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SW Episode III - Reign of the Dark Side (* unfinished project *)

Why is it implied that the color of his eyes has to do with him being a sith?  Did he grow horns out of his head simply because he was a sith?  I highly doubt it.  I think the fact that he is a species other than human can easily explain the eye color.  Recoloring his eyes to human is as big of an error (if not more) than making all sith have "sith eyes"

RedLetterMedia's Revenge of Nadine [TPM 108 pg Resp. [RotS Review+RotS Preview+ST'09 Reveiw+Next Review Teaser+2002 Interview+AotC OutTakes+Noooooo! Doc.+SW Examiner Rebuttal+AotC Review+TPM Review]

I thought Redlettermedia was awesome.  He really hit home at about chapter 12.  At the time of the Ep1 release, I think many of us were on the wow its more Star Wars sensation.  But time really tells for the PT.  Everything RLM points out is obviously clear with each successive watch.

What I like to envision is that RLM IS GL, and that he had a mega-facepalm, got drunk and made this video :)

Star Wars: Renascent *** NOW AVAILABLE!!! ***

Asteroid-Man said:

I haven't been able to successfully retreive the ac3 track from the ifo track lately. I'll try copying the files to my internal HDD first and then try again. If that doesn't work I'll try another program.

If your trying to grab the track from the official DVD, I strongly suggest DVDFab to copy the DVD to your HDD, and then you can grab the ac3 track from there with PGCdemux. This method has hardly ever failed me.

Mega Madness: The Ultimate Gremlins Companion (* unfinished project *)

I really want to apologize for the delays, especially to folks like you seniorgrande, who have been so helpful with the project.  I do want to assure you though that we are still going to move forward with the project.  Wolfman and I have both had very busy personal years so far.  Also, I just accepted a new job, so I will be moving in a couple weeks.

That said, I have slowly been trying to chip away at material.  I have a bunch of things scanned that we acquired (some of it needed some mega-restoration work), though there still is a lot of material to get to.  The vinyl audio transfers are probably set, and I think IWM and I are pretty happy with them.  Hopefully after I relocate and get settled in we can move on to the movie editing portion.  I'd like to get a disc out sometime very early next year.

Also, because of the scope of this project, I really wanted to make sure that technically we could pull off a lot of the things we set out to do.  I think we are at that point now.

Thanks, seniorgrande for keeping this alive.  I'll try to post more updates soon.  Hopefully IWM will have something to add :)

Re-Cast Star Wars

TheBoost said:

How about if the PT was made in 1985?

QUEEN AMIDALA: Jennifer Connely. (regality and can play young or old at that age)

ANAKIN: (grown up) Robert Downey Jr. (charming, but skilled at dark characters)

ANAKIN: (lil Kid) who knows.

QUI GON: Frank Langella

OBI-WAN: Kenneth Branaugh (was born to do it)

MACE WINDU: Rutger Hauer (a bad MFer if there ever was one)

COUNT DOOKU: Louis Jordan (aristocratic with a real good twisted side)

DARTH MAUL: Young Jackie Chan (would blow the audiences away in 1985)


I really like this list, and it makes a lot of sense for that time period.  could be cool (watching it in my head now) :)