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<strong>STAR WARS: REBELS</strong> (animated tv series) - a general discussion thread

EyeShotFirst said:

I'd like to see a bad Jedi, who doesn't look like a bad Jedi. Take a page from Sergio Leone's "blue eyed villain" book. Maybe somebody who, betrayed their fellow Jedi during Order 66 to save their own skin. Maybe Palpatine sensed anger in some of the Jedi while he was still Senator, and offered them a deal.

You could also have a Jedi character who left their training to do mercenary, bounty, muscle, bodyguard or any other similar work. They would certainly utilize the skills they learned while a jedi.

Too many Jedi seem to be exactly the same as one another. I think it's time we see some who are against the grain. Enough with the robes and ponytails.

Heck, you could have an third party Jedi group. One thing all societies have, are disagreements. I find it absurd that there is only good and evil in the world of the Jedi.

 I liked the character of Dooku in the ROTS novel. 

Was a Jedi, left, and enjoyed being rich and powerful. Someone like that would be cool. 

All Things Star Trek

Dang. David Gerrold sure got a lot of mileage out of his unproduced TNG script "Blood and Fire."

He published the script as a TNG script in one of his anthologies.

He adapted it to a TOS script, and produced it with "Star Trek: Phase Two" ultra fan films.

He adapted it to his "Star Wolf" space opera series and made a novel out of it.

If you need to B*tch about something... this is the place

My wife makes ordering at a drive thru window a huge debacle every time. Changes her mind, changes her order, misspeaks, doesn't decide what she's ordering until she's talking to the speaker, stops ordering to ask people in the back seat if they still want what she ordered, doesn't notice her purse is in the trunk until it's time to pay, changes the order at the window. Then wonders why her orders are frequently wrong.

Classic Horror Films

SilverWook said:

Is it possible a lot of those films didn't get much exposure on television?

I saw most of the Frankenstein, Dracula, and Mummy sequels on tv growing up, but never even heard of the Paula films before.

 Give that man a cookie.

After reading your comment, I looked it up. That's it! The original "Shock Theater" syndicated horror film package for television, that guys like Svengoolie and Vampira used to host, did not include a great many of these unloved films. 

That avalanched into Forrest Ackerman not loving them, them not being in "Famous Monsters of Filmland" magazine, and not being remade by Hammer. 

Imagine an alternate world where David Prowse starred in "The Brute Man" remake, and Peter Cushing turned an ape into Ingrid Pitt. 

The USC film school revolution

So I was watching "Milius" last night, about director and screenwriter John Milius. It has the whole USC 1970s crew in it: Lucas, Spielberg, Coppola. 

So my wife, doing homework in the same room, looks over at me and asks:

"So, this documentary is about a bunch of privileged white dudes who got jobs making millions for major corporations and spent the next couple decades telling each other what rebels they were?"

Admittedly my wife is finishing her master's thesis on colonialism and revolution, so she talks like that a lot, but it did kinda take the wind out of my sails.

The new Star Wars comics - a general discussion thread

DuracellEnergizer said:

Tobar said:

Getting back to the premise, the idea that the Empire is now rounding up all surviving Alderaanians is a bit of a stretch. I can understand that there'd be concerns over fomenting thoughts of revenge but to act so swiftly to start rounding them up a day after the destruction of the planet is...questionable.

First Luke has a duel with Vader right after ANH, and now this. *sigh*

If Disney had done the smart thing and made the nuEU non-canon like the Star Trek EU, I wouldn't be having any problem with these writing decisions as they'd all be self-contained and have little to no impact on other stories written in the future. As it, though, I'm seeing the nuEU shaping up to be another clusterfuck of poor ideas just like the old EU was.

 It seems odd to me that a marketing person at Disney could wave a wand and say "not canon" and somehow the merits of those stories would change.

Classic Horror Films

I've been researching horror films of the 30s and 40s lately for a writing project, and I have to say, I am deeply disappointed in the professional literature and in the fandom writings.

Simply put, there are approximately FIFTY Universal Horror films from those years (give or take some that might be categorized into other genres). Yet almost all of the books or websites or documentaries act as if there are JUST the main ones, and even then they often ignore or gloss over the sequals. 

They ignore the existence of over half of these great films. They usually skip over any mention of actress Evelyn Ankers (in eight movies) or the "Paula the Ape Woman" films (she had three movies, more than Wolfman). 

I mean, Star Wars fandom has disected every frame of every movie, but nobody has a paragraph to spare for "She Wolf of London?"