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JAWS 2 - Extended Edition - Video Sources Needed

I used the deleted scenes from the DVD’s and off-air recordings (JAWS ABC & JAWS 2 TBS TV edits) for the unreleased material.

Viewing the TBS expanded JAWS 2 again, I got the impression it may have been identical to the Brazilian videotape in its additional content, but cut back for the television broadcast?

The intro for the Police Station, the recovery of the skin-divers camera and the underwater attack on the helicopter pilot have been edited - or (camera recovery) completely omitted.

JAWS 2 - Extended Edition - Video Sources Needed

I did something similar a while back, extended versions of JAWS and JAWS 2 that match the TV edits - but without the cuts to violence and language.

My versions are fullscreen VHS-quality with the original mono audios. I never did upload them as they were a personal project only.

Being a fan of the JAWS films, I have wanted to see the old TV edits get an official home video release.

I viewed your test video, I don’t think I’ve ever seen the extra shot of the pilot struggling with his harness before, it looks like a different take to that used in the extended TBS cut of JAWS 2?

Analog Releases of Films That Contain Deleted, Extended, & Alternate Footage That've Never Been Released on DVD/BluRay

The 1999 ANCHOR BAY extended widescreen HALLOWEEN (1978) is not the same as the 1981 television edit.

The alternate scene of Laurie discovering the bodies of her two friends, in the wardrobe, is an alternate take that is not available on DVD/Blu-ray. There is also another alternate take used in the 1981 television edit - Laurie telling the two children to go next door and call the police. This alternate take is used at the beginning of HALLOWEEN II (1981). But here, it is seen in its complete form.

The 1981 television edit also included two title cards - just after little Michael has killed his sister - which are not included in the extended widescreen 1999 release of HALLOWEEN (1978).

Analog Releases of Films That Contain Deleted, Extended, & Alternate Footage That've Never Been Released on DVD/BluRay

An extended version of JAWS 2 was released on VHS in Brazil. Includes footage not released on DVD/Blu-ray.

The television edit of HALLOWEEN (1978/81) was released on VHS by MEDIA HOME ENTERTAINMENT.

The HALLOWEEN television edit includes an alternate shot of Laurie discovering the dead bodies of Lynda and her boyfriend.

Halloween 1978 theatrical cut?

MrBrown said:

How many different cuts exist of that movie? AFAIK I have two different versions on DVD… One is about 90 minutes, the other about 100 minutes. I always theught that covered all version…

Ah… Misread your answer, somehow my brain deleted a ‘not’ while reading…

I have three versions of HALLOWEEN (1978).

  1. The 1978 theatrical cut (widescreen and fullscreen).

  2. The 1999 extended cut (about 10 mins longer in widescreen).

  3. The 1981 TV edit (fullscreen) is cut for violence & language, but has the added scenes filmed during/after(?) production of HALLOWEEN II (1981), to fill out the running time.

Exclusive to this TV edit are two extra title cards and two alternate takes:

Two new title cards appear in succession, which reads: “Smith’s Grove, Illinois” and “May 1st 1964”, are placed at the beginning of the new extended scene featuring Dr Loomis and the two psychiatrists.

Laurie discovering the bodies of her two friends in the wardrobe.

Laurie telling the two children to go next door and call the police.

Dealing with People Selling Fan Projects

Jeffb7 said:


I’ve just seen this listing of Harmy’s Despecialized Star Wars trilogy on eBay. I reported it as a bootleg on the listing page:

This guy is also trying to sell another set in an auction if you go to his page

I initially posted in the wrong thread and was redirected here. Sorry about that.

“ENDED”. Looks like another sale went down.

More money 20th Century Fox/Lucasfilm/Disney/whatever aren’t getting.

If you could only remove one SE change...?

Wazzles said:

Does he actually know about the small alterations in Raiders and Jaws? Or was that kind of done without his knowledge?

I think he does know. He’s certainly powerful enough in the industry and probably keeps a close eye on his films and their releases.

Either it was his idea (little changes) or somebody talked him into it? Whomever it was, thought they could sneak it in without notice.

4K restoration on Star Wars

Ronster said:

CHEWBAKAspelledwrong said:

moviefreakedmind said:

CHEWBAKAspelledwrong said:

That said, a recompositing of the original film elements for an OUT wouldn’t offend me, but I also don’t tend to think it is necessary.

People on this site are the only ones I’ve ever seen that claim to be offended by recompositing the original effects. I don’t think they’re bothered by the TNG blurays though.

The question is, if all the SEs had done was recomp the effects, and had this become the only available version of the films, would this website exist? I bet not. I think the nature of the situation and the fact that we’ve been forced to create these projects has created radicals.

Yeah that would have been good enough as a Special edition. But you know say that clip they showed where there was extra dialogue in the conference room on the Death Star before Tarkin and Vader walk in.

Things like that would have been nice additions that would actually have really added something subtle and interesting without screwing anything up…

^ This would have been normal sort of special edition Fayre…

Instead we are left with Plastic crap looking stuff intermingled with a classic film from 1977.

Why add the Jabba scene when everything has already been covered in the Greedo scene? when you could have just extended the conference scene actually adding something of worth…

I think the Space scenes they get away with the CGI there Sandcrawler Model and the new mattes (on some occasions) but that is really about it.

I don’t mind something being updated. But the whole tone of many of the changes is chalk and cheese, that is a lot of them do not work well Mos Eisley in particular is totally ruined, I Like the Falcon Take off though I think that one is fairly agreeable there is little hurt to be felt and makes it a bit more exhillarating.
The explosions of Alderaan and The Death Star are not that good either.

I could stomach only having a Special edition available as long as it did not screw the film up to the point where something you really loved you look at and hate in parts of it now…

When I first heard about the OT SE’s I was hoping for a straight forward expansion of the films. Using original deleted materials only - no intrusive CGI to taint the films vintage. I would have preferred seeing more deleted character moments, rather than ‘improvements’ to SFX and sets (Mos Eisley, Ben’s hovel & Cloud City).

If you need to C*mplain about the CGI Grand Moff Tarkin in <em>Rogue One</em>... this is the place

Hardcore Legend said:

Jay said:

canofhumdingers said:

I enjoyed Tarkin in Rogue 1, but then I’m one of those crazies who really loves R1. It’s my third favorite Star Wars movie behind Star Wars and ESB.

I don’t think you’re crazy. I’d probably put ROTJ above R1 myself, but I’d still take R1 over anything else we’ve gotten in the last 20 years.

I really like Rogue One and would probably love it if they had just structured it like a traditional saga film. The time jumps, planet hopping and lack of crawl take me out of the film early on every time. I will usually just skip ahead when I rewatch it.

It’s a very good Star Wars film that could be Top 3 with better editing.

ROGUE ONE needed a traditional STAR WARS title crawl (without being numbered). I prefer this film to either episodes VII or VIII.

This is easily (IMO) the best STAR WARS film since 1983.

What Type of Hero do you Prefer? the Han Solo type? Luke Skywalker type? or Princess Leia type?

TV’s Frink said:

Slavicuss said:

The heroes never did anything for me, but if I had to choose one, I’d go for the princess. Back in the day, Carrie Fisher was really something special to look at.

That’s not what the question is. Unless you just like looking at yourself in the mirror or something.

I’d rather look at the (1980/3) princess.