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Help: Looking For... Spirited Away on 35mm

Not to scold or anything but it’s good to stick around and make some friends + connections. We’re a community enjoying the hobby, have fun with us! Making thread after thread of homework requests for others isn’t a good look. There are currently no scans for this online. I recommend scoping eBay and locating one if it’s ever for sale and get in contact with the appropriate folks to acquire and scan it. Of course, it helps to stick around and meet people. There’s plenty of things I’d like to see on 35mm and when they happen they happen. When you want to see something bad enough, it can happen provided strings are pulled when possible.

I wish you luck!

A Clockwork Orange (Stanley Kubrick, 1980) – 35mm Scan opportunity (WIP) - Help Wanted

timemeddler said:

So they botched the bluray of this one?

Pretty much. It wasn’t handled very well and looked meh even back when it came out. The soundtrack is revisionist nonsense as well.

DarthKenobi said:

Botched isn’t the right term. It’s more of a case of the transfer looking dated, similar to the early blu ray transfers of 2001 and The Shining compared to their recent 4K counterparts.

2001 and The Shining’s old masters (even with the wrongly colored tennis ball) are excellent compared to what WB pulled on Clockwork Orange tbh.

Help: Looking for... Mouse Hunt HDTV Rips

This was very obviously shot to have that grim French look going on somewhat, like a lighter hearted City of Lost Children. I did see it in the theater way back when and recall it having a dark warm look. My memory of it is not as vivid as say, The Lost World though.

I’m not sure what your TV’s settings are but it shouldn’t look blue at all.

Info and Help Wanted: Foreign DVD of <em>The Wizard of Oz</em> 1982 anime movie for preservation?

From what I can see, it was only released in Japan on VHS. It remains unreleased on any other format in the country. The copy on Youtube comes from its Polish DVD release which is as far as I know, the uncut Japanese version with Japanese credits. It has no English subtitles but the Japanese audio is there.ôtsukai-Region-English-version/dp/B0086D4IN8