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A Garfield Christmas - Extended Edit

Did you also use the animation from the 1991 version of Grandma talking about Grandpa during the song? That was new animation done for that version that, in most people’s opinion, is more emotionally impacting that the original 1987 version.

The difference is that in the original 1987 version, she’s talking about grandpa and just sitting beside the window stroking Garfield.

In the 1991 version, while she’s still sitting beside the window, there’s a photo of her & grandpa on the window frame that better conveys how heartbroken she is that he’s no longer there.

The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Edits (Released)

I’ve watched the first part (I’m taking my time on this,not binge watching).

At no point did I feel like something was missing from the original theatrical/extended versions. This edit is well done. Scenes and shots transitioned well, audio was good.

More importantly, I was entertained throughout.

Good job so far.

Looking forward to watching part 2, will provide further updates.

Disney Mickey's Christmas Carol Hybrid (4:3 + 16:9) (Released)

Just finished watching it. The 4:3 footage and the 16:9 footage were perfectly joined. I looked really hard, I could not find any instance of frames not aligning, even in fast motion scenes like the door locking sequence (which I even freeze framed to verify).

I also looked to see if I could notice any drop in picture quality from the central portion to the top and sides, but it all looked normal. Again, it all blends well.

Your version allows us to see the most picture, like the star on top of the Christmas tree in Cratchit’s home (that would have been missing in the 16:9 version) and the full “Home Sweet Home” sign (whose right side would have been missing in the 4:3 version).

Thank you for your great work in this. This is going to be fun to watch at Christmas time.

team negative1 - star wars 1977 - 35mm theatrical version (Released)

Lasz said:

It's probably not even really ghosting, but just stuff in the shadow that's behind r2d2 that somewhat looks like ghosting, but isn't.

Here's a clearer picture:


 I can still see it in this pic as well. The "ghosting" follows R2's shoulder joints on both sides.