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The Disney/Fox acquisition....

pittrek said:

What we have been told from different sources

  • Bob Iger said to the reporter that they’re thinking the same way or something like that (I can’t find that interview) when she asked him about a possible OOT release
  • Disney is starting a streaming service and needs content
  • they are scanning absolutely EVERYTHING they have in the Disney archives and the archives of their subsidiaries, including Lucasfilm, and not just released stuff but also things like behind the scenes footage, interviews or deleted scenes

So, IMHO, it’s not an “if” question, but a “when” question.

Thinking the same way as what?

Celebration 2017 Speculation

DominicCobb said:

I honestly don’t think George’s beating heart has jack shit to do with any of it, I doubt anyone cares about “not releasing the originals out of respect to him” and the idea some have floated that it might have been in the deal he signed with Disney is simply ludicrous.

Ultimately, I think the real enemy here is simply just apathy and indifference on the part of whoever makes the distribution decisions (which might overlap with the rights issues).

One thing that’s interesting is there’s no way these new filmmakers haven’t brought the OOT up (I know Rian Johnson is on record for criticizing them). I wonder if they know the lowdown and if they’re privy to versions we aren’t.

Damn, shoulda asked Rian about that when I met him…

Is Rian Johnson criticizing the OOT, or the people? Who is ‘them’? also do you have a link? I’d love to see what he has to say as i really like his movie, and am stoked he is helming TLJ.

Ranking the Star Wars films

I shall rank thusly:

  1. i. Star Wars
    ii. Empire Strikes Back
    iii. Return of the Jedi

(Smallish gap in quality)

  1. i. The Force Awakens
    (Fairly modest gap)
    ii. Rogue One

(Valles Marinerisian gap)

  1. i. Revenge of the Sith
    ii. The Phantom Menace
    (Big gap)
    iii. Attack of the Clones

Here the tiers (I hope my formatting shows up correctly) are more important than the sub-rankings.