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<strong>STAR WARS: REBELS</strong> (animated tv series) - a general discussion thread

When season one ended I was on the edge of my seat during the whole arc where Tarkin and the Inquisitor captured Kanan. I really thought they were going to kill him off, leaving Ezra masterless. At the time my friends thought I was taking it too seriously that they would never kill off a main character on a kid’s show.

Turns out the plan was to have Maul kill him at the end of season TWO. So close.

We just re-watched all of Rebels this past Winter. Such a great show. Possibly my favorite Star Wars. Certainly my favorite Star Wars not named Star Wars or The Empire Strikes Back. (Sorry Rogue One. And Solo, you’re close.)

STAR WARS: EP V &quot;REVISITED EDITION&quot;<strong>ADYWAN</strong> - <strong>AVAILABLE NOW</strong>

Y3ldarb said:

Tallguy said:

fordoforce said:

Looks like with Temuera Morrison’s lines as Boba Fett should be reinserted based on the new Mandalorian season. Is Adywan aware of this and will a revision be made on ‘Revisited’?

I’m confused. Doesn’t Revisited use Morrison? Or do I have an outdated version?

ESB:R uses Jason Wingreen, the original voice actor for Boba Fett (before the special editions’ changes).
You can look up a comparison between Jason and Temuera on YouTube.

I’m very familiar with the original. I’ve only heard Morrison a handful of times as I actively avoid the SE and I’ve been hearing the original for 40 years. But I must have misheard. I just went to “What if he doesn’t survive?” and it’s clearly the original.

Happy Star Wars Day

Chase Adams said:

Just hit May the Fourth here in Australia!

Happy Star Wars Day everybody!


Does anybody else here think Star Wars day should be May 25th?

I do. I’ve decided that it’s too much fun to miss everyone go crazy about May the 4th. So May the 4th is May the 4th. And May 25th is Star Wars Day. (Except this year, when it will be May 21st.)

(It gets more complicated because May 25th is also Towel Day.)

Star Wars Film Concert Series (Released)

I saw The Empire Strikes Back last year. Sadly these concerts are not for me. It was all of the worst elements of seeing a movie in a bad venue (concert halls don’t compete with an actual cinema) and hearing the score with people talking over it played by an orchestra that wasn’t as good as the LSO.

If it was actually the score being performed without sound effects or dialogue in its entirety then that would be something.

Also at the end of the movie when the credits rolled people got up and walked out like at a regular movie. What the heck did you pay $50 and up for?!?

Oh, and since it was the Special Edition it means that when you get to “Take me to my star destroyer” the music edits get truly terrible.

I’ll save my money for a proper concert next time.

What Special Edition changes (if any) did people like?

If I have to pick something that’s bigger than stuff like the perspective on the cell block background or better mattes for the snow speeders I might choose either the Falcon taking off from docking bay 94 (maybe) or one or two shots of x-wings and TIE fighters over the Death Star. That’s it. The Flacon is charming to me for some reason. There is one dogfight shot (“I can’t SHAKE him!”) that is objectionably clunky in the original and so I’m OK with the replacement. The rest is crap and 22 years on are just as dated as the original FX with far less artistry.

I do wonder what I would think of the Cloud City windows if I didn’t know what they were doing. To me it doesn’t feel opened up like it was on purpose. It feels like the pushed it as far as they could and weren’t entirely successful.

But the whole “Vader travels to his Star Destroyer” is objectively terrible.

The future of - UPDATE: Please donate!

DavidMDaut said:

Would Patreon be a viable option for this as a way for people to kick in a buck or two on a monthly basis to keep the lights on? The good news is that $70 isn’t a huge amount of money so it wouldn’t take that many people giving small monthly donations to reach that goal.

I’m not here a LOT but I do value this place. Patreon or some such would work for me.

4K77 - Released

Thanks. I’d gotten as far as the Robot Auction myself and yeah, those micro-edits are a pain. Whoever it was did a fantastic job.

Although they made some changes and restored some score that is on the CD that was not in the film such as The Little People Work and not including the edit when the sandcrawler rolls over the hill to the Lars’s farm. I haven’t listened to how the music is handled when Luke and Threepio are looking for Artoo. (Lotta edits there.)

<strong>STAR WARS: REBELS</strong> (animated tv series) - a general discussion thread

joefavs said:

Really disappointed with how they handled Sabine and Zeb capturing Rukh. I get that you can’t have Zeb killing him with his bare hands, but Sabine could’ve Raising Arizona’d him with a real grenade instead of a paint bomb, or at the very least they could have brought him back to the rebels. Drawing goofy shit on him like a passed out college kid and SENDING HIM BACK TO THE EMPIRE just isn’t something I can swallow, especially after what just went down.

I’m hoping they have a larger plan. It sounded like they did with the tracking device.

But yeah, ten minutes after the gang was throwing stormtroopers off of buildings like Pez, suddenly NOW we can’t kill someone?

Of course Rukh also has script immunity nearly rivaling a Skywalker.