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Preserving the...<em>cringe</em>...Star Wars Holiday Special (Released)
Originally posted by: Number20
Are you talking about the TV commercial for the special? I think that Skot is trying to get a copy of it from the person who uploaded it, according to the talk earlier in this thread. I think this would make a good extra.

No, I mean the commercials during the special. I vaguely remember them when they were on YouTube and they were... interesting.
Pre-ANH bootleg telecine - a widescreen version (Released)
I've made a .zip file of screenshots of the original subtitles for people who just want to see the original subtitle placement.


Pretty interesting. I'd like to see them recreated for a fan edit.

Thanks for this. I've always wanted to see a bootleg telecine of this. I thought the pan and scanned one would be the best there is but you proved me wrong.
Star Wars DVD Covers
Originally posted by: Oldschooljedi
Originally posted by: auximenies
Originally posted by: Troy
Originally posted by: daveytod
Originally posted by: Ell the Ewok
Holiday Special Cover I found over @ TF.N

thats the best holiday special cover I've ever seen...printing now!

What I want to know is where the hell they got the images for the cover they're the best high quality ones I've seen.

Who has this? The jpeg is no longer in photobucket. Please provide a URL if it is uploaded somewhere, or PM me and I'll give you my email address.



I did download the cover a few days ago. I think it is this one you are looking for: http://www.megaupload.com/de/?d=P1HCJSXV

Have fun!!!

Now if only someone could make matching disc art...

Originally posted by: BigBlueRig
Those look nice and all, but what set of discs could they possibly be for?

If you look on the back, they are labeled as ANAMORPHIC...so they cant be the GOUT 2006 sets, and then all the features include documentaries which have never been released onto dvd, such as Classic Creatures and SPFX and the Making of, etc. They have also got deleted scenes and screen tests and all sorts of stuff out there that have never all been put onto 1 disc.

I'm not sure. The "special features" section is probably Roman's bonus DVDs but the movies themselves are anyone's guess.

Also they look OK except for the "DVD video" logo. I think it would of looked better on the spine.
Info &amp; Idea: Superman Original 1978 Soundtrack Preservation?
Originally posted by: ShiftyEyes
From the Digital Bits:

Here's the deal - we've just spoken with Warner Home Video. They ARE going to be issuing corrected discs for both Disc One of the Superman: The Movie - Four-Disc Special Edition (also Disc One of the Superman: Ultimate Collector's Edition 14-disc set) AND Disc Eight of the Superman: Ultimate Collector's Edition. Disc One will feature the CORRECT original 2.0 audio track for Superman: The Movie and Disc Eight will feature the new Superman III: Deluxe Edition. ALL of the other discs streeting tomorrow are correct. The mistakes in the Superman: The Movie - Four-Disc Special Edition and the Superman: Ultimate Collector's Edition were apparently just honest authoring/replication errors - not deliberate decisions - and Warner is already in the process of correcting them. NO recall of existing sets is planned at the moment, but we'll have an 800 number shortly that you can call and arrange to have the corrected discs sent to you via mail. The official statement from Warner will follow shortly, so be sure to check back in a little while.

Good to hear.

This is great news. What about the "color correction" to Superman III that makes the wires visible?
Idea: Revenge of the Sith: Extended Edition
Originally posted by: Number20
Originally posted by: Spock

I'd like to see an extended edition but without the Shaak Ti death so that it doesn't contradict the Clone Wars cartoon.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't Clone Wars end with Shaak Ti chasing after Grevious after he kidnapped Palpatine? So I don't see the contradiction. Of course, it has been a while since I've seen Clone Wars, and I could be mistaken.
Another supposed deleted scene has her meditating in the Jedi Temple, where Vader/Anakin cuts her down from behind. There is a picture of Vader/Anakin standing behind her, but the scene never appeared on the DVD. That scene would of been good to include in an extended DVD, but I don't think its available.

No, it ends with Greivous tying her up and Mace finding her.

I've heard of the other Shaak Ti death scene too, though. It wouldn't make much sense because she would have been able to sense him if she was meditating.
Twilight Zone The Movie HD2DVD (Released)
Originally posted by: dark_jedi
"when you say that King Kong (1933) is 16x9, does that mean that it is pillar boxed?"

yes,so is creature from the black lagoon,and revenge of the creature,so these titles wont look good on a 4:3 TV,there will be black bars all around.

So you mean that they cropped it? That's a shame but that won't put me off from seeing it in HD.
Idea: Revenge of the Sith: Extended Edition
Originally posted by: Hardcore Legend
This is a bit of an unusual way to start a thread, since I won't be the one that actually is doing the editing. After losing about 3 weeks worth of rotoscoping frame by frame lightsabers in ESB, I've given up on editing.

However, I would love to see a Revenge of the Sith Extended edition made on a dual layer DVD.

I know there are people that are prepared to do fan edits and such, but I don't really want a version that changes the plot so much as re-inserts the deleted scenes and shots. Of course, some editing is going to be needed to bridge in the music and to choose wipes to be used. Sometimes there may be redundant dialogue and would also cause some editing to be needed.

A short list:
Shaak Ti killed by Grievous
Dooku's line of "Just because there are two of you, don't think you have the advantage" before the duel
Rebellion meeting in Bail's office
Rebellion meeting in Padme's apartment
Rebellion confront Palpatine
A Plot to destroy the Jedi
The Emperor's shuttle approaching the planet
Exiled to Dagobah

Those are the list of deleted scenes that we will have in DVD quality that can be re-inserted.

I'm hoping one of our fine editors on this site can make this a possibilty. I know I would certainly be *willing* wink wink to make a substaintal Paypal donation to that editor should the work be satisfactory.

What do you all think?

I'd like to see an extended edition but without the Shaak Ti death so that it doesn't contradict the Clone Wars cartoon.
Preserving the...<em>cringe</em>...Star Wars Holiday Special (Released)
Originally posted by: Rikter
Does anyone still have either the complete episode or the full clip of the CONAN O'BRIEN show that aired on 2-7-06 with Harrison Ford? I seem to have lost it, I had it as an 350mb AVI but it's no longer on my Star Wars backup HD


Yes, I've got the full clip. It's just a 56 megabyte WMV though.
StarWarsLegacy.com - The Official Thread
Originally posted by: El Lono
Hey Mike,

Care to go into more detail about the additional material from private collections?
No naming names or anything, but what format(s) is this material on? Is it the full film, or just odds and ends?



I'd be interested too in knowing what material he's sourcing this from.

The way he worded it, maybe he's using film. After downloading that clip, this project looks really good.
Help: looking for... Prequel Preservations...
Originally posted by: booah
Originally posted by: ZigFried

Revenge Of The Sith (original theatrical film/theatrical digital version)
Best source: various bootleg digital copies

on DVD?

Well I think it would be best to just try and recreate the wipe. There's a topic about that somewhere around here...

Was there any particular reason why the wipe was discarded, and why there was a bother to change one single shot for home video release? (other than to create a seemingly obligatory "new" version for video)

I have no idea. My guess is that the wipe was added in later for the theatrical release but they sourced it from a different print.