thought to what has actually been posted before them… before jumping in digging the hole deeper themselves.

Star Wars Resistance

I enjoyed it - overall the series was flawed, a little shallow in places and with too much filler. Yet also had some pretty great episodes too, and a shame we didn’t quite get to see the characters evolve and really become a part of the actual Resistance.

I do hope we some of these characters again in other Star Wars animated content, and also The Colossus too 😃

This review sort of sums up how I feel on the show overall… (with spoilers for the last episode)

The Star Wars Resistance Finale Was the Perfect Ending to an Imperfect Show’:

Episode VIII : The Last Jedi - Discussion * <strong><em>SPOILER THREAD</em></strong> *

Wanderer_ said:

DrDre said:

This video nails how I feel about TLJ now:

Revisiting the Last Jedi (and why it is alright)

Like me the guy disliked the film, but has kind of come around to liking many elements of it, and feels there’s a great film at its core. The guy goes through what he feels are the strong, and weaker elements of the film in a pretty balanced manner.

I will never be convinced that TLJ is a good film, when it has terrible writing. The main arc makes no sense, its sub plots are redundant and devoid of character development. Every character in the move ends exactly where they left of in TFA.

That’s okay and a reasonable opinion - though coming from someone who posted…

“In fact i would say TLJ fans are the ones who just use racism and sexism as a card against people who have genuine criticism of the movie. Its quite toxic really, and sad that Rian Johnson fans dont have any issues in thrashing people and the franchise to protect the vision of one dude.”

I’ll take your opinion with a pinch of salt - especially when you ‘got pulled up for it’ and then posted…

“Im sorry to hear there was indeed a lot of hate and racism thrown into the mix…”

So yes, you throw racism into the mix yourself, then claim ‘sorry to hear that’ when it occurs…

Then get into a strop some people don’t want to watch a 2-hour video by MauLer titled ‘An Ubridled Rage’, with self-descriptions of it as a ‘video ranting about a crappy movie’ - or ‘Disney’s failure is now complete’.

A quick look through your posts indicates you are just here to bash on the Sequels - not much else on Star Wars or any love or enjoyment of it so far.

Fair enough - keep on bashing on them, and casually throwing claims of racism around too, but don’t expect many to engage with you if this is all you’re going to post on here (well, apart from the others that also like to bash on them too 😉)

The random <strong>Pics &amp; GIFs</strong> thread for the Original Trilogy

^ both by Morgan Yon -


A few other alternative takes on scenes from the OT…

^ Markus Stadlober -


^ by Jennifer Aberin Johnson -


^ both by Matt Rhodes -


^ by Andrew Bosley -


^ by Matt Rhodes -

What do you think was the best release of the OT at the time it came out?

Awesome set, Fated-Dualist 😃

Mine would be the 1989 Technidisc laserdiscs of the OT, I didn’t even have a laserdisc player and got gifted the set of discs from an old friend. I must have just looked at the packaging of them for months on end as I saved up for a player (I never did get one) - and instead just took them around to a friend who had the CLD 97 to watch them on - a lot!

(I think it was a CLD97? The letters and numbers all get jumbled up these days!)

Name Something You Unreservedly Love About TROS (SPOILERS)

Many little things…

Rey’s new saber being the top of her old staff from The Force Awakens.
That Kylo points in the same manner as his dad when he wants someone to be quiet! (Han to C3PO usually!)
Rey referring to Leia as ‘Master’ - and just the fact that Leia was now training Rey.
Chewie’s emotional greieving scene upon finding out Leia had passed, that ‘got’ me.
Luke’s final lesson to Rey on Ach-To - the reminder that confronting fear is the destiny of a Jedi (a message that resonates foreveryone in today’s political climate, or where people just accept things they know to be wrong or they don’t agree with).
C3PO’s humor - it was both funny and on the ‘mark’.

Jedit: a few more…

Rey now piloting an X-Wing instead of dreaming of piloting of one whilst wearing the helmet back on Jakku in TFA.
Luke reaching out to lift his X-Wing was just like he did in Empire on Dagobah.
Ben’s shrug - just like his dad.
Kylo’s ‘be quiet’ gesture - again, just like his dad.
Kylo and Han’s conversation.
Ben holding Rey like Han held Leia in ROTJ when she was injured.