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The 'complete' OT feedback thread. Put all the star wars glitches and fixes you notice in here.
Originally posted by: MeBeJedi
"Erase the rear window in cockpit shots of Vader's TIE fighter. The model has no rear window."

Well, for the most part, we are focusing more on errors in the transfer right now (even my comment about the Ties in ROTJ is outside the scope - I was just thinking out loud on that one.)

Maybe Darth Editious could do that one (I don't recall what was on your list - TL, DR. )

*looks up to the sky*


Please, please for the love of God do not alter or edit the film. I love the fact that you guys are going frame by frame and using the technology at your disposal to enhance the appearance of the film but I believe there's a point that you can become so enamored with the technology that you fall prey to the same impulses George Lucas did when he created the Special Editions...

I would love to see the original trilogy (as it originally appeared) receive this sort of release, but when you start removing portions of the films they cease to be the original trilogy.
Rampant Rationalisation

Originally posted by: Jedikev
I mentoned those. but i still would like to see them in proper order cos the Sidious/Palpatine revelation is very shocking.

You must be the king of being easily shocked. He sounded exactly like the emperor, it took me all of 5 seconds to figure out.

Terrible, terrible movies.


Original trilogy

Originally posted by: vada hada
If you don't like all the star wars movies, you're not a true star wars fan.

I noticed you have a Led Zeppelin avatar... How would you feel if all the Zeppelin recordings originally existed only on cassette tape, and when the band finally got around to releasing their albums on CD instead of just remastering and improving the original sound they added new music/sounds and changed the atmosphere and feel of several tracks? If Robert Plant thought the "retouched" version of Stairway needed 5 seconds of loud, distracting cowbell in the middle of the song which version would you prefer to listen to?

I love the original Star Wars, but I'm not a fan of the changes made to the Special Editions... overall the changes are distracting and unnecessary.

Sorry for bumping an old thread, the Special Editions suck my taint.