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The Prequel Radical Redux Ideas Thread

snooker said:

The Trade Federation has slowly been taking control of the frontier worlds on the edge of the Galaxy. These worlds are too small and out of the way for the Republic Senate to care.

When the Trade Federation attacks Naboo, a big player in the Senate, this is seen as a declaration of war with the peaceful Republic.

In the ten years between films, multiple clone wars have been fought against the Trade Federation, who have now become the Separatist Alliance.

Episode II’s opening bombing could be recontextualized to be the Separatists’ first attack on the capital, showing that they are becoming a much larger threat. Padme was specifically attacked because she was the ruler of Naboo during the first film.

This would also add a motif to the trilogy of revenge.

THIS is literally the concept that my edits revolve around, I got clips and stuff coming soon

The Prequel Radical Redux Ideas Thread

You could cut out pretty much every lightsaber duel, lose every scene with count dooku, lose every reference to general grievous, lose the yoda vs. sidious duel with no additional cuts, and you could reduce the windu vs palpatine fight down to nothing. You just have to remove multiple plot threads from the movie, it would be really short and tight but not bad either.

SOLO: A Star Wars Story: Fan Edit Ideas - ** SPOILERS INSIDE **

I’d approach this as a 4-part TV series or something, episode 1 being Han leaves his girl behind and joins the empire then meets Woody Harrelson. episode 2 would be him getting thrown into the cage with Chewie and escaping with him and joining up with Woody Harrelson and failing their first mission. Episode 3 would consist of our protagonists trying to get the supplies by teaming up with lando. Episode 4 would be the end result of the girl leaving, woody harrelson dying, and han winning the ship. I dunno, just thoughts

<em>Solo: A Star Wars Story</em> — Official Review and Opinions Thread — <strong>SPOILERS</strong>

DZ-330 said:

Smithers said:

That’s like one of my major issues, Han bounced back and forth from coward to Mr smug dude but never actually developed or changed…

I didn’t mind that because that’s how he was at the start of ANH, his arc is there, not here.

If he only has an arc in the next movie then why would you make this one? Like I’m not saying he should have the same arc twice but he has to be well written for the movie to work, right?

<em>Solo: A Star Wars Story</em> — Official Review and Opinions Thread — <strong>SPOILERS</strong>

darthrush said:

I also want to hit on how Han Solo really has no consistent development in the movie. I did not see a big arc for him in the movie. And when he said “No, I’m a terrible person”, I was just flabbergasted. The whole exchange there was trying to paint Han Solo in this jaded anti-hero way, when really, in the context of his actions in Solo, there is absolutely no reason to see him as anything else than a good guy. Not even close to an anti-hero, or the roguish, jaded Han Solo that we meet in A New Hope. It felt like the movie was trying to shove it down our throats that yeah, Han Solo is jaded and not a good person!

And how stupid is it that Solo is basically the one who helped jumpstart the Rebellion at the end of the movie.

Sorry for my complaining, I genuinely understand how people enjoyed it, but many aspects of how they dealt with Solo as a character felt off to me. I’d love to hear how some of you guys interpreted things differently from me.

That’s like one of my major issues, Han bounced back and forth from coward to Mr smug dude but never actually developed or changed, to be honest I think the most dynamic character was Chewie!

<em>Solo: A Star Wars Story</em> — Official Review and Opinions Thread — <strong>SPOILERS</strong>

SilverWook said:

Do you always care what the rest of the audience thinks? People cracked up in mine. YMMV

Nah I just didn’t enjoy a lot of the humour and the audience’s disdain for it gave me the energy that it was that bad

He doesn’t speak Shyriiwook very well, (which was really funny) just enough that a pissed off mud covered Wookiee becomes the best friend a guy could ever have. 😃

The humour there is subjective, I would’ve preferred to see them stick together because they’re chained up for a good period but bond while on their mission, deciding at the end to stick together

Han briefly served in the Empire in the later Han Solo books, so this concept is hardly new. He met Chewie as a result of that as well.


I didn’t count the number of dice shots.

Too many XD

He had to get the name from somewhere. Maybe he hated his father’s last name?

Just an awful scene man, we don’t need an explanation to begin with but that was an awful choice

The thermal detonator ruse worked, didn’t it?

Sure, cringey humour and obvious callbacks bother me though

Pretty sure being given your signature gun is an old western movie trope.

That’s why I find it bothersome

It’s a sentient droid who’s really pissed off about other droids being slaves. A refreshing change from the usual obedient droids we’ve had in 99% of Star Wars. G E T O V E R I T

Hey I didn’t mind the character or her motivations whatsoever, she’s better than K2SO and BB-8 by a long shot but some of her lines won’t stand the test of time

They didn’t die until near the end of the train heist. I was sad monkey man didn’t make it. I liked Woody’s lady friend too.

Meh, agree to disagree?

<em>Solo: A Star Wars Story</em> — Official Review and Opinions Thread — <strong>SPOILERS</strong>

MEH, started off really really bad. 40 minutes in, I was in agony, every line was cringe-worthy, there were too many references/fan-service moments, and characters spent a lot of time talking about things vs. letting the audience see it. Once we meet Lando the movie really picks up, lots of fun moments are sprinkled throughout and the action scenes were shockingly suspenseful as well! I liked how they DIDN’T include Jabba, Boba Fett, Leia, young Luke, or any of that kinda crap in there. The actor playing Han Solo was all over the place though, he wasn’t written to have an arc and the character seemed to constantly shift from coward to clever over and over again. I liked that there were a few genuine surprises in there near the third act and I thought it was great that the mentor dude gets shot (first) and the girl completely screws Han over, that was very anti-Hollywood of them. The Darth Maul scene was dumb and ill-fitting, I’m sure it’s just set-up for the Obi-Wan movie or something. Saw Gerrara’s humanized extremist rebels was a cool addition, I like Now I’ll just list all the things that really pissed me off:

  • the humour (the theatre didn’t laugh once it was that bad)
  • Han speaks wookie
  • Solo is a name made up by a random imperial guy
  • Han works for the empire
  • Han putting the dice on the mirror 2900 times
  • Han getting his signature blaster from the mentor dude
  • Han pretending a rock was a thermal detonator
  • Lando’s droid talking about equal rights (the audience groaned) P O L I T I C A L C O M M E N T A R Y
  • Woody Harrelson’s crew showing up and then dying right away