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General Star Wars <strong>Random Thoughts</strong> Thread

fmalover said:

Anthony Ingruber would’ve been the perfect young Han Solo, as he looks exactly like a young Harrison Ford.

I thought the same at the time Solo was going into production. Physically, he’s perfect. But just 'cause he can do a spot-on impression of Ford as Han doesn’t entail he has the necessary acting chops to carry an entire movie.

Someone should cast him in a fan-film to test his mettle.

If you need to B*tch about something... this is the place

Spuffure said:

The USA really isn’t all that bad. Yes it has serious issues (such as the whole abortion issue), but it’s still a decent country. It is in NO way a “shithole”. Be glad you’re not living in North Korea.

Tell that to all the Indigenous people who died or lost their culture to genocide, and the black slaves who experienced the same. Tell that to every poor American currently suffering and dying needlessly to preventable illness due to America’s inhumane health care system.

As for those living in North Korea, I’m sure they’d be doing a smidgen better if the US hadn’t first bombed the place to near-oblivion, not to mention all the sanctions in the decades following.

But I’ll end my spiel here, if that’s your wish.

Original Trilogy vs Kenobi: inconsistencies and stretches between | Plus in-series issues

SparkySywer said:

Emre1601 said:

Nearly 20 years we thought, nearly two decades, a generation. Now instead only 8-9 years. Not such a long time, now.

Do you not think 9 years is a long time?

Not speaking for Emre1601, just myself. Nope. Not at all. Hell, even twenty years feels like yesterday to me.

An Alternative Star Wars Prequel Trilogy: Some Ground Rules

Shelagh Fraser and Mark Hamill shared a close enough resemblance that it’s easy to buy their characters as biologically related. Beru also seems to regard Anakin’s memory with more warmth and happiness than Owen ever demonstrates. Those are the reasons why I think Beru makes for the better Skywalker sibling.

I like Owen better as Ben’s brother. Resentment/jealousy over Ben leaving the farm to become a Jedi — along with Ben’s botched training of Anakin, especially if Owen and Anakin were best friends — go a long way towards explaining Owen’s antagonist with Ben and his overprotectiveness of Luke.