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Info Wanted: Searching for <strong>the best quality</strong> A New Hope source for fan-edit.

Neverargreat’s version is an edit of the Blu-Ray release, with far better colors and details recovered in white areas whiwh are blown out in the official release. It’s as sharp as the Blu-Ray. Could it be your go-to version ?

On the 4k77 side, there’s a DNR version. There’s also the “Skymaster edition”, soon to be released.

Estimating the original colors of the original Star Wars trilogy

Dr Dre, enjoying your latest regrades, I rethought this thread : it’s a shame that it hasn’t been updated for three years and thus remained on page 17 of the section. So I found useful to bring it back to page 1, if you don’t mind. 😉

I know that the color balanced version of TN1’s scan of the Spanish LPP (for many reasons), can’t be considered as an accurate source like the tech prints are. But I still think that, for colors, it is one of the most enticing version I’ve seen. I really love how contrasty (yeah, I know it’s probably too contrasty) and colorful it looks.

Here’s how it can look with a quick single correction.

It would be great if, one day, someone manage to give this color timing to a higher quality source.

Info: Star Wars - What is wrong and what is right... Goodbye Magenta

ZigZig said:

I’m really sorry to say that but… nobody likes the GOUT shifts that you did.
Because they are horrible.

That’s not true. The GOUT adjustment (on page 6) didn’t look that bad. And it isn’t just my opinion, as Dr Dre said that “most of these look good”.

What I don’t understand in your stuff, Ronster, is your idea that the proper way to color correct something would always be “shifting the hue”. It’s never so simple !

4k77 - shot by shot color grading (a WIP)

Nate D said:

One small suggestion if I may: the screenshot comparison link below compares your June 1st balance grade with today’s. I confess that I prefer the color of the June 1st a bit more. You can see particularly on line 4 shots 1 and 2 of the Antilles interrogation that the Stormtroopers seem to be a touch too green, yellow and red as apposed to the June 1st. Thoughts?

June 1st balance vs. June 11th balance:

To me, the second grade is an improvemment. This scene was obviously not as contrasty as the first grade shows. But I think it could deserve to be a little warmer overall, IMO.

Can’t wait for the following shots however !

EDIT. There, an attempt :

4k77 - shot by shot color grading (a WIP)

Thanks Dre !

The thing I wanted to check is the possibility of recovering some shades which had disappeared in the Lowry master but are in other sources, like that print. There, I decomposed the Print version and the Blu Ray version in Y,Cb,Cr and recomposed it, using the Blu Ray Y channel and the Print color channels.

Let’s look at the walls. The colors are not exactly the same for every elements : some are mint coloured, some are more creamy, some are really neutral (I remember a nice photograph of the set had been posted here a few years ago). But in the Blu Ray, these very subtle differences are no longer visible.

I wonder if that kind of tool could be a good way to give some Blu Ray shots the best regrade possible in order to match the original. If I’m not mistaken, Neverargreat has actually done something like this for the most alterated shots like the Sunset (using the SSE ?).

I know there are some problems in my example (like a remaining - maybe increased - channel misalignment, or the helmet of the soldier which appears to be blown out in the Blu Ray) and I wonder if this process wouldn’t be longer than a sharpening of the print version (for a project like Despecialized for example). Of course, the change is very light and definitly not necessary to make the Blu Ray match the original film, as Dr Dre’s regrade yet does.

But I found interesting to share it wih you. 😃

The fourth frame is the version with the “green cast” removed.