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Dominoes or Pizza Hut?
Originally posted by: Gaffer Tape
Geez, screw all of you. I voted for Dominos! A lot of Saturdays when I'm at school, I drive down the street to the local Dominos and get a pineapple pizza and breadsticks and chow down in my apartment. Good Saturday. I notice I'm not the only Dominos voter, so why aren't the rest of you (that one other guy) speaking up?!

That was me, I was too busy to respond at the time, so I just voted and came back.

I've never been a fan of the sauce that Pizza Hut insists on using, and every time I get a pizza it always has too much of this sauce for my taste. Might just be a few bad links in the chain, but every Dominos pizza I have gotten is perfect.

I'd choose Little Caesar's if it was an option as well, though they pulled out of the south a few years ago, the only one I know of within 200 miles is the one inter-twined with the run-down K-Mart in Lumberton, which is a considerable drive.

Edit: looking at the store finder, I was correct. :-p
I've recently started to listen to Pink Floyd, so far I am enjoying most of it. I started with Wish You Were Here, on a recommendation from a friend of mine in a band.

I had never really listened to them before, besides the usual rock-radio staples that people listen to and then suddenly describe themselves as experts on the band.
My dad is really into this show for some reason, but I've been at college since it has started airing, and I have limited exposure to television (I only make it a point to watch House, in the lounge).

I'm downloading the episodes as we speak, it seems interesting. I'm the kind of guy that isn't worried about episodes not going anywhere, as I usually watch them back to back instead of from week to week.
The Most Needlessly Melodramticly-titled Thread Ever
As much as I enjoy shooting the breeze in the OT section, I know very well that the true heart and soul of this site lies in the Preservation sections. It would be pure ignorance to say otherwise.

Sure, the posters in the OT section have racked up the most posts (myself included, of course), but what we talk about is truly unessential to the purpose of this site.